Wedding sketches are perfect as show-stoppers for the wedding guests

6. July 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Wedding Sketches – 10 Ideas for Funny Show Interludes


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Every good wedding needs games and shows. It always goes down particularly well when friends and relatives perform little wedding sketches.

What do you remember most about a wedding? Is it the perfect wedding dress, the lavish buffet, the eulogy by the father of the bride or the moment when the bride and groom exchange rings and kiss? Well, certainly all of that, but just as certainly the highlights of the wedding programme! And that is usually a matter for the guests, i.e. the relatives and friends of the bride and groom.

Besides classic wedding games, such as the marriage test or a wedding-piñata and traditional actions for the bride and groom, such as a wedding heart cut out of a bed sheet, wedding skits are one of the most popular forms of wedding entertainment.

Before we present you with our list of 10 ideas for wedding skits, however, one more important piece of advice. Your show should of course be as funny as possible and make the bride and groom laugh as well as the guests. But that’s exactly why it’s important that you keep within certain limits and don’t surprise the couple with something that’s too embarrassing. Especially in front of the parents and all the other guests.

And even if it does of course anticipate part of the surprise: if you want to include the wedding couple in your show, check beforehand whether this is desired. The best man is usually a good contact person, as they have already clarified such questions with the bride and groom.

10 Ideas for Unforgettable Wedding Sketches

For this reason, our list includes wedding sketches that directly involve the bride and groom and / or other wedding guests, as well as those that are simply performed and where only those who planned the sketch are “on stage”.

1. The Cinderella Sketch

Players: 6

In this skit, the co-players take on the main roles from the fairy tale Cinderella and perform it in a funny, simplified form. The roles are: 1 narrator, Cinderella, the prince, 2 ugly stepsisters and the fairy godmother.

You can find the text here.


2. Men’s Ballet


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Players: any
The men slip into tights and tutus and give a particularly graceful performance to classical ballet music, for example Swan Lake….

Of course, this is all about having fun and making the audience burst out laughing. Really good dancers should therefore rather not take part in this sketch, unless they can pretend very well. 😉

3. The Pizza Order

Players: 2.

The actors play the married couple in this. He wants to order a pizza, she is not quite sure what she actually wants and thus drives him up the wall. Although the sketch is a pointed portrayal of the clichés concerning the typical differences between men and women, it theoretically also works with reversed roles or with same-sex couples who are correspondingly different in character.

You can find the text on this page.

4. The Breakfast Egg or Other Sketches by Loriot

Mates: 2

Why not draw on the great masters of sketch art? For me and many other Germans, Loriot is definitely one of them. How convenient that there is even a really large selection of sketches by him on the subject of marriage, all of which make excellent wedding sketches.

From marriage counselling to a TV evening with a broken TV to the infamous breakfast egg and the question of how long it has to cook before it is not hard…

You can find the text in this book:

Or just watch the video until you know the sketch by heart 😉

5. The Knitting Kit

Players: 2

This short skit is about a topic that should not be unknown to many married couples no matter in which constellation: Know-it-all…

Go to the text here.

6. The Carriage Game


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Players: 9, including the bride and groom
The bride and groom are declared queen and king. Other people play the coachman, horses, the individual wheels of the carriage, etc. All participants sit down on chairs next to each other. Now a narrator reads out the story and every time the name or designation of one of the participants appears in it, that person has to stand up and run around the chair once.

The text can be read here on the wedding portal 24.

7. Feeding the Groom


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Players: Bride and groom.

This skit has to be completed by the bride and groom themselves, so only choose it if you’re sure they’re up for a bit of silliness .

Both disappear behind a cloth on which a stuffed baby romper is attached. Only the groom’s head and the bride’s hands (or vice versa) peek out to form the baby’s head and hands. The bride (or whoever is playing the arms) must now blindly feed the “baby” with a wide variety of things….

8. The Doctor’s Visit

Players: 3

A couple goes to the doctor. The doctor asks the husband what is wrong with him, but the wife answers every question or cuts her husband off. In the end, every supposed symptom of illness is about all the things she wants him to have. At the end, the doctor writes a prescription, the patient reads it out loud: “Replace wife”.

(So much for the traditional version of the sketch. Variations regarding gender are always possible, because there is no fixed text anyway, you write it yourself for this variable sketch).

9. Exemplary Neighbours

Players: 2

A couple is sitting at the breakfast table talking about their neighbours. One by one, she praises the great qualities of her neighbour, whom her husband should take a leaf out of her book, if she had her way. But she probably didn’t expect his final answer…

You can find the text for this sketch here.

10. Musical Performance with Hand Puppets

Players: Any.

Choose an appropriate song to playback and get hand puppets. Hide behind a cloth or a stage and let the puppets sing the wedding song as a choir.

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Have fun choosing and practising suitable wedding sketches!

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