Wedding shoe game - the matching game for bride and groom

6. April 2017 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Shoe Game - 101 Ingenious Questions for the Funny Couple Test


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Find out how well the bride and groom really know each other in the Wedding Shoe game. What are their secret vices, preferences and which of the two is in charge at home?.

She loves Star Wars pants, he hates breakfast eggs. He always thought she wears her sexy Chewbacca panties just for him and she only cooks breakfast eggs in the morning out of love for him. 🙂

Every couple thinks they know each other inside out – and many a bride and groom experience a funny surprise with the Wedding Shoe game. Because this wedding game for the bride and groom gives the guests funny insights into the (love) life of the wedding couple and even the bride and groom are guaranteed to be taken aback by some of the answers.

Wedding Shoe Game – How to Play the Matching Game

The Wedding Shoe game is a matching game in which you test whether the bride and groom give the same answers with funny questions. The more often they match their answers, the better they have passed the marriage test.

To do this, place two chairs on the stage with their backs together. Now ask the bride and groom to come forward and sit down back to back. Both of them take off their shoes and exchange one shoe each, so that each of them holds a woman’s shoe and a man’s shoe in his right and left hand.

Now ask your questions and the wedding couple raises the lady’s shoe if they think the bride is the right answer, the gentleman’s shoe if the groom answers. Since the bride and groom cannot see each other’s decision, they can only tell if they agreed with their answer and passed this test question by the reaction of the guests.

Here you can get for free the 101 questions for the wedding shoe game as a PDF.

What I Need for the Wedding Shoe Game

The most important thing you need to prepare for the wedding shoe game is a question catalogue with good questions! Because the fun of this game stands and falls with it. The wedding couple and the guests should have as much fun as possible – so choose the questions with sensitivity, because not every wedding couple welcomes intimate questions about their love life, for example.

At the end of the marriage test, the wedding couple receives a prize – this can be the wedding gift, a funny certificate or a nice couple game.


101 Ingenious Questions for the Wedding Shoe Game


  1. Who kissed the other person for the first time?
  2. Who spends more time in the bathroom in the morning?
  3. Who is the bigger sloth?
  4. Who was the first to confess his love?
  5. Who is the better loser?
  6. Who is in charge in your relationship?
  7. Who is the more romantic?
  8. Who is worse at saying no?
  9. Who is the bigger mimosa?
  10. Who fell in love with the other person first?
  11. Who proposed to whom?
  12. Who first talked about getting married?
  13. Who knew first that the other person was the right one?
  14. Who is better at twisting the other around his or her finger?
  15. Which of you is bitchier?
  16. Who gets the better of you in the end?
  17. Which of you is cuddlier?
  18. Who is more ill-tempered in the morning?
  19. Who is more stubborn?
  20. Who is more willing to compromise?
  21. Who has more angry outbursts?
  22. Who has to be more patient and understanding with the other?
  23. Who surprises the other more often with small tokens of love?
  24. Who usually gives in first in an argument?
  25. Who is the more sensitive of the two of you?
  26. Who is the more honest?
  27. Who has ever done something to upset the relationship?
  28. Who is the more demanding when drunk?
  29. Who is the funnier one when drunk?
  30. Who is the more affectionate of you?
  31. Who wants a baby soon?
  32. Who is the strict one when it comes to raising children?
  33. Who has the most quirks?
  34. Who is more often the princess on the pea?
  35. Who needs more space in the relationship?
  36. Who is the first to address problems in the relationship?
  37. Who is more selfish?
  38. Who pushes the other to try new things?
  39. Who is the better listener?
  40. Who says I love you more often?

Leisure time

  1. Who is more sporty?
  2. Who takes care of the holiday planning?
  3. Who decides when and where to go on holiday?
  4. Who sits behind the wheel of a car most of the time?
  5. Who drives a car better?
  6. Who parks better?
  7. Who can sing better? (here, a test in which the audience also decides is a good idea)
  8. Who prefers dancing?
  9. Who is the better dancer?
  10. Who usually decides what you watch on TV in the evening?
  11. Who controls the remote control?
  12. Who is the bigger child?
  13. Which of you snores?
  14. Who cares more about his or her looks?
  15. Who is the more creative?
  16. Who has better taste in music?
  17. Who is the bigger party pooper?
  18. Who wants to do things with friends more often?
  19. To whom is free time more important than a job?
  20. Who fills his free time with more meaningful things?
  21. Who is the couch potato at the weekend?


  1. Who takes the rubbish out more often?
  2. Who does the washing up?
  3. Who is the untidier one?
  4. Who decorates the flat?
  5. Who gets the bread on Sunday mornings?
  6. Who is the better cook?
  7. Who is the greedier?
  8. Who keeps the flat clean?
  9. Who does more housework?
  10. Who irons the laundry?
  11. Who buys the beer?
  12. Who carries the water bottles and drink crates into the flat?
  13. Who dusts?
  14. Who cares more about tidiness?
  15. Who buys the flowers and houseplants?


  1. Who manages the money?
  2. To whom is money more important?
  3. Who talks about money more often?
  4. Who spends more money on clothes?
  5. Who spends more money on shoes?
  6. Who spent more money on their wedding wardrobe?
  7. Who is better with money?
  8. Who manages the household budget?
  9. Who is the thriftier one?
  10. Who works more?
  11. Who pays the bill in the pub?
  12. Who manages your finances?
  13. Who is better with money?
  14. Who has the higher mobile phone bill?
  15. Who loves luxury more?

Intimate and sensitive questions

  1. Who wants sex more often?
  2. To whom is sex more important?
  3. Who is the nastier one?
  4. Who has naughty fantasies more often?
  5. Who has more stamina in bed?
  6. Who is the better lover?
  7. Who has gained more weight in the relationship?
  8. Who is the more beautiful of you two?
  9. Who has driven the other to the brink of madness before?
  10. Who thinks the other’s best friend is hot?

You can download all 101 questions for the wedding shoe game for free as a pdf.

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