Skill games for adults - Part 1 with 5 ingenious games

14. September 2017 - Alexander Schmidt

10 Ingenious Skill Games for Adults – Part 1 | Game Rules


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Our secret recipe for your party, birthday party or a wedding: host one of these top 10 skill games for adults!

When you were a kid, what was the highlight of your birthday parties? Sure, the gifts were great and that you yourself was totally the center of attention. And that you could invite all your friends at once. But for me, the best part of the parties was always all the games my mother played with us kids: Pot banging, sack races, egg races and all the classics.

Are we adults really that different? I, at least, am very happy and proud to still be a game kid deep down…?

And yes, there are plenty of cool party games for teens and adults. Some of them, like various Privacy Quickie and classics like Truth or Dare or Who Am I, we’ve already featured here at Abenteuer Freundschaft. Now, in this article two-parter, comes what we think are the funniest and most party-worthy skill games for adults.

Because even games of skill like the egg run or jumping up and grabbing candy hung on a string back when you were a kid can be a hell of a lot of fun for adults and even the highlight of a party!

That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 awesome skill games for adults that are super easy to prepare and extremely fun (even more so if some alcohol has already flowed… ?).

10 Awesome Skill Games for Adults 1-5

1. Fork-Balloon-Transporter

Utensils needed: forks, balloons, stopwatch, possibly obstacles (what kind is up to your imagination).

Preparation: Inflate balloons, set up obstacle course.

First, you determine a route that must be covered by the participants. On this route you can also set up obstacles as you wish. However, you may prefer not to use your collection of Ming vases for this and take the precaution of removing anything fragile as well as potentially dangerous electronic devices.

Depending on how much space you have, you can design the course so that several players can cover it at the same time.


Now it is determined who will compete against each other. One possibility with many guests is to form two or more teams. Women against men goes also always, if the number is approximately equal. And if you plan the forked balloon transporter as a wedding game, it’s obvious: bride against groom.

Each player gets a balloon and a fork in his hand. At a start signal, the player whose turn it is (or several at the same time) runs off and has to transport the balloon through the course using only the fork.

It goes without saying that the balloon must neither touch the player’s body nor fall to the ground. Both lead to the fact that the player must immediately return to the beginning and start the course again.

How exactly the balloon is transported with the fork, however, is up to each player. It doesn’t matter whether the balloon is balanced or held in the air by repeated nudging, as long as it is only touched with the fork.

For single players, the simplest method to determine the winner is to record the time with a stopwatch. For teams, it is a good idea to make it a relay race. Per team there is then of course only one balloon and also the relay handover may of course only take place with forks.

2. Pencil in the Bottle

Needed utensils: pencil, string, belt, several containers with different sized openings, possibly stopwatch.

Preparation: The pencil is attached to a string (about 50 – 70 cm) and this in turn to the belt, which should be long enough that all players can put it on over their normal clothes.

Several containers are placed in a row (about 1m apart), ordered by the size of their opening from large to small, e.g. salad bowl, beer mug, water glass, champagne glass, bottle

Procedure of the game

Each player must now put on the belt with the pencil dangling vertically from it. At a start signal, he must squat over the containers one after the other and sink the pencil into them. Of course without using his hands!

Either you stop the time with a stopwatch to determine who has won, or you build two similar courses and prepare two pencil belts so that two players can always compete against each other at the same time. The latter variant is also recommended if you set up the whole thing as a couple’s game, for example at a wedding.

3. Tin Foil Artist

Needed utensils: aluminum foil, tin foil, aluminum foil 😀 (+ possibly stopwatch).

Preparation: Think about enough objects that could be formed from aluminum foil.


Each round, all players are given a piece of aluminum foil of the same size. You are the game leader and as such you now name an object that all must form from the aluminum foil. Either you give them a certain time, after which the round ends. Or the round ends when one of the players calls finished. Then all players have to put the result of their creative efforts in front of them.

You, as the game master, now judge all the little aluminum works of art. Aluminum balls that are not recognizable as the given object lead to the elimination of the respective players. All remaining players get a new piece of aluminum foil and the next round begins. This continues until one player has established himself as the ultimate tinfoil artist. In the last rounds, you as the game leader can also be stricter and only allow the most beautiful tinfoil art to advance.

The game is most fun when you gradually increase the difficulty. Possible objects are for example:

Ball, Egg, Dice, Plate, Knife, Spoon, Fork, Pen, Mushroom, Bottle, Flower, Tree, House, Mask / Face, Floor Lamp, Grain Chandelier, Record Player, Bicycle, Bird etc.

4. Throw – Collect – Catch

Needed utensils: a ping pong ball, clothespins and/or other small objects.

Preparation: In each round, small, easy-to-grasp objects are placed vertically on a sturdy table, e.g., clothespins, Ü-egg figures, Lego figures, pencils, etc.


Each player stands in front of the table, throws the ping pong ball in the air, quickly grabs the object(s), and catches the ball again with the other hand.

In the first round, there is only one object on the table. Whoever makes it qualifies for the second round in which another object is added. For the arrangement of the objects you can use cube eyes or simple geometric patterns.

This is one of the really difficult skill games for adults, so you should do a practice round and the objects used should be easy to grab with one hand. The one who manages the most rounds wins.

5. Coaster Rescue Rings

Needed utensils: Lots of beer coasters and coins.

Preparation: Coins are spread out on a large table or an area on the floor. The distance between two coins should always be so large that a beer mat can never cover two coins at once.

Process of the game

From a set distance, all players may now throw coasters onto the area covered with coins. The idea is that the coins represent castaways and the coasters represent life rings. If a beer mat covers a coin, the coin is considered rescued. The player who has saved the most castaways is the winner. To mark their own coasters as such, each player writes their name on them.

This game can be varied in many ways, e.g. two teams can compete against each other, or the coins can be laid out on uneven terrain or tables of different heights, etc. It can also be played in such a way that the saved coins can be kept by the player. This is a good idea if this game of skill for adults is implemented as a wedding game.

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