ka und Alexander, die Gründer von Abenteuer Freundschaft beim Escape

Hi, That’s Us!

Those two people in the picture – that‘s us: Anika and Alex, the founders of Abenteuer Freundschaft. The picture shows us on a space mission in an Escape Room, which is just one of countless memorable adventures we’ve experienced together. All these precious memories – that’s what our friendship is based upon. And that’s how we got our name: Abenteuer Freundschaft means „Adventure Friendship“!

We’ve been best friends since a memorable party night in college. Since then, our paths have parted far too often but always crossed again and we have shared countless moments and experiences that we now count among the fondest memories of our adulthood.

Acting both as managing directors and editors, we have authored the bulk of posts on Abenteuer Freundschaft. Some posts however have also been contributed by our previous guest authors Mirjam, Fiona and Phil. Perhaps you would also like to become a guest author?

Our team is completed by Phillip, who helped us with all technical issues from the beginning.

In the Beginning There Was an Idea

One day in spring 2016 we were chatting over coffee and cookies and suddenly the idea was born: We want to inspire other people to make more of their lives! 

…to fill their leisure time with fun and laughter! 

…to get together for awesome experiences! 

…to dare to try out new leisure activities and just about anything that promises fun! 

…to discover surprising new passions!

And above all we want to inspire people to share these experiences with their friends and loved ones! Well who are the people who are most important in your life? To us the answer was obvious: that would be your family, your friends and of course your significant other. Hence our 3 main categories: For Friends, For Couples, For Families.

Having this vision in mind we decided to get down to business and to be henceforth on the lookout for new experiences, new fun activities, new adventures to relish. We were and are up to savour what our city and our country have to offer. But even in our homes we are looking for adventure: be it in (tabletop) games, theme parties or movie nights. Our motto is: make the best out of every moment of free time, make it a cherished memory for future times. As the old Romans said: Carpe diem! Carpe Noctem!

So that idea was the seed corn from which our website Abenteuer Freundschaft grew.

A Short History of Abenteuer Freundschaft

In May 2016, this website went live. Initially it was a classic blog. Since then, a lot has happened and the small blog has almost become a small library with over 600 posts about a vast range of leisure activities. Be it a sunny or a rainy day – we promise you’ll find a great idea how to spend your free time at our website!

When we started blogging, most of our ideas were aimed at friends, but soon we realized: the people with whom you most like to spend your free time and with whom you want to share the best moments in life surely include your partner and your family as well. From then on we also started to collect ideas especially for couples and ideas for families, i.e. ideas suitable for children.

In January 2019 after a long and intense planning phase, we were able to proudly present a relaunched version of Abenteuer Freundschaft with a completely new design and structure, designed to maximize the fun of browsing our ideas for our visitors. With the help of a multi-part search, the Leisure Ideas Finder, you can now browse our ideas in a targeted way, depending on what, where and with whom you are currently planning your next leisure adventure.

Let's Stay Friends!
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