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Moments to laugh, have fun and remember

Family Activities

Laughing together, experiencing big and small special moments together, enjoying time together: that’s what makes a happy family life.

At Greatime, you will find tips, ideas and inspiration for family activities that are not only great fun for the kids but also help to avoid stress and save preparation time.

From exciting scavenger hunts and activity games to themed children’s birthday parties and creative tips for making outings more exciting for children to craft tips, you’ll find lots of ideas here for creating special family moments.

"family activities"
family activities
For Families

Recent Ideas

Recent Ideas


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Favourite Ideas

Favourite Ideas


What do you fancy

The best ideas for your Summer-Bucketlist

[Uber En="Campfire*games*for*families*and*kids*will*make*a*camping*night*an*unforgettable*experience." De="Lagerfeuer-Spiele*für*Kinder*machen*einen*Camping-Abend*zum*unvergesslichen*Erlebnis."]

Campfire Games for Families – Adventure and Fun Under the Stars

You're sitting around a warming campfire with your family or friends, the stars are twinkling in the night sky and the atmosphere is simply magical. But wh

[Uber En="Campfire*games*for*adults*provide*great*entertainment*and*enhance*the*magical*atmosphere." De="Lagerfeuer-Spiele*für*Erwachsene*bieten*großartige*Unterhaltung*und*verstärken*die*magische*Atmosphäre."]

Campfire Games for Adults: 10 x Fun and Excitement Under the Starry Sky

You're sitting around the campfire with your friends, the flames are blazing and the sky is full of stars. What could be better than spicing up this

[Uber En="Campfire*romance*,*that*is*to*sit*together*with*his*favorite*person*by*the*fire*and*enjoy*the*magic*of*the*moment." De="Lagerfeuer-Romantik*,*das*ist*gemeinsam*mit*seinem*Lieblingsmenschen*am*Feuer*zu*sitzen*und*die*Magie*des*Augenblicks*zu*genießen."]

Campfire Romance: A Glowing Passion That Ignites Hearts – Not Only on Valentine’s Day

Fire and romance - they simply belong together! Therefore, a campfire is almost a guarantee for a truly romantic evening for two. P

Let us surprise you

Let us surprise you

Activities for everyone

Are you looking for activities suitable for children or do you want to do something special with your sweetheart or buddies? Browse through our colorful ideas for friends, couples and families.

Extraordinary Family Activities

Go karting, laser tag, try a new family game, or get creative and do some crafts? Besides work and everyday life, there is often no time to come up with family activities that create special moments. And although there is a wide range of activities with kids in every city in Germany, you have to find them first. Greatime offers the opportunity to save time thinking and pondering, surfing or researching and find ingenious ideas for family activities using our filter search, the Leisure Ideas Finder.

Among these you will find for example great suggestions for family celebrations, family board games, indoor activities with kids and many more ideas.

Leisure Ideas and Creative Suggestions

Regardless of what time of year it is, where you live, and whether it’s raining or sunny, Greatime offers many ideas for awesome family activities that will be remembered by young and old alike.

Sometimes it’s just one idea that turns a family day into an unforgettable experience that people will look back on fondly years later and immortalize in photo albums. Greatime is a treasure chest of leisure ideas that offers concrete tips and experience reviews of recommendable family activities as well as creative ideas that you can organize yourself at home. Many of these are original ideas and only available here at our website.

Unique Familiy Activities for the Family Album

Childhood goes by fast, both for children and for parents. Before you know it, kids are going out clubbing instead of playing a game night at home with their parents. That’s why you should take every chance to fill your free time spent together with your children with special family activities.

Many great activities with kids cost no or not much money – you just have to come up with the idea: creative craft sessions, action-packed house rallies and forest rallies, trips into nature and original scavenger hunts or creative cooking and baking together.

Most action-rich activities for families do cost money and it is worthwhile to examine beforehand whether the planned experience also offers what one is looking for. We at Greatime began therefore to test family activities in Berlin and other regions of Germany. You can read about our experiences in our reviews.

Leisure Ideas for Families on Greatime

Most of the ideas for activities with children and family activities on Greatime are location-independent. They are sorted according to different activities and seasons under leisure ideas.

Under regions, you can discover excursion tips for federal states in Germany and Austria.