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The southernmost excursion destination on Lake Constance is the flower island of Mainau

Best Places on Lake Constance: 17 Magical Places on and in the Lake

Where is it most beautiful on Lake Constance? In the flower paradise, on the World Heritage Island or on the turquoise waters of one of the most beautiful German harbours? These magical places are a must-see!

The circular Briesetal hike through the Briesetal valley in Brandenburg offers fantastic views over the Märkische river.

Briesetal Hike: The Most Beautiful Circular Route Through the Natural Idyll

Fairytale nature, lush flora & fauna and nature trail. This hike through the Briesetal valley is not to be missed. Who would have thought that the Everglades are actually waiting for you in Brandenburg very close to Berlin? Hotly recommended excursion tip!

The Triberg Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in Germany and one of the most famous places to visit in the Black Forest

10 Must-See Places to Visit in Black Forest – An Insider’s Tips

What should you have seen in the Black Forest? Where is it especially beautiful? You will love these places of longing, authentic old towns, thundering waterfalls, romantic mills and ruins in the Black Forest!

 schönsten Ausflugsziele der Schwäbischen

10 Must-See Places to Visit at the Swabian Alps

Wildly romantic and the Swabian Alps - how does that go together? From castles, rocky seas, prehistoric witnesses, Ice Age caves to the ruggedly beautiful natural landscape, this region surprises with picturesque excursion destinations!

al für eine Rast ist das Jaczo Denkmal mit seiner schönen Auss

Havelhöhenweg Trail: The Nature Experience Hike With 30 Stations

Grunewald Tower, Jazco Monument, Schildhorn - the Havel Heights Trail in the middle of Berlin has some highlights to offer. But the real highlight is none of these monuments!

towturm im Park Babels

Babelsberg Park – Discovery Tour in the Footsteps of Emperor Wilhelm I.

History meets beautiful nature. Find out what you need to know for a historical discovery tour through Park Babelsberg.

lsee-Wanderung im Frühling rund um den

Hellsee Hike Around the Wild Lake - A Varied Nature Experience

A wild lake, marshes flooded with light, primeval beech forests - the 8.3 km hike around Hellsee sounds tempting. Is it really worth it?

 Ausflug nach Schwäbisch Hall ist sehr lohnens

Swabian Hall in On-Day City – My Tour to Top Attractions

Winding alleys, half-timbered houses, secluded meadows on the banks of the Kocher River, open-air theater and free top-class art from the Würth Collection - that's why a trip to Schwäbisch Hall is worthwhile.

ustriemuseum und Naturpark - im Ziegeleipark Mildenberg gibt es viel zu entde

Ziegeleipark Mildenberg – What to Expect in the Adventure Land

Drive a locomotive, make bricks yourself, ride a rail bike or go go-karting. History is an experience at the Mildenberg Ziegeleipark near Zehdenick. This is what awaits you there.

Naturpark Südgelände Schöneberg gibt es Brachflächen mit Gras und wilde Wä

Nature Park Südgelände Schöneberg – Along the Tracks of Bygone Berlin Times

Pure nature and wild railway romance - right in the heart of Berlin lies a magnificent nature park. This is what awaits you there!

en Grill von Illuminati Escape ist ein anspruchsvoller Exit Room mit eigens dafür konzipierten Räts

Radiating Fun at the Alien Grill at Illuminati Escape | Event Review

An abandoned diner in the middle of the Nevada desert. The mission: thwart the world domination of the Illuminati! Find out here whether you can expect an extraterrestrial experience at the Alien Grill.

utour durch Berlin – Deutsches Technikmu

Canoe Tour Through West Berlin by Kayak Berlin Tours

The West Tour by Kajak Berlin Tours took us on the Landwehr Canal from Kreuzberg through Mitte past Potsdamer Platz to Tiergarten. Find out here if it's worth it for you!

Exciting Excursions and Outdoor Activities

The pool of leisure ideas that is Abenteuer Freundschaft contains many ideas for things to do with friends, family excursions and couple activities, which are not firmly bound to a place. That is unusual, because with leisure activities many think immediately of regionally bound offers.

In addition, the adventure testers of Abenteuer Freundschaft regularly test action-packed leisure activities and regional excursion tips and report on them in authentic event reviews. Presently most of our regional tips for excursions and concrete ideas are for activities in Berlin and the surrounding area of Brandenburg, but we also offer some great ideas for excursions in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and more regions are to be added in the future.

Special Excursion Tips for All of Germany

Seasonally, the fruits of nature attract and nature-loving excursionists can do a lot around the year: Mushroom hunting from spring to fall, harvest forest fruits such as blueberries, wild strawberries, blackberries and wild raspberries and gather herbs or go pick cultivated fruits on a farm.

Even those who live in the countryside can try out many of the excursion tips and leisure activities on Abenteuer Freundschaft throughout Germany and don’t need to travel to a big city to do so. The ideas on Abenteuer Freundschaft range from adventurous forest rallies, crazy new trend sports like crunning, scavenger hunts for adults to exciting night hikes with or without children.

Regional Excursion and Outdoor Activities

At Abenteuer Freundschaft there is also the possibility to search regionally for excursion tips in the Leisure time ideas Finder. At the moment the offer refers first to Berlin and the environment around Berlin as well as to Bavaria and Baden Württemberg, Brandenburg.

In Berlin and the surrounding area, there is a wealth of action-packed leisure activities and excursion tips to discover. Even more than 100 years ago, the saying at the Sunday family table in Berlin was: we’re going out to the countryside! And often you don’t even have to drive or pay hardly anything for it, because Berlin is rich in great parks like the Britzer Garten, botanical gardens as well as zoos and animal parks, which are easy to reach by public transport.

Even those who are looking for action-packed excursions in Berlin and want to know if an experience is right for them will find what they are looking for at Abenteuer Freundschaft. Authentic experience reports of special leisure activities appear regularly on Abenteuer Freundschaft to help our readers get an idea of whether this excursion tip and provider is right for them. Whether it’s karting, playing laser tag or Escape Games, going rock climbing, kayaking or more – there’s a lot to discover on Abenteuer Freundschaft, the treasure chest of leisure ideas!

Adventure Tester at Abenteuer Freundschaft

Only those who try out an experience themselves can write about it in a really good and helpful way. Our adventure testers try out excursions and outdoor activities on site themselves. We often include the opinions of several testers in the group activity tests that we publish, and we evaluate them after the experience in order to create a picture that is as coherent as possible.

The Leisure Ideas Finder at Abenteuer Freundschaft

Most of the ideas for leisure activities to be shared with your friends, your family or your partner found at Abenteuer Freundschaft are currently not location-bound. In the long term, it is planned to expand the offer by excursion tips throughout Germany.

Since 2019, Abenteuer Freundschaft offers the Leisure Ideas Finder to find suitable excursion tips or ideas for leisure activities.

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