Christmas Stars in the Sky of Ideas
istmas charades is the perfect game for Christmas parties, whether with family, friends or colleag

Christmas Charades – A Fun Christmas Game With 101 Words to Guess

The popular guessing game pantomime, also known as charades, is particularly suitable for Christmas parties, whether in the closest circle of the family or even in larger groups.

Simple instructions for how to make paper bag stars with 6 patterns

How to Make Paper Bag Stars and the 6 Most Beautiful Patterns | Tutorial

Beautiful and easy to make. These particularly clever patterns for paper stars can also be made by kids. The secret? The right tools!

enious Christmas scavenger hunt game ideas for kids, teens and adults with 30 tasks and puz

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game Ideas + 30 Tasks & Riddles

Whether outdoors or indoors: with these ideas for Christmas scavenger hunts a fantastic treasure hunt awaits you. With 30 tasks and puzzles for kids, teens and adults.

These 10 Christmas gift exchange games will add fun and variety to any Christmas party.

10 Christmas Gift Exchange Games – Swap, Steal, Roll the Dice and More

These games provide fun and good mood at Christmas parties – Secret Santa, dice, swap and more... 🎄🎁✨

One of the most popular Christmas party games in Mexico is Christmas piñatas.

7 Funny Christmas Party Games From All Over the World

As colorful and diverse as our world is, so are its Christmas traditions. These Christmas games from different countries and continents provide fun, variety and a laugh or two.

How to make wine cork coasters for candles and glasses

How to Make Wine Cork Coasters as Enchanting Stars | Tutorial

Is the wine bottle empty? Don't throw away the cork! Breathe new life into them with the soldering iron as pretty star coasters. Super easy to make and a real eye-catcher!

 best advent calendar riddles for adults print

25 Awesome Advent Calendar Riddles for Adults + Free Printable

Acrostic, cryptogram - what's that? These Advent calendars for riddlers and brainteasers provide 25 varied riddle fun with very different tricky and fun puzzles.

Book gift idea as a diy voucher in envelope

Book Gift Idea for a Creative Voucher + Free Printable | Tutorial

Gift voucher or travel card to Fantasyland? This is how to make a gift voucher for bookworms with a free template to print out.

Ideas for delicious gifts for foodies

Gifts for Foodies - 5 Unique Ideas to Make Gourmets Happy

Whether it's an Ayurveda cooking course or a comedy dinner, these gifts not only pamper the palate.

Creating a pyramid gift box out of motif cardboard is easy

How to Make a Pyramid Gift Box From Cardboard | Tutorial

Perfect for chocolates, jewellery and small gifts: The complete instructions for a sophisticated gift box without gluing.

How to make a Christmas tree card with fir tree to fold out

How to Make a Christmas Tree Card | Tutorial

Simple DIY idea for a Christmas card with a fir tree to open. There's a surprise hidden inside!

Christmas at Hogwarts: Professor Flitwick conducts the school choir in carols

Christmas at Hogwarts – Have a Magical Christmas With Harry Potter

When Harry Potter experiences Christmas for the first time at Hogwarts, he can hardly believe how beautifully it is celebrated there. With these ideas, you too can bring some of Harry Potter's Christmas magic into your own home.

Christmas Ideas, Christmas Gift Ideas and Christmas Craft Inspiration

The pre-Christmas and Christmas season is the most atmospheric time of the year: lit streets, Christmas market, candles, Christmas crafts, the smell of cinnamon, fir greenery and freshly baked cookies. Everyone wants to enjoy this wonderful time to the fullest in a relaxed way. Between dates, work and obligations it is sometimes difficult to find the time to find really personal Christnmas ideas for gifts.

Lucky s/he who already knows exactly, whom to present with what! Often it takes ages to come up with really good ideas for Christmas gifts. Abenteuer Freundschaft offers you a wide array of Christmas gift ideas to rummage and discover. On our website you will find inspiration for Christmas gifts for friends, Christmas family ideas, Christmas games and crafting instructions as well as tips for a romantic Christmas.

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas and Experiences

What could be better than going on an adventure together and spending some very special time with your favorite people? Giving unique experiences is one of the best Christmas gift ideas, because with this gift you create memories that last. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find many experience reports and ideas for special undertakings, which help to get an idea whether it is worth spending the money for it.

Looking for exciting and unconventional Christmas gift ideas? How about presenting your loved ones with extraordinary events to explore together like Escape Rooms, Go-kart driving or a Dinner in the  Dark. And also if your are looking for Christmas gift ideas on a tight budget, you can find a lot of inspiration at Abenteuer Freundschaft for creative DIY Christmas gifts. It is not alway about how much a gift costs but how much love you put into selecting it or even crafting it yourself.

Therefore in addition to tips for special events or activities as Christmas gifts, you can also discover many great DIY ideas and Christmas gift ideas for vouchers on our website.

Christmas Crafts

In the Advent season baking cookies and crafting for Christmas will get you into the right mood for Pre-Christmas-time. At Abenteuer Freundschaft we offer beautiful Christmas craft ideas that will turn your home into a Christmas wonderland. All craft ideas include lists with all the materials needed and simple step-by-step explanations to copy.

Advent Games and Christmas Games

Everyone knows Secret Santa – then why not scrap Secret Santa? Not only at the Christmas party with colleagues and friends Christmas games provide a hilarious mood. There are great Advent games and Christmas games for children, with which they can enjoy the Christmas season with all senses.

The Leisure Time Idea Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

On our website you can not only discover brilliant Christmas gift ideas and ideas for the Christmas season. In the leisure time ideas finder you can search for gifts and leisure activities with friends, family, or your partner and filter your search according to the occasion, suitable for the season, and for the state of mind indoors as well as outdoors.

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