The wedding raffle is a wedding game where fun surprises are auctioned off to the wedding guests

12. July 2018 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Raffle – Ingenious Ideas for 28 Prizes for the Wedding Game


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Witty prizes and original ideas make the wedding raffle the highlight of the wedding. What guest does not necessarily want to win the ticket for the mysterious yacht and a one-room apartment?.

Hand on heart, we all love to win. Especially when great prizes lure, from which one has always dreamed: the yacht, the family home or the dream trip. But sure, at the wedding raffle you don’t auction really sinfully expensive dream prizes (unless your name is Gates or Zuckerberg, perhaps). The gag in the wedding tombola is that an eloquent presenter makes the wedding guests taste prizes, which then turn out to be something completely different than thought: so the 1st main prize is actually a handmade ship – but made of paper.

The wedding raffle is particularly suitable for large wedding parties with over 80 guests and is an ideal icebreaker that gets the guests talking to each other. With lots of fun ideas for the prizes, laughter and a good mood are guaranteed.

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How Does the Wedding Raffle Work

The wedding game wedding raffle guarantees a good mood at the celebration

Wedding raffle – from srslyguys (CC BY 2.0)

Ideally, 2 people should run the wedding raffle as a team. Most important is an eloquent moderator who is happy to stand in front of the wedding party and can sell the prizes well.

Win now a dream yacht built with painstaking craftsmanship!

So easy you never came to their free dream trip for 2 people.

But that’s not so difficult, because the ambiguous prizes give enough Steilvorlagen for sayings. The second person distributes the lots to the highest bidder.

There will be 3 grandiose main prizes, and in addition any number of consolation prizes – there are no rivets! The main prizes are a yacht, a family home and a dream trip for 2 people. What is really hidden behind these dream prizes then, is on the list with the prizes further down in this article. 🙂

Either you auction the lots for a small contribution to the wedding fund or simply to the highest bidder – the wedding guests can bid anything they have with them, for example, also spontaneously made vouchers for the bride and groom (such as for a joint visit to the cinema, etc.).

While the moderator advertises the prizes for the wedding raffle, the 2nd person goes around with a piggy bank, into which the buyers may throw their quickly written vouchers or a little money and draw a raffle ticket in return. Alternatively, you can just hand out the raffle tickets to guests who come forward without asking for anything in return.

Also, depending on the size of the wedding party, you’ll need at least 15-25 tickets and the grandiose prizes.
At amazon*, you can simply order colorful lots that are numbered consecutively and, for example, fill them into a cylinder* or into a viewproof bag.

Once all the tickets have found a lucky buyer, it comes to the grand finale: the awards ceremony. The presenter calls out the numbers and the winners come on stage one by one. Everyone now gets the funny prizes and the moderator reveals what is behind them.

Ingenious Ideas for 28 Wedding Raffle Prizes

The 3 Main Prizes

  • 1st prize: a handmade yacht – folded paper boat
  • 2nd prize: A family house – snail shell
  • 3rd prize: dream trip for 2 people – 2 sleeping pills

25 Items as Consolation Prizes

  1. The best of the groom – a bottle of his favorite beer
  2. Beauty secret weapon of the beautiful bride – small hand mirror
  3. A hot night – hot water bottle
  4. Candlelight dinner – 2 bifis and a tea light
  5. Kitchen help for 2 weeks – Sponge and bottle of dishwashing liquid
  6. Savior in hairy times – disposable razor
  7. Organic meat supplier for the whole year – mousetrap
  8. 1,000-piece living room decoration set – puzzle with 1,000 pieces
  9. Miracle drug that cleans up inside – laxative
  10. The world’s most successful crack cleaner – toilet paper
  11. Forever faithful companion – lady travel game
  12. Musical instrument – egg cutter
  13. Ring with real stone – Key ring with glued pebble stone
  14. Beautiful fruit bowl – curled apple peel or orange peel
  15. Most environmentally friendly washing machine in the world – curd soap
  16. Breast enlargement – push-up pad from a bra
  17. Sharpie – tube of wasabi paste or mustard
  18. Key to the new car – shopping cart chip
  19. accident prevention – condom
  20. King’s crown – crown cork from German beer Königpilsener
  21. Japanese game of skill – Origami paper
  22. A hunting equipment: a fly swatter or mousetrap
  23. Accupuncture treatment for home – Small cactus
  24. Key to the truth – Corkscrew, because in wine lies the truth (in vino veritas)
  25. Splendid fireworks – Sparklers

Looking for more wedding games for the bride and groom? While you’re here, check out our overview page for great activities with friends too! 😉

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