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Places to Visit in Baden-Württemberg, You Shouldn’t Miss

The most beautiful destinations in Ulm - Panorama of the Old Town

15 Excursion Destinations in Ulm and Around Ulm That Are Absolutely Worth Seeing – Must-Sees and Insider Tips

There is so much to discover in Ulm and around Ulm, which makes a visit to the picturesque university city absolutely worthwhile!

The southernmost excursion destination on Lake Constance is the flower island of Mainau

Best Places on Lake Constance: 17 Magical Places on and in the Lake

Where is it most beautiful on Lake Constance? In the flower paradise, on the World Heritage Island or on the turquoise waters of one of the most beautiful German harbours? These magical places are a must-see!

The Triberg Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Germany and one of the most famous places to visit in the Black Forest

10 Must-See Places to Visit in Black Forest – An Insider’s Tips

What should you have seen in the Black Forest? Where is it especially beautiful? You will love these places of longing, authentic old towns, thundering waterfalls, romantic mills and ruins in the Black Forest!

The most beautiful places to visit at the Swabian Alps

10 Must-See Places to Visit at the Swabian Alps

Wildly romantic and the Swabian Alps - how does that go together? From castles, rocky seas, prehistoric witnesses, Ice Age caves to the ruggedly beautiful natural landscape, this region surprises with picturesque excursion destinations!

A trip to Swabian Hall is very worthwhile

Swabian Hall in On-Day City – My Tour to Top Attractions

Winding alleys, half-timbered houses, secluded meadows on the banks of the Kocher River, open-air theater and free top-class art from the Würth Collection - that's why a trip to Schwäbisch Hall is worthwhile.

Our Bachelor party at Heidelberg with the ENMAZE JGA Fun Tour for Women

Bachelor Party at Heidelberg - The Enmaze Fun Tour for Women

The Fun Tour by ENMAZE in Heidelberg ensures fun tasks and lots of fun at the bachelor party!

Best Places to Visit in Baden-Württemberg: Tour Tips, Excursion Destinations and Insider Tips

Breathtaking nature, fabulous buildings and some of the most beautiful old towns Germany has to offer. The list of worthwhile places to visit in Baden-Württemberg is diverse, colorful and full of surprises.

Bombastic fairytale castles and medieval fortresses, mystical Black Forest and rustic Swabian Alb – Germany’s third largest state by area is rich in grandiose destinations. From the mill hike in the northern Black Forest to the fairytale castle at the Swabian Alps there are a lot of tips and ideas to discover at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

In Baden-Württemberg you can find great tours and attractions for group outings, culinary highlights and magical places that enchant adventurers, families and couples.

The Best Excursions in Baden Württemberg’s Beautiful Nature

Black Forest and Odenwald, Swabian Alb: Baden Württemberg is rich in mystical forests that invite you to hike and relax. The romantic Eichendorff was so impressed by the northern Black Forest that he wrote poems while hiking in the forest near the Old Castle of Baden-Baden. Today, people prefer to compose them together in a group during a wine hike in the foothills. Some of the most beautiful Baden-Württemberg activities combine nature and culinary delights: wine hikes and tastings, dining at knight’s tables, Black Forest tapas hikes or the Vesperwanderung on the Lautenbacher Hexensteig.

The Rhine and Neckar rivers flow through Baden-Württemberg and, along with Lake Constance, are ideal for excursions on a raft, kayak or rowboat. In the Rhine plain, many beautiful quarry ponds entice visitors to swim in the summer.

Cultural Voyages of Discovery in Baden Württemberg: From the Jurassic, Homo Heidelbergensis to Magnificent Buildings

The lower jaw of one of the first Europeans found in Steinheim an der Murr is about 500,000 years old. In Baden-Württemberg, you can follow the traces of Homo sapiens in museums and excavation sites or even take a great leap backwards in the history of the earth and dig for fossils in the Swabian Jurassic on a day trip.

In ancient times, the Romans crossed the Alps, and one of the most rewarding excursions in their footsteps takes you to the chic Caracalla Spa in Baden-Baden, where you can relax and take a sauna above illuminated ruins. Countless magnificent medieval castles and baroque palaces bear witness to the central role this landscape played on one of the most important trade routes of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

Absolute highlights are half-day excursions to the bombastic Hohenstaufen Castle, the Hohentwiel fortress ruins, the Old Hohenbaden Castle with its wind chimes and Heidelberg Castle. On Abenteuer Freundschaft, we also report on unknown insider tips and city trips, among others for an excursion to Swabian Hall.

Experience Tests and Recommendations of Excursions in Baden-Württemberg

Authentic excursion tips and experience recommendations can only be given if you have tried out places to visit in Baden-Württemberg yourself. That’s why it’s important for us to try out new excursions ourselves and to report on worthwhile destinations.

Places to Visit in Baden-Württemberg for Families, Couples and Friends

Together with the people you care about, everything is much more fun. Special excursions, trying exciting activities together for the first time, all this creates memories that last. They are the glue that keeps relationships exciting, deepens friendships and creates family memories for eternity.

On our leisure time idea portal, we publish regional and location-independent tips for things to do with friends, family and your partner.

Our life motto: Carpe Diem! Carpe Noctem! Enjoy life with your favorite people to the fullest and fill it with great moments!

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