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Christmas Stars in the Sky of Ideas
istmas charades is the perfect game for Christmas parties, whether with family, friends or colleag

Christmas Charades – A Fun Christmas Game With 101 Words to Guess

The popular guessing game pantomime, also known as charades, is particularly suitable for Christmas parties, whether in the closest circle of the family or even in larger groups.

Simple instructions for how to make paper bag stars with 6 patterns

How to Make Paper Bag Stars and the 6 Most Beautiful Patterns | Tutorial

Beautiful and easy to make. These particularly clever patterns for paper stars can also be made by kids. The secret? The right tools!

One of the most popular Christmas party games in Mexico is Christmas piñatas.

7 Funny Christmas Party Games From All Over the World

As colorful and diverse as our world is, so are its Christmas traditions. These Christmas games from different countries and continents provide fun, variety and a laugh or two.

How to make wine cork coasters for candles and glasses

How to Make Wine Cork Coasters as Enchanting Stars | Tutorial

Is the wine bottle empty? Don't throw away the cork! Breathe new life into them with the soldering iron as pretty star coasters. Super easy to make and a real eye-catcher!

 best advent calendar riddles for adults print

25 Awesome Advent Calendar Riddles for Adults + Free Printable

Acrostic, cryptogram - what's that? These Advent calendars for riddlers and brainteasers provide 25 varied riddle fun with very different tricky and fun puzzles.

Book gift idea as a diy voucher in envelope

Book Gift Idea for a Creative Voucher + Free Printable | Tutorial

Gift voucher or travel card to Fantasyland? This is how to make a gift voucher for bookworms with a free template to print out.

Ideas for delicious gifts for foodies

Gifts for Foodies - 5 Unique Ideas to Make Gourmets Happy

Whether it's an Ayurveda cooking course or a comedy dinner, these gifts not only pamper the palate.

Creating a pyramid gift box out of motif cardboard is easy

How to Make a Pyramid Gift Box From Cardboard | Tutorial

Perfect for chocolates, jewellery and small gifts: The complete instructions for a sophisticated gift box without gluing.

How to make a Christmas tree card with fir tree to fold out

How to Make a Christmas Tree Card | Tutorial

Simple DIY idea for a Christmas card with a fir tree to open. There's a surprise hidden inside!

Christmas at Hogwarts: Professor Flitwick conducts the school choir in carols

Christmas at Hogwarts – Have a Magical Christmas With Harry Potter

When Harry Potter experiences Christmas for the first time at Hogwarts, he can hardly believe how beautifully it is celebrated there. With these ideas, you too can bring some of Harry Potter's Christmas magic into your own home.

3d poinsettia and 3d christmas tree as modelling clay christmas decoration made with step by step instructions

Modelling Clay Christmas Decoration: Precious 3d Christmas Tree & Star | Tutorial

Perfect as table decoration and for the Advent wreath. This is how to use modelling clay to create elegant poinsettias and fir trees.

I love you because... DIY Advent calendar for lovers to make yourself

DIY Advent Calendar for Lovers: 24 Declarations of Love | Instructions

I love you because you make me laugh, sweat, lose my mind and then come home! Surprise your sweetheart with a humorous, romantic declaration of love as an advent calendar.

The Best Couple Christmas Ideas for the Feast of Love

Christmas time is not only a time of contemplation, but also of romance. If the streets are beautifully lit, the smell of cinnamon cookies and oranges in the air, Christmas carols sound and if you are lucky, even beautiful white powder snow trickles down, then one becomes downright warm around the heart and freshly in love, as well as couples who have been together for ages, are inspired to romantic expressions and tender words. Here on our blog, you’ll find a variety of couple Christmas ideas for a particularly romantic Christmas. This starts with making Christmas things together with your partner during Advent or surprising your sweetheart with homemade cookies.

Romantic Christmas gifts for him and her

Christmas gifts for the partner want to be selected of course with love and to surprise her or him and to meet with the gift exactly in the black is not so easy.

Especially personal are always self-made or self-designed Christmas gifts for the partner, with which you express your love. In addition, you can find numerous tips on the website, such as self-designed vouchers or a personal annual review with joint photos.

But also to give common experiences in the future is a guarantor for romantic Christmas, if they are so selected that they meet exactly the taste of her or him.

Romantic Christmas

You spend Christmas this year as a couple? Wonderful, so the feast of love will be even more beautiful and especially more relaxing. The perfect opportunity for a short vacation together with wellness and personal pampering program.

The leisure idea finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

The ideas portal Abenteuer Freundschaft offers not only ideas for a romantic Christmas, but very different ideas and tips for a variety of occasions and for activities for two, family and friends. In addition to gift tips, craft instructions and ideas for specific leisure activities, the site also features experience tests with detailed reports, game reviews and much more.

In order to find the right one among these ideas that you are looking for, since the beginning of 2019 there is a multi-part search mask on our website, the Leisure Ideas Finder, which allows you to filter the ideas according to various criteria.

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