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When Parties Become Legends
The best 30th birthday games for small and large groups

30th Birthday Games That Are Guarenteed To Be A Hit

Break the ice, lighten the mood, have fun: these are 11 really good games for a fun 30th birthday party.

 best horse games for children's birthday par

Horse Party Games for Kids: 10 Fun Games

Horse auction, show jumping and jousting tournament - 10 different party games for a children's birthday party for great fun.

thday bingo printable for

Free Birthday Bingo Printable for Kids With 4 Fun Game Variations

Print, cut and start playing - Bingo! Our entertaining bingo game for children's birthday parties with 4 creative, fun and more challenging game variants for younger and older children. With game rules and free bingo card set.

 creative, funny and beautiful photo gifts includes birthday photo

Birthday Photo Game – 101 Best Photo Tasks and How to Play It

This game for big birthday parties is more than just entertainment for the guests. With funny and creative photo tasks guests create great memories for the celebrant and have fun during the whole party!

A Glow Party is a real firework of bright colors.

Let’s Shine! Dive Into the Luminous Adventure of a Glow Party

A neon party is a fantastic way to break out of everyday life and discover a magical world full of glowing colors. With glowing clothes, creative body painting and fascinating black light effects, you will become part of a unique experience.

Essential tips and the best 1st birthday party ideas

1st Birthday Party Ideas and Tips Everyone Should Know

How should we celebrate the 1st birthday? What to think about and how to make this important milestone absolutely unforgettable? Lots of inspiration for the 1st birthday party!

A zombie theme party makes for a great Halloween party.

Zombie Theme Party – The Halloween Party of the Living Dead

What do you need for a zombie party? Do I need to create a zombie virus for it? Are the guests their mutual buffet? Learn everything you need to know for a post-apocalyptic theme party here! ??‍♂️??‍♀️?

A fall party is a great way to celebrate the golden season with friends and family.

Fall Party: 7 Tips for an Unforgettable Celebration in the Golden Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to gather your friends and family and host an outdoor party. With the warm colors of the falling leaves, autumn provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable party.

The 10 best teenager party games

10 Teenager Party Games That Every Teen Will Love

Shining eyes, thrills, laughter, even sometimes screaming and crazy fun: These 10 games for teen parties are guaranteed not to make your eyes roll.

Superheroes theme is one of the best birthday party themes for teens, which becomes better the more guests dress up

10 Best Birthday Party Themes for Teens for an Epic Celebration

Casino night, bad taste party or action party? Lots of inspiration and concrete ideas for teen parties.

List of 111 best kids birthday party themes

111 Kids Birthday Party Themes - the Ultimate List Of Party Ideas

From fairy dance teas to pirate parties to kids' Olympics - 111 brilliant themes for girls and boys from 3 to 12 to celebrate.

Amazing pirate party ideas for kids

Pirate Party Ideas for Kids - Best Games, DIY, Food and More

This is how real pirates celebrate! Message in a bottle, treasure hunts and sea battles: with these creative ideas, the pirate party for a child's birthday will be a dream coming true

Theme Parties and Surprise Event – Ideas for Celebrating Together

Anyone planning a party, for example for a birthday, anniversary or other occasion, wants to ensure that it is a lavish celebration that all guests enjoy. Whether you plan theme parties or not, there are many things to think about: from the guest list, the appropriate invitation, the decorations, food and drinks to the programme. Suggestions and creative ideas can be a great help and save a lot of preparation time and work. That’s exactly why you’ll find numerous party ideas for celebrating together and tips and advice on what to think about at Abenteuer Freundschaft.

Theme Parties – The Party Where the Theme Is the Programme

Bad Taste theme party, 90s theme party or Venetian masquerade ball: if you want to have a theme party, plan an advanced party. Because with a theme party you should be as creative as possible, and the organisation and development of original ideas require much more time.

At a theme party, the theme you choose is the programme and should shape the entire party right from the invitation: Decoration, location, outfit, music, food, drinks, party games and special activities should all be designed according to the theme.

For example, the party theme determines the style and atmosphere: a 90s party calls for flashy neon colours and campy boy bands, while an elegant black & white party calls for clothes such as shirts and dinner jackets, evening gowns and an upscale atmosphere.

A Party Surprise as the Icing on the Cake

Whether you’re planning a special surprise at a theme party or other celebration, such as an unannounced fireworks display, a surprise guest who has travelled from afar or someone jumping out of a cake, or the party itself is a surprise – surprises are among the most important ingredients of a good celebration. That’s why there are many party ideas at Abenteuer Freundschaft that are based on the theme of surprise. Surprises make theme parties an extraordinary experience that will be remembered for a long time.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

The website Abenteuer Freundschaft is an idea portal for leisure activities – apart from tips for celebrating together and ideas for theme parties, there is much more to discover here. For example, very different leisure tips for activities with friends, family or partner. In order to find the right ideas for leisure activities, the Leisure Ideas Finder has been available since 2019, which makes it possible to find the right idea every day with a multi-part search. Users can select what they are looking for in the Leisure Ideas Finder according to their interests, mood, occasion, season, weather or desire.

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