Bach party planned? Top the wedding!

Top the wedding!

Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas for the Party Before the Party

Malicious tongues say that the bachelor party is remembered much better than the wedding. Provided you can remember it at all… 😉

But joking aside: a bachelor party is not only a damn good opportunity to let it rip, it is also a challenge for both bride or groom, as well as for the organizers!

While a bachelor party can’t be embarrassing enough for some, and they joyfully parade through the pedestrian zone in a bunny costume or Borat mankini, asking complete strangers to donate booze, precisely this kind of bachelor party is a sheer nightmare to others.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find a wide selection of bachelor party ideas to browse through in order to make every bride and groom happy. Here you can choose between location-independent bachelor party ideas and bachelor ideas and inspiration for the bachelor party in Berlin.

Special Events for the Bachelor Party

Among the free time activities that are particularly well suited as bachelor party ideas are Escape Games, of which the adventure testers of Abenteuer Freundschaft have already tested a whole series. For each of these Escape Games, you can find a detailed review on the website and thus get an idea of whether this Escape Room is well suited for a planned bachelor party.

But also many other leisure activities on our website are ideal as special events for bachelor party, such as a rafting trip, outdoor rallies or a laser tag battle.

Bachelor Party Games

A real bachelor party includes fun party games and drinking games and of both you will find an abundance in the pool of ideas that is Abenteuer Freundschadt. For many classic party games like Truth or Dare, Pantomime or Who Am I? you’ll also find variations and ideas on how to customize these games.

There are also best-ofs with the best drinking games, funny bachelor party games and not-so-awkward bachelor party activities.

So if you’re looking for bachelor party games, you’ll find a wide range of them here.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Most ideas for leisure activities, as well as the bachelor party ideas on this website are currently not location-specific. But already we also offer some concrete regional tips for the Berlin region and in the long term it is planned to expand the offer by ideas for all of Germany. Since our relaunch in January 2019, Abenteuer Freundschaft provides the Leisure Ideas Finder, the three part search filter for finding exciting ideas for leisure activities.

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