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3. August 2018 - Anika Semmer

Wedding Surprise ‚Äď 10 Ideas for Small & Big Surprises


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen f√ľr die Feier


To every successful wedding belongs a wedding surprise for the bride and groom. From small surprises to great highlights for the photo album: these are the most beautiful 10 ideas and wedding customs.


And hardly a time on the wedding day offers itself better to surprise the wedding couple with a special wedding insert or a symbolic wedding game!

In the case of a civil wedding without a celebration afterwards, a small surprise (see 9. and 10.) is super to make the couple an unexpected joy.

A wedding surprise bridges the strange moment directly after the wedding ceremony, when everyone is still moved, already congratulated and there is still time until it goes to the wedding location. Many of the best surprises and wedding games are also a real visual highlight (great for the photographer)! It is the moment when many people, who do not know each other at all, come together for the first time. Usually there is a champagne reception with appetizers and groups of old acquaintances quickly form.

A great way to prevent the wedding party from splitting up right at the beginning and at the same time create a highlight for the bride and groom are traditional wedding customs as a wedding surprise. Further down in this article you will find my top 5 with the most symbolic and beautiful wedding customs.

If you are more of a creative mind and the traditional anyway does not quite fit the wedding couple, also no problem. Then you’re like me, at my sister’s wedding and many others. I thought of something myself and implemented it (with the help of my father) and another 5 creative ideas for a wedding surprise together.

Wedding Customs and Symbols as a Wedding Surprise

Decorating a car as a wedding surprise

Is this our car!!! The wedding surprise 

1. Cut the Tree Trunk ‚Äď Tackle Together and Pull Together

This requires a stake with a tree trunk lying horizontally on it, a relatively blunt handsaw, and gloves for both bride and groom. Surrounded and cheered on by the guests, the bride and groom grab the saw together as equals and saw through the log. How well do they work as a team? Who is in charge? Who loses patience first? This is the first energy-sapping task that requires patience and they must master it together.

It is important that the trunk is not too thick, because the sawing is quite exhausting and can otherwise take some time and the fun of the game with the bride and groom topple. As a moderator, you can also ask maid of honor and best man after a while to help the emblematic couple. And steady pulling and pushing is the way to go….

Tip: Creative people can decorate the tree trunk with a fire piston, or have a heart and the names of the wedding couple lasered out. Afterwards, the guests can also immortalize themselves on the more beautiful tree trunk piece as a souvenir.


2. The Wedding Heart ‚Äď Master the First Symbolic Obstacle Together!

For this you will need a large white bed sheet and paint on it with red a large heart and the names of the wedding couple. It should be big enough for a person to fit through, or more precisely, the bride.

In this wedding custom, you stretch the bed sheet at the foot of the stairs from the registry office, ceremoniously hand the bride and groom a pair of scissors, and ask them to cut out the heart together. How well do they work together? Who is in charge? Cheered on by the guests, the groom then picks up his bride in his arms and carries her through the heart. This is the symbolic step into marriage.

Tip: Get textile pens so that the wedding guests can then all sign on the sheet as a souvenir. At amazon* there is also here to buy a complete set.

3. Let Doves Fly as a Symbol of their Love

A beautiful photo motif! When choosing a wedding dove provider, if only for the sake of the animals, make sure they are well kept!

 4. Stand as Guard of Honor and Throw Rice or Rose Petals

As a wedding surprise, throw rose petals

Grains of rice, rose petals or soap bubbles as a wedding surprise.

After the registry office, friends rush to the door and line up as a trellis, or the club or other guests who are just joining now welcome the bride and groom. As soon as the wedding couple steps out of the door, they are pelted with grains of rice. This wedding custom is supposed to bring good luck, fertility and blessings and appease the evil spirits.
There are also colored grains of rice available for purchase that will not stain clothing.

If you plan to do this, you should check if it is allowed to throw rice grains as a surprise after the ceremony. Not everywhere this is welcome or even prohibited, because the rice attracts pigeons and rats.
A nice alternative is to simply throw confetti or flower petals. If this is also not welcome, because of the residues (even if you promise to dispose of them immediately afterwards) there is another hot tip: hand out soap bubbles to all the little (and big) children, which they eagerly blow over the bride and groom. The photos are awesome and no one can forbid that….

Bestseller Nr. 2

5. Wedding Pi√Īata ‚Äď Wealth, Love and Happiness in Paper Mache

You will need a wedding pi√Īata, pinata stick and blindfold. The wedding pi√Īata is a hollow papier-m√Ęch√© figure that you can fill as you wish. You hang it free-floating in front of the registry office, blindfold the newlyweds and then together they embrace the stick and smash the wedding pi√Īata together. The wedding guests cheer them loudly as they do so and give tips such as ‚Äď to the left, to the right.

Symbolically, this traditional wedding custom from Mexico stands for the joint fight against evil, which it successfully defeats. As a reward, it rains wealth, luck and love from inside the pi√Īata. For us, this custom is still exotic ‚Äď but in Mexico, a wedding without a pi√Īata is unimaginable!

Get¬†really¬†creative¬†with¬†the¬†wedding¬†pi√Īata¬†with¬†these¬†original¬†ideas¬†to¬†implement. You can also find tips for pi√Īata filling here at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

Check beforehand if confetti and the like are not allowed. If not, you can also fill the pinata with 1-cent pieces and literally give them a windfall.


6. Wedding Course With Bobby Car ‚Äď Steer Together Into Marriage

How well do the bride and groom work as a team? Who takes a seat behind the wheel and who pilots? Symbolically, the message of this game is clear: from this day on, the couple is together at the wheel and only together they can steer the marriage through the course of life to the finish line.

7. Let Hearts Rise ‚Äď Symbol of Love With Personal Wishes

A wedding surprise, which makes a lot of visual impact, is to let hearts fly

Let hearts fly with wishes as a wedding surprise.

While the guests are still congratulating the wedding couple, at least two helpers fill heart balloons with helium and tie gift ribbon to them. All guests get a balloon and a blank card on which they write a wish or a message for the wedding couple. At your signal, everyone will release the balloons to the sky at the same time! One of the absolutely most popular actions following the wedding ceremony ‚Äď simply because it makes so much visual impact and all guests are involved.

Lots of tips and ideas for variations on this popular wedding action as a wedding surprise can be found by clicking on the link.

8. Treasure Chest of Memories to Prevent the Seven Year Itch

Remembering the emotions and the moment, all the wishes that are forgotten far too quickly and the hopes: right after the wedding ceremony there is so much that guests would like to say and wish the couple and there is no time for it.

The idea:

You get a treasure chest, a bottle of good red wine (which gets even better with age), cards and pens. You ask the guests to write down their most beautiful impressions of the wedding, their wishes for the marriage and personal thoughts and if they want to put them together with an object they are carrying in the treasure chest as memories. In addition, the bottle of red wine ‚Äď and if possible, objects such as a pebble from the ground in front of the registry office, a leaf from the tree under which you are currently standing, a flower from the hair of the flower girl, etc. ‚Äď should be placed in the treasure chest.

At amazon there is a nice selection with inexpensive treasure chests with engraving of the date and the names of the bride and groom.

Bestseller Nr. 1
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9. Elegant Champagne Reception With a Butler as a Surprise

special wedding surprise

Stylish leisurely drink or romantic surprise for the married couple 

A lavish party with many guests does not always follow the registry office. Often the couple marries in a small circle and only family and witnesses and the closest friends are present. If the couple has not organized anything after the ceremony ‚Äď imagine their face when they leave the building a butler in tails, top hat and white gloves holds the door open for them, sets up a folding table with a white cloth festive and then conjures up champagne cooler, champagne, juice and glasses and snacks.

Depending on whether and what is still planned afterwards, you can surprise them so a festive moment and snacks and drinks are always welcome.
Tip: You can ask a friend to play butler and have everything ready for the toast in your car.

10. Decorate the Wedding Car

Decorate the wedding car! Especially if it’s a normal car and nothing is actually planned after a civil wedding in a small circle, this is a sweet surprise. For this you can simply use one or more heart balloons that you knot to the side mirrors. If you want you can also decorate more, for example with streamers, ribbons, garlands and flower petals.

Very important is the back of the car! There you attach a chain with empty tin cans, which you thread on a ribbon, knot and tie. The loud rattling of the tin cans drives away evil spirits and brings good luck to the couple!


Still looking for wedding ideas for the celebration? On our ideas portal you will find many special ideas for the wedding. From original ideas for gifts to recreational activities for occasions as well as around the year. Including many ideas for activities with children, the partner and friends!

Never miss an idea again and follow Abenteuer Freundschaft on Facebook!

Image Source Cover Photo: Just Married (2) by madebyWstudio at CC BY 2.0
* There are affiliate links in this article. This means that if you buy an item through one of these product links, we get a small commission for it without it being more expensive for you.


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