The 20 best Dating Game questions for bride and groom and guests

29. January 2017 - Mirjam Hahn

20 Ingenious The Dating Game Questions for the Popular Wedding Game


Hochzeitsspiele und Hochzeitsideen für die Feier


Genius questions to make you laugh, think and wonder – these are the key ingredients for the cult game The Dating Game. Here are the best 20 The Dating Game questions for the funny wedding game!

You want to try out the funny game The Dating Game at a wedding or with friends? The most important thing is to ask ingenious The dating Game questions, which will provide entertaining entertainment and lots of laughter. And of course, the bride and groom or the friend who is to guess their sweetheart should neither have it too easy nor too hard.

The best The Dating Game questions are those with a personal reference to the person asking the question – after all, he or she is at the centre of the game! The wedding guests or party guests get particularly much out of this original game if they learn things about the candidates and, of course, the questioner that they didn’t already know. The best The Dating Game questions are also funny and entertaining and give the candidates scope for original answers.

To make your job easier, you can download the best 20 The Dating Game Questions! We also have a detailed guide how to play The Dating Game.


The Best 20 The Dating Game Questions

  1. You are banished to a desert island and are only allowed to take three items with you.
    What are your items, contestant 1?
    And what about you, contestant 2?
    And what items are allowed to sweeten your lonely island life, candidate 3?
  2. Dear candidates, the animal kingdom is large and varied. It happens now and then in my life that one or the other person reminds me of a species or genus from the animal kingdom.
    Candidate 2, to which animal would you compare Candidate 3?
    And you, Candidate 3, what kind of animal comes to mind when you see Candidate 1?
    And now for you, Candidate 1, what animal does Candidate 2 remind you of?
  3. You have been invited for the first time to a family dinner in my family. You are shocked to discover that you have already met my father in a strip club at the bar!
    How do you react, Candidate 3?
    And what emotions are you showing, Candidate 1?
    And how about you, candidate 2, do you say something or do you remain speechless?
  4. We are newly in love and a couple. I invite you to a nudist beach holiday with my family, how do you react?
  5. I inherited embroidered woollen underwear from my grandmother.
    Candidate 1, what did Candidate 2 inherit from his grandmother?
    Candidate 2, what about Candidate 3’s inheritance?
    Candidate 3, what did Candidate 1 get from his grandmother?
  6. My parents come to visit us unexpectedly and are hungry. Our fridge is empty. What do you serve them?
  7. Which part of your body do you find unbeatable?
  8. How would you seduce me on my first night of love?
  9. What was your most embarrassing pick-up line?
  10. The new postman is a rascal, he always delivers the mail personally to pretty women. What are you going to do to keep him from coming to me?
  11. After our first date, you want to spend the night at my place. How do you get me to agree to your proposal?
  12. Which song best describes candidate xy? Sing it.
  13. Which fruit does candidate xy remind you of and why?
  14. I’m really into big engines, but i don’t know anything about them. Which vehicle can you describe to me in detail so that my heart burns for you?
  15. I’m short, blonde and petite. If you were a wizard, what serum would you concoct to bind me to you forever?
  16. There are some chores I don’t like to do. For example, I hate vacuuming. What chores would you let our children do when they are old enough?
  17. My favourite sport is couch/internet surfing. What is your favourite sport and how would you convince me?
  18. Before it starts to rain my hair turns red. What happens to you before a change in the weather? Or when low/high xy is approaching?
  19. At the moment everything revolves around the words Mama, Nanna, Baba and Didi. With which poem containing my favourite words would you conquer my heart?
  20. I love TV series. My heart burns for Mr Big from Sex and the City and Jon Snow from A Game of Thrones.
    Candidate 1, which series character from a well-known TV series would be Candidate 2?
    And Candidate 3, which series character from which series does Candidate 1 remind you of the most?
    Now for you, Candidate 2, who would Candidate 3 be in a TV series?

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