Fill your own piñata with these pinata filling ideas that suit the occasion

20. April 2018 - Anika Semmer

Ingenious Piñata Filling Ideas for Kids, Adults and a Wedding




Candy, funny surprises, original coupons, small gifts – for the piñata filling everything is allowed. Replace the standard filling of purchased piñatas with fancy piñata filling ideas that fit the occasion!

Each piñata has a hole at the top or side for filling. So you can fill the papier-mâché figures with anything and instead of conventional sweets choose an original piñata filling! Ideal as a fun wedding game with a papier-mâché wedding couple filled to match the occasion, as an original highlight of a scavenger hunt at a children’s birthday party or as an original packaging for cash gifts, where it then actually rains money!

As a piñata-filling is suitable anything that can not break! You should be careful to use only sweets that are sealed in cellophane film, so that hygiene is maintained!

What Are Piñatas Again and What Is inside Bought Piñatas?

Piñatas are colorful papier-mâché figures that traditionally hide fruits and nuts inside. Today, piñatas can be purchased online and in many stores, and these piñatas are filled with candy, confetti, and sometimes inexpensive little toys by default.

Piñatas originally come from Latin America. Especially in Mexico, it is a tradition at Easter, Christmas time, children’s birthdays and weddings to hang piñatas in the room or outside on branches that the children or the recipients are blindfolded and smash with a wooden stick to get to the surprise inside. So it’s a kind of Latin American pot banging.

In the meantime, however, you can buy piñatas suitable for all kinds of occasions everywhere and the pretty papier-mâché figures are a great gift idea! As a wedding game and playful packaging for a wedding gift, they are perfect. And of course children love a piñata as a birthday surprise – especially if the piñata filling consists of delicious sweets or a pretty toy.
Here you can get tips for good piñatas for adults goes and get piñata filling ideas for piñatas as surprises for weddings, birthdays, etc.

Ingenious Piñata Filling Ideas

This Should Be in Every Piñata as a Piñata Filling:

Piñata Filling Ideas for a Kids Birthday Party


  • Shrink wrapped candy bars
  • Candies
  • Lollipops
  • Individually wrapped chewing gums
  • Chocolate gold taler

Small gifts

Pinata-Partygeschenke-Füllungen - 36er-Pack
Pinata-Partygeschenke-Füllungen - 36er-Pack
36er-Pack Pinata-Füllungen; Packung enthält kleines Plastikspielzeug in verschiedenen Stilen und Farben
11,29 EUR Amazon Prime

Piñata Filling Ideas for Adults

  • Money rain as piñata filling: play money, real money with chocolate coins
  • Pampering vouchers for the partner
  • Love vouchers for HIM
  • Funny sex positions vouchers
  • Pretty love vouchers to fill in yourself
  • Roll tickets (see amaon link below)
  • Colorful raffle tickets: do it all!
  • 24 compliments in small voucher capsules
  • Cards of a good card game
  • Cult card game Wizard
  • Poker chips and special poker cards
  • Lipstick
  • mini cosmetic items like hand cream, lip balm
  • anti-bad mood chewing gums or good mood drops

Piñata Filling for a Wedding

  • coins & chocolate coins
  • rolled up banknotes
  • funny photos of the bride & groom & the gift givers
  • gift certificates
  • congratulation cards from all guests
  • playing cards for a wedding game
  • Secret recipes for a happy marriage from the guests to read aloud
  • Postcards with tasks & coupons from all wedding guests
  • Cards with 10 questions for the marriage quiz to answer
  • Cards with wishes for the marriage
  • Completed funny tickets of the wedding guests
  • 52 missions for marriage game individually as cards
  • Plastic bottles with champagne and schnapps
  • 2000 flower petals
  • Bubble set for the photos afterwards

Feel like browsing? We have many more tips for children’s birthday parties, as well as for activities with children, with friends or as a couple.

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Image source Cover image: piñata by Malkav at CC BY 2.0

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