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Pearls From the Sea of Games
Valentine's Day games provide romance and fun for couples in an original way.

5 Valentine’s Day Games for Even More Romance on the Day of Love

Flowers, chocolates, candlelight dinner - all well and good, but why not try something new on Valentine's Day: romantic games provide romance and fun for couples in an original way.

Wie gut ist das Exit Puzzle The Circle London?

Escape Puzzle the Circle: London - Save the Magic World | Review

Challenging puzzle, circles everywhere and crazy puzzle pieces. The Escape Puzzle The Circle London is a completed part of a mission trilogy and holds some novelties for Escape Puzzlers. This is what awaits you.

Review of Ravensburger Escape Puzzle The Circle Paris

Escape Puzzle the Circle: Paris – Unravel the Rune of Borbeth | Review

Tricky puzzle, new turntable, 6 puzzles – the Escape Puzzle The Circle Paris holds many hours of puzzle fun with a new puzzle form. To solve the puzzles there is a new mechanism. This is what awaits you.

The Exit Puzzle The Circle: Rome is part of an Escape Puzzle trilogy

Escape Puzzle the Circle: Rome - Find the Rune of Ambeth! | Review

Turntable, circles, weird puzzle pieces - the Escape Puzzle The Circle Rome attracts brainteasers and puzzle fans with a new puzzle shape and mechanism. How successful is it?

The new GraviTrax Power Extension Interaction brings electronics to marble play for the first time

Gravitrax Power Extension - Does Electronics Take Fun to a New Level? | Review

Do electronics bring more fun and action to the GraviTrax universe? What's new with GraviTrax Power? Is it worth buying? Everything you need to know about the new marble run expansion at a glance.

Good swimming pool games for adults provide hours of fun and entertainment

Swimming Pool Games for Adults –10 Absolute Favorites

Pack your air mattress, pool noodle and floatie! Have the most fun of the summer with these water games.

GraviTrax Game Impact, Course and Flow

GraviTrax Game Impact, Course & Flow – Solve Tricky Science Challenges | Review

Puzzles to solve while building in 3D. The new GraviTrax The Game games Impact, Course and Flow from Ravensburger are stand-alone games that do not require a starter set. But do we really need another GraviTrax variant? This is why we were surprised by the logic games, what distinguishes the three variants and for whom they are worthwhile.

The first Cold Case game: A Story to Die For in the test

Cold Case Board Game: A Story to Die For - A Case to Solve at Home | Review

Have you always wanted to open a detective file and solve an old case? In this cold case game you have to slip into the skin of Harry Bosch and Luther alone or together and shine.

Review of the new echoes The Dancer board game by Ravensburger.

Echoes the Dancer Board Game: Is the Audio Mystery Game Worth It? | Review

Can you believe what you hear? What happened on that fateful night with the dancer? Atmospheric puzzle fun awaits you in this audio mystery game from Ravensburger.

Fun Chuck Norris drinking game

Chuck Norris Drinking Game - How to Play Roundhouse Kick | Game Rules

Chuck Norris doesn't play, he wins! Are you emulating him, or will you be under the table after the first round of this drinking game?

The Terra board game - Do you appreciate the world?

Terra Board Game – The Party Game Where Being Close Counts | Review

This guessing game is all about our planet: Numbers, dates, facts from the field of geography. But even being just off the right answer earns you points here.

The Cursed Dollhouse by ThinkFun

Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse | Review

The Box becomes a dollhouse with real miniature furniture to plug together. Awesome! But how good and logical are the puzzles? And for whom is this exit game for home worthwhile?

The Best Two Player Games

There are only two of you, and yet with the right game you can completely immerse yourself in a world of fantasy. Two player games are among the oldest games of all, think of classics such as chess, mill, draughts or backgammon.

But of course there are also many parlour games that can be played with more players as well as in pairs.

Playing games has been one of the most enjoyable leisure activities since the dawn of mankind, and it’s no wonder. For the best games reflect the whole of life: competition, energy, ambition, happiness and great emotions.

For couples, two player games can be a nice opportunity to playfully test each other’s strength and tease each other when they play against each other.

But there are now also many games where you play cooperatively. These are particularly suitable as games for couples who are harmonious rather than ambitious competitors.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find numerous ideas for current game tips and two player games.

Classic Card and Dice Games

Classic games with playing cards or dice are part of our culture and they are cherished in many families. These games are passed down from generation to generation. Often they can also be played as two player games.

We regularly test new products on the games market and in test reports with rating tables, our game testers go into detail about how well these are suited as games for couples and what the advantages and disadvantages of them are.

Outdoor Two Player Games

There are also great ways for couples to play outside of their own four walls. Whether it’s a personalised scavenger hunt for your partner for your anniversary or one of the many outdoor games you can play as a couple in the park, such as Mölkky, Crossboccia or Kubb.

Playing something outside in good weather is one of the best activities for couples.

The Leisure Time Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Abenteuer Freundschaft offers a wide pool of ideas with many creative leisure time ideas – apart from tips for two player games, there are quite a few more tips here for activities for two, with friends and family.

Since 2019, Abenteuer Freundschaft has featured the Leisure Ideas Finder, a multi-part search screen. In the Leisure Ideas Finder, you can select what you are looking for according to interest, mood, occasion, season, weather or desire, and suitable ideas will be suggested.

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