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Fang-tastic Games and Party Ideas
The best Halloween party themes for adults, teens and kids

101 Fun Halloween Themes for Scary Good Parties

Zombie apocalypse? Pink-o-Ween? Haunted House? With these party themes for adults, teens & kids even the moaning Myrtle mutates into a party queen!

Two little guests at a vampire party for children

Vampire Party for Kids – 7 Tips for a Spooky Celebration

Scary cool and scary beautiful - that's what many kids think of vampires and that's why they want a vampire party for their birthday, carnival or Halloween. Here we have 7 tips for you on how to create a great spooky vampire party for kids!

loween Bingo Printable with 20 Free Bingo C

Halloween Bingo Printable – Free Fun Halloween Game for Kids

Print out, cut out, play - Bingo! Our Halloween Bingo is a super entertaining game for kids, the family and the Halloween party. With game rules and free bingo card set for 20 players.

Vampire Games for Kids

Vampire Games for Kids – 5 Fang-Tastic Games for Kids Parties

Whether for Walpurgis Night, Halloween or a children's birthday party with a theme like ghosts, witches or vampires, these games for little bloodsuckers provide mischievous fun and many funny moments.

The Cursed Dollhouse by ThinkFun

Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse | Review

The Box becomes a dollhouse with real miniature furniture to plug together. Awesome! But how good and logical are the puzzles? And for whom is this exit game for home worthwhile?

Vampires are one of the most popular spooky characters for all ages - Learn the best tips for a vampire party for adults here.

Vampire Party for Adults – 6.66 Fang-Tastic Ideas

Clad in a night-black cape, you sip your deep red cocktail with relish, and to the eerie sound of creaking doors and wolves howling in the distance, you throw yourself onto the dance floor of the dark lord's castle with your peers....

Halloween with Harry Potter becomes a magical experience event

Harry Potter Halloween Party - 7 Fantastic Ideas for a Magical Feast

The festival of ghosts and ghouls has always been celebrated at Hogwarts and plays an important role in the Harry Potter saga. For Potter fans of all ages, here are some tips on how to spend Halloween with Harry Potter! 

How to make a paper mache pumpkin

Crafting a Decorative Paper Mache Pumpkin Using a Balloon | Tutorial

Never again moldy pumpkins as decoration indoors. From a balloon & papier mache you can easily make a magical decorative pumpkin! Here's how.

Contacting the deceased with a Ouija board

Ouija Board: With these Rules Your Seance Will Succeed

Goosebumps, suspense and paranormal signals: Who always wanted to ask ghosts themselves with the Ouija board?

Best Halloween books with scary stories for adults

10 Halloween Books for Adults – Goosebumps Guaranteed!

Shiver comfortably, creep out with relish. Do you know the best Halloween books to devour under the covers on the couch or read together?

Don't worry - these Halloween quiz questions are not that scary.

13 Halloween Quiz Questions – Do You Know All About Halloween?

You know everything about Halloween? Are you sure? Test your knowledge and prove yourself!

Spooky ideas for a ghost party for children

Ghost Party Ideas, That'll Ensure a Fun Halloween and Birthday

Children simply love ghosts and whether as a children's birthday party or Halloween - a good party for little ghosts wants to be well organized. Check out our tips!

The Best Halloween Ideas – Halloween Games and Tips for Your Halloween Party

The scary and beautiful festival of ghosts Halloween has a long tradition in English speaking countries but in the last two decades or so it has also found more and more fans in Germany and for many it has become another welcome occasion to throw a great party with the best Halloween ideas.

Not only children and teenagers, but also adults like to dress up in Halloween costumes and celebrate the night when, according to legend, the gates to the spirit world open. Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft you will find many creative ideas for hosting a Halloween party for kids and special Halloween party ideas for adults.

At Abenteuer Freundschaft there are new tips and Halloween ideas to discover every year, from the best costumes for a Halloween party to original DIY decorations. There are also recipes for a delicately diabolical Halloween feast with spooky ingredients from the witch’s cauldron. Very important for a good Halloween party are of course also special actions, such as Halloween games, so that the guests remember this Halloween party for a long time.

Craft Ideas for Halloween

Traditionally, pumpkins are carved with wonderfully horror-like grimace faces for Halloween, but you can also make many other decorative items yourself.

Abenteuer Freundschaft has instructions for pumpkin carving, mummy lanterns, traditional turnip ghost lanterns, and many more Halloween ideas for decorations.

Halloween Games

Halloween games create the right atmosphere at any Halloween party. Since it depends on the age of the guests, there are several articles with matching Halloween ideas at Abenteuer Freundschaft, such as Halloween games for children, Halloween games for teenagers and Halloween games for adults.

Children have their bright joy in games like mummy wrapping, the Spooky Boogie Woogie, or eyeball race. Adults are more likely to get their money’s worth with the horror quiz or the gruesome Halloween drinking games that go straight to the blood.

In addition, there are many beautiful customs such as Halloween oracles, which you can also perform as games at a Halloween party.

The Leisure Time Idea Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

The leisure time idea finder, the multi-part search, not only allows you to find Halloween ideas for couples, families and friends, but many ideas for leisure activities of all kinds and also gift tips.

In this pool of ideas, you can find inspiration all year round to suit occasions, the season, the weather or your own mood, both indoors and outdoors, on how to make the most of the free time you spend together with your favorite people.

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