Children's Birthday

Make Children’s Eyes Shine
The best competition games for kids for indoors and outdoors for children's birthday parties or groups

20 Competition Games for Kids That Are Unbeatable Fun

Exploding bombs, stuffed children, last survivors: whether as a playful measurement without stakes or with a bet, these competative games for children aged 8 and up are guaranteed to bring laughter, thrills and great fun.

Essential tips and the best 1st birthday party ideas

1st Birthday Party Ideas and Tips Everyone Should Know

How should we celebrate the 1st birthday? What to think about and how to make this important milestone absolutely unforgettable? Lots of inspiration for the 1st birthday party!

How to make a cute easy DIY pop-up card with an elephant

How to Make an Easy DIY Pop-up Card With Elephant | Tutorial

Open it once and a cute animal appears! With this creative greeting, you can make small children happy.

The 10 best teenager party games

10 Teenager Party Games That Every Teen Will Love

Shining eyes, thrills, laughter, even sometimes screaming and crazy fun: These 10 games for teen parties are guaranteed not to make your eyes roll.

Superheroes theme is one of the best birthday party themes for teens, which becomes better the more guests dress up

10 Best Birthday Party Themes for Teens for an Epic Celebration

Casino night, bad taste party or action party? Lots of inspiration and concrete ideas for teen parties.

List of 111 best kids birthday party themes

111 Kids Birthday Party Themes - the Ultimate List Of Party Ideas

From fairy dance teas to pirate parties to kids' Olympics - 111 brilliant themes for girls and boys from 3 to 12 to celebrate.

Amazing pirate party ideas for kids

Pirate Party Ideas for Kids - Best Games, DIY, Food and More

This is how real pirates celebrate! Message in a bottle, treasure hunts and sea battles: with these creative ideas, the pirate party for a child's birthday will be a dream coming true

Instructions for making a  beer animal

How to Craft a Funny Beer Animal As a Gorgous Gift | Tutorial

Give animals as a gift? Great idea - what beer lover is not happy about the best buddy of man: the beer animal? This is how 8 liters of beer become a brilliant gift.

The best swimming pool games for kids include games with diving, throwing and catching

Swimming Pool Games for Kids – 14 Absolute Favorites

Pool party - can it be topped in summer? Whether summer party in the pool or kiddies birthday party in the garden with paddling pool, with the right games children have maximum fun.

How to make paper fortune cookies

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies - Easy Craft for Special Occasions | Tutorial

Funny, unique and super quick to make. Paper fortune cookies are a great last-minute gift for New Year's Eve and other festive occasions. Because a fortune cookie a day, keeps the misfortune away!

The 100 Best Fortune Cookie Sayings

100 Fortune Cookie Sayings That Inspire, Motivate and Cause Laughter

Super last-minute idea for New Year's Eve and parties: Make or bake fortune cookies and fill them with crazy funny, motivating and amazing sayings. Everything you need is here!

Two little guests at a vampire party for children

Vampire Party for Kids – 7 Tips for a Spooky Celebration

Scary cool and scary beautiful - that's what many kids think of vampires and that's why they want a vampire party for their birthday, carnival or Halloween. Here we have 7 tips for you on how to create a great spooky vampire party for kids!

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas for a Perfect Celebration

For all parents, the question arises at some point: how do you organise the perfect children’s birthday party for them? On Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find numerous children’s birthday party ideas on how to make a birthday party for children an extraordinary and unique experience as well as ideas for the family celebration.

It’s especially great for kids if you throw a themed party based on the birthday child’s favourite theme, whether it’s a pirate party, a witch party or a cowboy party for kids

Theme Party as a Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

At Adventure Friendship, there are articles that give comprehensive tips for specific theme parties for children, from costumes to decorative items to special food to go with the theme.

For a children’s birthday party on the theme of scary or ghosts, for example, you can conjure up many wonderfully horror-like dishes such as cut-off fingers that are actually Vienna sausages or similar.

However, the children’s birthday party ideas also include games for the children’s birthday party, because these are what make up the majority of the programme at a children’s birthday party.

Birthday Gifts for Children

For children, birthday presents are even more significant than for adults. Weeks in advance, they fuel their own anticipation and when they get a much longed-for wish fulfilled or even surprised with a gift that suits them perfectly, they are completely over the moon.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft, among many gift ideas, there are also those for birthday gifts for children and tips on how to personalise or decorate them with homemade crafts.

The Abenteuer Freundschaft Leisure Ideas Finder

The website Abenteuer Freundschaft is a treasure trove of leisure ideas. The focus is on doing something together with the people you care about most: there are activities to discover with children, close friends and your partner. In addition to children’s birthday ideas, there is also a wide variety of ideas for leisure activities and for unusual and personal gifts.

To make it easier to find just the right idea, since 2019 there has been a multi-part search on our website, the Leisure Ideas Finder. Here you can select what you are looking for according to your interests, mood, occasion, season or weather conditions and filter the ideas accordingly.

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