How to play the Dating Game -  the ultimate love test for bride and groom

28. January 2017 - Mirjam Hahn

How to Play The Dating Game at a Wedding


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Is the bride really his sweetheart? What happens when the bride and groom take the big love test? One thing is for sure: The Dating Game is guaranteed to provide great entertainment for the guests and the wedding couple! This is how to play The Dating Game.

You want to give your marrying friends something special and wonder how well the bride really knows the groom? Can she tell him apart from two other heartthrob candidates based on his answers?

Then The Dating Game is just the right thing for you! Of course, as a friend you can also check whether your husband chooses his fair maiden from among the candidates.

If you choose a good mix of the right questions and the right characters for the answers to the questions, this game will be a wedding hit!

Below you find the printables for the Candidates as PDFs and more The Dating Game questions!

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How to Play The Dating Game for Newlyweds

Because true to Friedrich Schiller:

Test who binds himself eternally, whether the heart finds its way to the heart!

This Is What The Dating Game Is All About

For whom:

For the bride and groom, who once again prove their love in this game! And of course for the wedding party present, who will have a great time…

What is it about:

The bride is separated from her groom and two other men by a cloth. She sits on a chair on the left, the three suitors for her heart sit behind the cloth next to each other on the right. Now the bride asks three to five questions which all three men, including her groom, are to answer. Before the game, the groom and his two fellow contestants think of answers to the questions in writing. During the wedding game, the bride reads out one question each and asks the candidates one by one to answer. She addresses the candidates for her heart as Candidate 1, Candidate 2 and Candidate 3.

The highlight: To ensure that the clever bride doesn’t simply determine her sweetheart by her vote but really on the basis of the answers, the original wedding game has a little trick up its sleeve. Behind each candidate’s chair is a different male wedding guest. They are the mouthpiece of the mystery candidates and announce the written answers when the bride asks her candidate a question. At the end of the game, the bride should choose her confidant if possible. But this is not so easy!


  • 1 hour for question design and crafting
  • 30 minutes for playing on stage


What Do I Need for The Dating Game?

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find more 20 ingenious The Dating Game questions to download as a PDF too!

How to Play The Dating Game

Decide whether the bride or groom is the questioner.

We’re opting for the bride here, as the questioner. Why?

There are often more humorous, articulate and courageous gentlemen of creation who hit the nail on the head and don’t take answers from the side chick too personally. But take heart if you choose a gentleman as your questioner…. 😉

Then lay down the other 2 candidates and the 3 spokespersons for the candidates, here referred to as voice.

Why do we need a spokesperson for each candidate? Otherwise the bride will recognise her beloved by the voice and that would be too easy.

Think of three to five questions that the bride will ask the three candidates. These questions can be about the bride and her wishes, hobbies, preferences, fantasies, etc. They should ideally be about the bride and her family. Ideally, they should reveal something about the bride on the one hand and on the other hand be so general and universal that the three male candidates can think of a pointed answer.

It is best to describe the bride for yourself in a few sentences. What is absolutely typical for her? This will make it easier for you to find the right questions.

5 The Dating Game Questions and Game Execution

Description of the Bride

The bride is a quiet, reserved, controlled personality with zodiac sign Capricorn. She has a sense of humour and likes to be conquered. She loves animals and has a stubborn cat and horse of her own. She cares a lot about projecting a certain image of herself to the outside world. She finds it funny when a joke breaks up the serious or sober atmosphere. Because of her sense of home or family connection and also because of the animals, she prefers to stay at home during her holidays.

5 Possible The Dating Game Questions

1. Dear candidates, I am a Capricorn lady and I don’t carry my feelings in front of me like in a belly-bar. When we first met, you fell completely in love with me! 

  • Where would you take me to warm my heart and win me over? (Same question for all candidates)

2. Dear candidates, my heart for animals is well known. Now and then it happens in my life that one or the other person reminds me of a species or genus from the animal kingdom.

  • Who do you remind me of, Candidate 3?
  • And what about you, candidate 1?
  • And what animal do I bring home with me, candidate 2?

3. I inherited embroidered pink fine-rib underwear with elephants on it from my great-grandmother.

  • Candidate 2, what did candidate 3 inherit from his ancestors?
  • And you, candidate 3, what do you think fell off candidate 1?
  • And now to you Candidate 1, what did the great-grandmother Candidate 2 leave behind?

4. Traveling around the world is far from my mind, instead I like to stay at home. I make journeys in imagination and discover new things like never before. Dearest, which Phantasialand will you explore with me?

  • Candidate 1, which choice is yours?
  • And where will our travels take us, Candidate 2 and 3?

5. My favourite sport is horse riding. What is your favourite sport and how would you convince me of that?

Preparation at Home

Write the questions for the bride on a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a heart.
Write the questions three times on an A4 sheet and leave space for the answers of the 3 candidates.

Performing the Game

Before this original wedding game starts, distribute the questions to the candidates without the bride and groom noticing. Collect the answered questions from the candidates and summarise the answers of each candidate for the moderator. Distribute the answers to the corresponding voices of the candidates, asking them not to reveal anything about their function before the game and ask the 3 voices to practise and lose the answers according to talent (e.g. by using Saxon dialect, defitting word choice, imitating a way of speaking etc.).

The Dating Game begins! Bring the bride and groom onto the stage and blindfold the bride. Place four chairs on the stage. Put the bride and the candidates on the chairs and put the speakers behind the candidates. Install the cloth bearers with the cloth between the bride and the candidates. Now the moderator enters the stage and announces that the bride will choose her sweetheart from three mad candidates and how the game will go. The presenter should also give a hint that the man’s voice does not necessarily reveal who he is. Then the bride may open her eyes and ask her first question.

The game should last a maximum of 30 minutes. If it is foreseeable that it will take too long, simply leave out the last questions. If there are only short answers, five questions can be asked.

When all the questions have been answered, the moderator summarises the answers of each candidate for the bride. In the style of: Dear bride, will you choose candidate one, who … Or will you rather choose candidate two, who … Or will you rather choose candidate three, who … conquer your heart?

The bride must now decide. Once she has made her choice, you ask her and the respective candidate to stand up and face the cloth. For wedding photos & because of the great effect, it is worth buying a helium-filled heart balloon or a red rose, which the chosen sweetheart now holds to present to the bride.

With the words: Here is your sweetheart, the cloth bearers drop the cloth and the bride looks her sweetheart in the eye.

Has the heart found its way to the heart? 

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