Getting to know each other games for the wedding party

25. June 2017 - Anika Semmer

6 Best Getting to Know Each Other Games for the Wedding Party


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Getting to know each other games at the beginning of the wedding party are nice inhibition breakers. They give the wedding guests the opportunity to talk to people they don’t know and can prevent the formation of groups.

At a wedding, many people from different phases of the bride and groom’s lives come together. Guests who already know each other automatically get together and many groups form. These groups usually don’t mix on their own – that’s not so bad, of course, but it’s still a shame! Fortunately, there are games for getting to know each other to bring together guests from very different areas of the bride and groom’s lives.

On Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find many more wedding games for the bride and groom and wedding games for guests!

Getting to Know Each Other Games to Warm Up

If you organise getting to know each other games at the beginning of the wedding celebration, chances are good that some guests will become curious, discover commonalities and suddenly approach each other after all. Instead of the classic introduction of the guests by the wedding couple, you can loosen up the wedding party right at the beginning by having them play one of these get-to-know-you games instead.

However, it is important that you choose a game that is not embarrassing for half of your guests, but as creative, original or uncomplicated as it suits you and your guests. After all, everyone should feel comfortable with it and have fun getting to know the other guests!


The 6 Best Getting to Know Each Other Games for the Wedding Reception

1. Getting to Know You Game: Who Is My Partner?


  • Cards with 2 of the same symbol – 1 for each guest
  • Pins
  • Cylinder or nice hat
  • Alternatively, attach the cards to the champagne glasses with clothespins

Before the wedding, always print or draw the same symbol on 2 cards – like in a memory game. Prepare as many couples cards as there are guests at your wedding party. You ask the best man / maid of honour to draw one of these cards with the pin from the top hat for each guest who arrives at the beginning. After the welcoming speech by the wedding couple, the groom now asks the guests to pin on their card and look for their partner with the same symbol and find out as much interesting information about each other as possible in a quick speed dating.

Afterwards, everyone introduces their partner using the information they have learned.

In this getting to know you, people who are completely unfamiliar with each other start talking to each other and during the introduction round you learn a lot of interesting things that make you curious to talk to this person.

For example, questions could be:

  • How do you know the bride and groom?
  • What do you like most and least?
  • How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
  • What makes you laugh, what makes you cry?

2. Getting to Know Each Other Game: Hobby Pantomime

Well suited for small wedding parties!

A hobby says a lot about a person – and laughter is guaranteed with this getting to know each other game. After the welcome, when all the wedding guests gather around the bride and groom, the groom asks the guests to introduce themselves pantomimically by impersonating their favourite hobby: because that says a lot about that person!

All the other guests now try to guess his hobby together. The mime reacts by nodding or shaking his head. As soon as his hobby has been guessed, he briefly introduces himself by name and explains in a funny sentence why this hobby is so typical for him. Or he says in two sentences: “What I particularly like” and “What I don’t like at all”. The funnier and more entertaining, the more inhibitions will fall with the other guests!

3. Getting to Know You Game: The Wedding Couple & Me

This getting to know each other game is great for large wedding parties. When welcoming the wedding couple, the bride and groom take it upon themselves to introduce the guests – but they don’t do it in the classic way. They take it in turns to tell an anecdote from their lives – for example from their student days in Hamburg and ask all the guests who were there at the time to stand up, and anyone who wants to can also share an anecdote. So they go through the phases of their lives one by one, their places of residence, hobbies, profession and interests and funny commonalities such as:

  • Who is a friend of the groom / bride?
  • Who is related to the bride / groom?
  • Who has kissed the bride / groom before?
  • Who has known the bride / groom for 5/10/15/20 years?
  • Who is a good cook?
  • Who is a neat freak?
  • Who is single?
  • Who is a big scatterbrain?
  • Who is a party king?
  • Who is a globetrotter?

4. Getting To Know Each Other Game: Find the Real Person for Your Role


  • Cards
  • Pins

Before the wedding, label a card for each guest with their role. For example, “Best kindergarden friend of the bride”, “Shared pastor in the bride’s studies”, “Youngest aunt of the groom”, “Drummer in the groom’s school band”, “Top Italian chef”, “Outrageously good-looking sports ace”, “Master of disaster on year abroad” etc. Now shuffle the cards well and distribute them randomly among the guests. Each guest now has to find the mystery guest on the card – and all the guests mingle and start talking to each other.

5. Getting to Know You Game With Guest Book


  • Cards
  • Guest book
  • Pens, glue
  • Polaroid camera

With this get-to-know-you game you kill two birds with one stone: the guests get to know each other and afterwards you have a nice souvenir in the form of a guest book in which all the guests have signed.

Before the wedding ceremony, you always write at least 2 cards with the same number on them. Your maid of honour distributes these cards among the guests. The guests with the same number must now find each other and take a photo of themselves with the Polaroid camera and make a guest book entry.

Depending on how many guests are at your wedding, it is advisable to label more than 2 cards with the same number.

6. Getting to Know Each Other Game With a Profile

This getting to know each other game at the wedding needs to be prepared in advance. You create a template for a profile with (name, nickname, hobby, interests, eye and hair colour, marital status, best feature, biggest dream etc.). You are free to choose the questions. Send this profile by email to all wedding guests and ask them to bring the completed and printed profile to the wedding reception.

At the reception, you ask someone to collect the profiles, shuffle them and give each guest a new profile. Now the guests look for this person and start talking to many of them.

And what do you think are the best getting to know each other games for a wedding party or similar occasions?

Looking for wedding party ideas? Browse through our ideas with instructions. As well as inspiration for occasions, there’s plenty of activities to discover with friends, partner and family on the ideas portal!

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Image source Cover photo: Wedding Reception by alans1948 at CC BY 2.0

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