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DIY Ideas

With Scissors, Charm and Stencil!
Create a greeting card for the birth with stamps

Congrats on Newborn Baby Card – Stampin up DIY 👶 | Tutorial

Stamp, colour, stick. All you need to make this DIY baby card is paper, stamps, markers and tape. Conjure up a loving welcome!

Happy birthday card in noble blue and gold

How to Make a DIY Birthday Card With Pretty Ornaments | Tutorial

Stamp, punch, give. When a homemade greeting flutters through the letterbox, it doesn't automatically mean hours of tinkering. Here's how to make a card in no time at all.

Book gift idea as a diy voucher in envelope

Book Gift Idea for a Creative Voucher + Free Printable | Tutorial

Gift voucher or travel card to Fantasyland? This is how to make a gift voucher for bookworms with a free template to print out.

Free tutorial for how to make  a Hot Air Balloon Gift

How to Make a Stunning Hot Air Balloon Gift | Tutorial

A world-class idea to make a wedding gift an eye-catcher. The complete instructions with material list to make a beautiful hot air balloon yourself.

Colourful homemade baby card idea with free template to print out

Homemade Baby Card Idea With a Excavator | Tutorial

Stickers, tape, baby and digger, that's all you need to make this fun baby card. You can print out the template for the excavator and baby here for free!

Creative DIY welcome baby girl card with Breastfeeding Tea Sticked Inside the Card as a Surprise

DIY Welcome Baby Girl Card With Cute Surprise for Mom | Tutorial

There is a lot of love in this card! When you open it, a sweet homemade surprise for breastfeeding awaits the new mum.

Design your own Easter card with stamps, scatter decoration and motif paper

Handmade Easter Card: Superquick and Easy to Make | Tutorial

Cute bunny rabbits, colourful eggs, loving Easter greetings. This is how you can create a tasteful Easter card.

Make an Easter egg garland DIY with colour cards in a beautiful colour gradient

Easter Egg Garland DIY With Colour Cards | Tutorial

This is how to make a super simple upcycling Easter garland with free colour cards from the hardware store.

Make your own clay Easter eggs

How to Make Elegant Clay Easter Eggs | Tutorial

Elegant, flat Easter pendants for the Easter bush are easy to make yourself. It's child's play to create beautiful Easter decorations from air-drying clay!

DIY Congrats newborn baby boy card tutorial

Congrats Baby Boy Card – Cute DIY With Stamps | Tutorial

Stamp, punch, colour. Create a super cute welcome with baby motifs. Design the front and the inside of the card and get creative!

Make your own heart tea bag tutorial as a quick gift

DIY Heart Tea Bags – How to Make the Lovely Surprise | Tutorial

Love is in the detail! This makes a tea bag a super sweet gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday, wedding anniversary or just because!

Creating a pyramid gift box out of motif cardboard is easy

How to Make a Pyramid Gift Box From Cardboard | Tutorial

Perfect for chocolates, jewellery and small gifts: The complete instructions for a sophisticated gift box without gluing.

Unique DIY Ideas and Free Craft Tutorials

You can craft alone – but it’s much more fun together. Especially DIY ideas for special projects, where you try something new or make a joint gift, are great fun together. Why not have a craft day with upcycling, try out a new material together or make something new for an occasion.

Crafting is one of the most creative leisure activities there is. From decorations, utensils, gifts to vouchers, there are plenty of DIY ideas that are fun to make. Abenteuer Freundschaft contains DIY ideas with complete instructions to suit the seasons and occasions. In addition, you will find many craft ideas for giving presents on this website, including gift wrapping and gift design options.

What all the craft ideas and DIY ideas have in common is that they are easy for anyone to do, with step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures to illustrate. Part of each DIY idea is a material list that lists everything you need to make the craft and also provides practical alternative suggestions.

Craft Ideas for Seasons and Occasions

Throughout the year, there are festive occasions when homemade decorations brighten up our homes. On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are Easter ideas for crafting, in autumn Halloween ideas and during Advent and Christmas, Christmas crafting is simply a part of the season and contributes a great deal to the atmosphere that characterises these occasions for us. Passionate hobbyists get freshly to work every year – but also all casual hobbyists want to embellish their home with something new every year and are looking for DIY ideas.

All DIY ideas and craft instructions on Abenteuer Freundschaft can be easily copied. The time required for the ideas varies – but there are craft ideas for every occasion that can be made in a short time and last minute.

Make It Yourself! DIY Ideas for Personal Gifts

Self-made gifts are unique and a lot of time and love goes into them. Especially people who belong to the family or are close to you appreciate homemade gifts because they also show appreciation and what the other person means to you. On Abenteuer Freundschaft there are many ideas for personal self-made gifts – most of them require only a manageable amount of time.

A wedding or a milestone birthday are typical occasions for monetary gifts. But no one wants to give a naked envelope with a few notes uncharitably – and there are many possibilities for super DIY ideas as a surprise. From a champagne bottle with a self-designed label to a personalised piñata for a wedding that brings an unforgettable shower of money.

The Leisure Ideas Finder Abenteuer Freundschaft

Abenteuer Freundschaft is a pool of colourful ideas for creative leisure activities. In addition to craft ideas and DIY ideas, the ideas portal has many more discoveries in store.

Since 2019, the Leisure Ideas Finder has offered the opportunity to browse and search for ideas specifically to find the right ideas for activities with friends, partner and family.

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