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Birthday Treasures

Treasure Maps to the Gilded Day
Ideas for delicious gifts for foodies

Gifts for Foodies - 5 Unique Ideas to Make Gourmets Happy

Whether it's an Ayurveda cooking course or a comedy dinner, these gifts not only pamper the palate.

Creating a pyramid gift box out of motif cardboard is easy

How to Make a Pyramid Gift Box From Cardboard | Tutorial

Perfect for chocolates, jewellery and small gifts: The complete instructions for a sophisticated gift box without gluing.

Handmade birthday card with wishes on the front and inside of the card

Handmade Birthday Card With Warm Wishes - How to Make It | Tutorial

I wish you ... ? Make a special person happy on their birthday and create a greeting card with personal wishes.

This is how to make a toilet paper cake as a wedding, housewarming or special birthday gift

How to Make a Toilet Paper Cake That Is an Eye-Catcher | Tutorial

The somewhat different cake to wipe your a*** with. :D A humorous gift for a special occasion, a birthday, a wedding or a housewarming!

This is how to make a crossword puzzle with pencil and paper

How to Create a Crossword Puzzle as a Gift Voucher | Tutorial

A personalised crossword puzzle is an original way to present someone with a voucher for an event or experience gift. This is how to create it yourself.

How to craft a18th Birthday Money Gift

Creative DIY 18th Birthday Money Gift | Tutorial

For many young people, turning 18 means freedom and new opportunities. But not only the driving licence costs money. A gift of money on the 18th birthday is therefore most welcome and all the nicer when it comes in a nice package!

This is how to plan a house party

How to Plan a House Party – 20 Things You Have to Know

Have you thought of everything? Proper planning is almost rocking!

A birth greeting card with cute animal letters

Birth Greeting Card With Cute Animal Letters – DIY | Tutorial

A for monkey, N for hippo - take letters and matching animals, combine them and you have an original and individual greeting card for the birth. Are you still surfing or are you already crafting?

Instructions for making a birthday candle card

Birthday Candle Card – How to Make a Easy and Pretty DIY Card | Tutorial

Quick and easy DIY idea for a homemade birthday card. This is how to craft it.

How to make a birth card with elephant motif

How to Make a Cute Birth Card With Elephant | Tutorial

Bet this birth card will end up in the family photo album. Make your loved ones happy and surprise them with a homemade card for the birth of their little treasure.

Conundrums for kids are ideal as riddles at a children's birthday party

Conundrums for Kids – 100 Funny Riddles for Games and Rallies

These conundrums for children are great for incorporating as a task in a larger game such as a scavenger hunt or rally for a child's birthday party.

With this how to make a birth greeting card even inexperienced craftsmen can manage it

How to Make a Birth Greeting Card With Baby Name Garland | Tutorial

Hello baby! Conjure up a personal welcome that you can't buy like this.

Birthday Ideas for a Perfect Birthday Party

Even with children, the question arises: how do you organize the perfect children’s birthday party? And with adult birthday, it doesn’t necessarily get any easier to get a legendary birthday party off the ground. You can never have enough great birthday ideas.

Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft you can find numerous tips for birthday party ideas for adults. In addition, there are many beautiful children’s birthday ideas that make the big day special for the little ones. Whether it’s throwing a theme party on the birthday child’s favorite topic or organizing a surprise party.

Unusual Birthday Ideas

But it doesn’t always have to be a birthday party that turns the birthday into the purest celebration. A special activity, for example an excursion, a surprise concert visit or simply a privately planned surprise are also birthday ideas that can put someone in seventh heaven.

Creativity and ingenuity are in demand here and on our website you will discover many ideas of how to arrange a birthday completely personally.

This starts with a surprise breakfast in bed with your favorite homemade pancakes and continues with a piñata action with a self-made heart piñata and ends with a personally organized wellness day, an adventurous action or even a cultural event that exactly meets the jubilarian’s taste.

Birthday Gifts

Whether small or large, the most important thing about a good birthday gift is that it comes from the heart and that this is felt by the recipient.

Self-made birthday gifts are particularly personal, but require a minimum of preparation time. On birthday cards, you can express with your own words and lovingly selected birthday sayings that the birthday child means to you.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Abenteuer Freundschaft is a pool of ideas for leisure activities and gifts. The focus is always on the special relationship with the people who make us happy and who are most important to us: our partner, family and friends.

To make the search for the most suitable idea easier we have implemented the Leisure Ideas Finder, a three part filter search as a tool, which has been available since early 2019 when we relaunched our website in a completely new design. Using it you can configure exactly what you are looking for by interest, mood, state of mind, occasion, season or weather conditions and filter the ideas accordingly.

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