Wedding Planned?

Ideas to Make Also the Guests Rave About the Big Day
Wedding shoe game - the matching game for bride and groom

Wedding Shoe Game - 101 Ingenious Questions for the Funny Couple Test

Who fetches the bread on Sundays? This and other questions can be answered humorously by newlyweds with this game.

A wedding video message is one of the best wedding gifts for friends

How Your Wedding Video Message Gets the Highlight of The Event | Tutorial

With these tips you can easily conjure up a funny video as an original wedding video message. In addition, there is a free script template for inspiration.

ideas for a wedding surp

Wedding Surprise – 10 Ideas for Small & Big Surprises

Whether traditional or creative: the Best Of of surprise wedding actions that are just perfect after the ceremony at the registry office.

Fill your own piñata with these pinata filling ideas that suit the occasion

Ingenious Piñata Filling Ideas for Kids, Adults and a Wedding

What to put inside? Fancy piñata filling ideas for different occasions.

The wedding raffle is a wedding game where fun surprises are auctioned off to the wedding guests

Wedding Raffle – Ingenious Ideas for 28 Prizes for the Wedding Game

Win a family home and a yacht at the wedding raffle! How does that work?

The 20 best Dating Game questions for bride and groom and guests

20 Ingenious The Dating Game Questions for the Popular Wedding Game

Laugh, wonder and think - these are the best 20 questions for the wedding game the dating game!

Skill games for adults - Part 1 with 5 ingenious games

10 Ingenious Skill Games for Adults – Part 1 | Game Rules

Forked airlifters, coaster rescue rings and more - these fun games with simple materials put dexterity to the test.

Wedding sketches are perfect as show-stoppers for the wedding guests

Wedding Sketches – 10 Ideas for Funny Show Interludes

Often, the highlights of the wedding programme - sketches and interludes from the wedding guests. This sketches are worth to try.

Best DIY wedding guestbook ideas

DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas for a Unique Lasting Memory

With these helpful and creative tips, every wedding guest will have a beautiful guest book entry.

Getting to know each other games for the wedding party

6 Best Getting to Know Each Other Games for the Wedding Party

Nice getting to know each other games enable guests to get into conversation with each other and provide nice entertainment.

How to play the Dating Game -  the ultimate love test for bride and groom

How to Play The Dating Game at a Wedding

Candidate 1, what do you love most about me and Candidate 3, how do we prove to the guests that we are meant for each other?

The Most Beautiful Wedding Ideas and Wedding Games for Guests

The wedding day is for many the most beautiful day in life and so that it also becomes, the wedding couple should have as little stress as possible on the wedding celebration and be prepared as much as possible. Whether it is you yourself who is getting married or you help as best man or simply good friend / good friend in the organization: to find good wedding ideas and wedding games for guests is the A & O of a successful wedding program.

This page of Abenteuer Freundschaft is primarily aimed at couples who are getting married and who are looking for good ideas for wedding entertainment for the guests, which will later make for great photos in the wedding album and for lasting memories in the minds.

But of course, it is not only the wedding couple that is looking for wedding games for guests, but also relatives and friends help shape this day and thus ensure that the wedding day really becomes the most beautiful day in the life of the bride and groom or comes very close to this ideal.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft there are also wedding gift ideas and wedding games for bride and groom.

Customs and Traditions at the Wedding Reception

Whether it is about the wedding speech of the father of the bride around toasts or wedding games – traditional program points on a wedding are important and significant for many people.

But every wedding couple is different, of course, and everyone has their own unique idea of what an ideal wedding is. At Abenteuer Freundschaft, we present some of the most beautiful customs and traditional wedding games for guests, but also give tips on how to modernize or personalize them to fit the wedding couple exactly.

A particularly beautiful type of wedding celebration is one that has a special theme that has meaning for the bride and groom. From the glamorous Venetian masquerade ball, to a boisterous Balkan wedding, to the fairytale wedding in princess dress on a real castle, the most diverse motto weddings are conceivable here. But even a small wedding celebration at home can be atmospheric, if the right guests are there and the program is perfectly matched to them and the bride and groom.

Wedding Ideas for Games for Guests – The Guarantor for a Good Mood

Wedding games are an enormously important part of a beautiful wedding, because they create a good mood and reliably break the ice even in a heterogeneous wedding party with guests who have never met before.

Wedding games, in addition to the wedding gift, are also the best opportunity for guests to contribute their part to the wedding celebration and thus give the wedding couple another special gift.

The Leisure Ideas Portal Abenteuer Freundschaft

On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are many ideas for activities to discover for two, with friends and family. Since 2019, the Leisure Ideas Finder helps to find special ideas for leisure activities at seasons and occasions.

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