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Indoorabenteuer mit Kindern

Wo Langeweile kein Zuhause hat!
Review of Ravensburger Escape Puzzle The Circle Paris

Escape Puzzle the Circle: Paris – Unravel the Rune of Borbeth | Review

Tricky puzzle, new turntable, 6 puzzles – the Escape Puzzle The Circle Paris holds many hours of puzzle fun with a new puzzle form. To solve the puzzles there is a new mechanism. This is what awaits you.

The first Cold Case game: A Story to Die For in the test

Cold Case Board Game: A Story to Die For - A Case to Solve at Home | Review

Have you always wanted to open a detective file and solve an old case? In this cold case game you have to slip into the skin of Harry Bosch and Luther alone or together and shine.

One of the best fall indoor activities is a game night

24 Fall Indoor Activities You Definitly Have to Do Now

What can you do indoors in autumn? This is how autumn becomes wonderful.

The Cursed Dollhouse by ThinkFun

Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse | Review

The Box becomes a dollhouse with real miniature furniture to plug together. Awesome! But how good and logical are the puzzles? And for whom is this exit game for home worthwhile?

A game called Cheese box in German is one of the most popular logic games for adults, for which you only need pens and paper

5 Logic Games for Adults for Which You Only Need Pen and Paper

Test yourself with the weapons of the sharp mind! It's easy and requires little additional material with these games that require logical thinking and analytical reasoning.

Our urban gardening ideas for those with little space but the dream of a green paradise

Urban Gardening Ideas: How to Turn Your Balcony Into a Paradise

Parsley in a rubber boot and a vintage high shelf made of old wine crates: Urban gardening is a great way to get creative. We reveal 7 ideas for beginners that really do work for everyone.

This is how the couscous in the jar looks from the front and the back

Vegan Couscous in a Jar - How to Make a Delicous Present | Tutorial

This is how to make an exotic gift in a jar.

Conundrums for kids are ideal as riddles at a children's birthday party

Conundrums for Kids – 100 Funny Riddles for Games and Rallies

These conundrums for children are great for incorporating as a task in a larger game such as a scavenger hunt or rally for a child's birthday party.

Review of the GraviTrax marble run

Gravitrax Marble Run – Experience Gravity Playfully | Review

What do physics and marbles have to do with each other? Everything in the interactive construction game Gravitrax! How well does Ravensburger's hit game go down with kids and adults?

100 tips against boredom at home

Boredom at Home Never Again With These 100 Ingenious Ideas #FlattenTheCurve

We've collected 100 tips to combat boredom - from innovative ways to keep in touch with friends, to ideas for keeping the kids occupied, to tips for couples...

Alien Grill at Illuminati Escape is a challenging exit room with specially designed puzzles.

Radiating Fun at the Alien Grill at Illuminati Escape | Event Review

An abandoned diner in the middle of the Nevada desert. The mission: thwart the world domination of the Illuminati! Find out here whether you can expect an extraterrestrial experience at the Alien Grill.

Scavenger hunt at home for children - Everything starts and ends in the children's room

Scavenger Hunt at Home for Kids – Gorgous Tips and Ideas

With funny clues and tasks, a scavenger hunt in the apartment becomes the highlight of every child's birthday party. Here are the most important tips to have in mind.

Discover Special Family Activities Indoor

Everyone knows it: it’s raining or cold outside and neither children nor parents feel like playing or doing anything outdoors. Nevertheless, children want to be kept busy, especially at the weekend, and actually a great family day was promised – so what family activities indoor can you do?

Fortunately, adventure, fun and excitement can also be experienced indoors and there are many family activities indoor that are just as much fun for young and old as outdoor adventures.

On the ideas portal Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find a wide range of family activities indoor, both those that you can experience in the comfort of your own home and leisure activities that you can do indoors with certain providers or organisers.

Family Activities Indoor at Home

In order to experience special activities indoor in your own four walls, you need two things above all: creativity and organisation! First you have to come up with a good idea and then you have to organise it. This is exactly where Abenteuer Freundschaft comes in, as the leisure portal’s Leisure Ideas Finder suggests many creative, original and unusual family activities indoor for the home and also offers to-do lists and tips to make organisation easier.

For families, these creative and playful family activities are definitely worth a look. Among other things, there are complete instructions for crafting with children that are easy to implement.

There are also many specially created games, such as the House Rally and the House Olympics, that you can do with children. And in quite a few board game reviews, we also feature many family board games and games for kids that are optimal for a game afternoon or game night with the whole family.

Regional Indoor Activities with Children in the Experience Test

Abenteuer Freundschaft also offers the possibility to search regionally for family activities indoor. At the moment, the offer mainly refers to discovering Berlin with kids – other German cities and regions are to be added to the offer in the future.

The adventure testers from Abenteuer Freundschaft test and report on indoor activities with children that they can recommend from their own experience. From karting to laser tag in various arenas to black light mini golf to climbing in special indoor climbing parks. Our team is constantly working to expand the range and puts an emphasis on special family activities indoor.

Experience Tester at Abenteuer Freundschaft

Only those who have tried out experiences themselves can report on them authentically, which is why our experience testers try out specific indoor activities on site themselves. The experience tests that we publish usually include the opinions of several experience testers in order to draw as differentiated a picture as possible.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are many more ideas for activities with children, friends and your partner to discover in the Leisure Ideas Finder!

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