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Since 2016, Abenteuer Freundschaft, a treasure chest of leisure ideas has been inspiring an ever-growing readership who are looking for special gift ideas, experiences and leisure tips to make the most of their time spent with their favorite people.

New posts featuring leisure activities, recreational items, DIY tutorials and gift ideas have been published regularly every week since 2016. In addition, we test location-based experiences (Escape Games, Laser Tag, etc.) and products thematically matching Abenteuer Freundschaft (e.g. games for indoors & outdoors) and review them with our own pictures.

Cooperations are possible with partners from the following areas:

We are particularly keen on cooperations with start-ups and exciting, as yet unknown products that enrich our treasure trove of ideas.

Simply download our current media kit here!

Facts & Figures

Website statistics (December 2020) Source: Google Analytics

At the beginning of 2019, we relaunched the entire website to be mobile-first and user-centric, as well as redesigned and structured with a “Search Centric Design”. As a result of our relaunch, Abenteuer Freundschaft has gained tremendously in visitors and visibility compared to the previous year 2020. This trend continues in 2021. On a monthly basis, Abenteuer Freundschaft has 277,000 page views (01|2020-12|2020) out of 178,000 visitors (“unique visitors”) on average in 2020, thus recording a reach growth of 49% in page views and of 164% in unique visitors.

The visibility index – the “gold standard” to measure the success of SEO measures is 2.26 (desktop) and 2.54 (mobile) in January 2021.

Visibility index (06.01.2021) Source: SISTRIX

Our Readers

Our readers are about 64% female and are interested in creative ideas for seasonal occasions (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), readable by the peaks in visitor numbers. Successful perennial favorites among our readers are game presentations as well as creative party ideas (theme party, surprise party, etc.) and event tips.

With 9%, Berlin is the most represented hometown of our readers, closely followed by Hamburg and Vienna. Interest in experience tips and tests in Berlin has decreased due to Covid-19 restrictions. On the other hand, interest in leisure activities for the home (especially game novelties and creative activity ideas as well as handicraft instructions) increased enormously.

Facts at a Glance

Their Main Interests

For more information, see our media kit.

Possible Cooperations

Would you like more information about possible cooperations, prices, our readers as well as website statistics? Just write us an e-mail to [email protected] We are looking forward to hear from you!

Partners So Far

Escape Game Providers

Other Leisure Activity Providers

Game Publishers

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