Competing with the Easter Bunny
The festively decorated Easter fountains are an Easter tradition in Bavaria

Easter in Bavaria: 10 Things You Have to Do

Blazing Easter fires, giant eggs, artistically decorated Easter fountains, colorful Easter markets with centuries-old traditions and prehistoric eggs: if you know where, there's plenty to do in Bavaria at Easter! These 10 Easter excursions in Bavaria are particularly worthwhile during the Easter period.

12 tips for fantastic excursion destinations at Easter in Berlin

Easter in Berlin: 12 Fantastic Things to Do

Making your own Sorbian Easter eggs, the Fritz Brandt Race, swimming in the Wannsee lido: these Berlin Easter traditions, festivals, markets and excursion destinations are well worth a visit over the Easter period.

Bonfire at Easter in Brandenburg

Easter in Brandenburg: 10 Best Things to Do

Medieval spectacles, Sorbian Easter egg workshops and the search for the golden Easter egg: if you know where, Brandenburg has a lot to offer at Easter! These excursion destinations are really worth a visit at Easter.

What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter? and other questions about Easter explained simply.

What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter? – Exciting facts about Easter simply explained

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An Easter scavenger hunt for kids is a wonderful change from the classic Easter egg hunt.

Easter Scavenger Hunt for Kids – 5 Ideas How To Make Easter Egg Hunt an Exciting Adventure

The Easter egg hunt is the real highlight of Easter for children. With a little creativity and preparation, you can turn the search into an unforgettable scavenger hunt!

pilation of 25 best Easter riddles for ad

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Book gift idea as a diy voucher in envelope

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Design your own Easter card with stamps, scatter decoration and motif paper

Handmade Easter Card: Superquick and Easy to Make | Tutorial

Cute bunny rabbits, colourful eggs, loving Easter greetings. This is how you can create a tasteful Easter card.

Make an Easter egg garland DIY with colour cards in a beautiful colour gradient

Easter Egg Garland DIY With Colour Cards | Tutorial

This is how to make a super simple upcycling Easter garland with free colour cards from the hardware store.

Make your own clay Easter eggs

How to Make Elegant Clay Easter Eggs | Tutorial

Elegant, flat Easter pendants for the Easter bush are easy to make yourself. It's child's play to create beautiful Easter decorations from air-drying clay!

Colorful Easter Ideas for Easter

Unlike Christmas, which takes place on a fixed date, Easter is a movable Holiday. Every spring after the first full moon, we celebrate Easter – between March 22 and April 25. It is the occasion when spring enters the home with Easter branches and colorful motifs. Today, most people associate Easter with the Easter Bunny and colorful eggs – and the Easter egg hunt. And many children can hardly wait to go on the egg hunt and find small gifts, sweets and their Easter nest. Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find lots of ideas to make your Easter special – for example, with an Easter treasure hunt or an Easter rally.

Ideas for Easter Crafts

Weeks before Easter, clever Easter bunnies start looking for Easter ideas for decorations. Not only families, but also creative hobbyists get into the springtime mood with Easter crafting and make little works of art. On our website you can find many ideas and instructions for Easter crafts for children using typical motifs like eggs and chicks and bunnies, which are of course almost indispensable for Easter decorations.

Easter Activities With the Family

Like Christmas, Easter is a family holiday that you celebrate together. This includes Easter games, good food and spending time together. In many regions of Germany, there are Easter traditions that all have one thing in common: spring awakens and an Easter walk is one of the nicest Easter activities, one that almost cannot go amiss. Easter lasts several days and is a great opportunity to go on excursions with the family, go hiking or fill the time with exciting leisure activities. Using our three part filter search, the Leisure Ideas Finder you can discover a wide range of leisure activities both indoors and outdoors and get inspired.

Easter Games With and Without Eggs

School children are on Easter vacations and at Easter time there are nice Easter games for kids to make them happy. Instead of the traditional Easter egg hunt, the little ones can find an Easter course in the garden as a surprise and adults can also make an original surprise with a fun game of boules with Easter eggs. Many Easter games can be implemented with little effort and make the Easter celebration special.

Abenteuer Freundschaft – Your Treasure Chest of Leisure Ideas

The Leisure Ideas Finder not only hides colorful Easter ideas, but also many ideas for leisure activities to be explored with your friends, family or partner. Among hundreds of posts you can find indoor and outdoor inspiration all year round on occasions, suitable for the season and mood, all with the aim of simply making the most out of your leisure time with your favorite people.

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