50 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts to Show Your Sweetheart Your Love

26. January 2017 - Anika Semmer

45 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts That Show Your Love


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Romantic, funny, erotic, special and beautiful: these 50 ideas for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts are ideal as a small or large token of love..

The 14th of February is just around the corner and you are looking for a special and not everyday gift idea for your sweetheart? These 45 romantic Valentine’s Day gifts are our best of romantic gifts to surprise your partner and make him/her happy.

Still looking for Happy Valentine’s Day quotes or romantic ideas like a year of dates in a box to give?

45 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day*

Romantic Trifles & Surprises

Chocolate Rose – Pink Baccarat

A Valentine’s rose with a difference…

A pair of frogs as salt and pepper shakers

A romantic gift for partners who like it spicy.

Voucher Book Make a wish, woman!

A booklet with 12 vouchers, from a romantic breakfast in bed to shopping without a time limit.

Voucher Book Make a Wish, Man!

12 vouchers that men will love. For example, for 1 time being right or 1 time watching football without interference.

The Wellness Romantic Set for Couples

It’s never wrong to give a gift of relaxation for two.

Heart hobbles – 48 ideas for activities for lovers.

Hugging a redwood tree or jetting off to Paris for breakfast. A lovingly and wittily illustrated picture book for couples with 48 rather romantic suggestions for lovers.

Lovers’ breakfast board

Think of your partner while you’re making sandwiches, that’s true love 😉

Wine gum hearts for those with a sweet tooth

Love is the sweetest temptation, but in this case it even manages without sugar.

Love for you is like… a chocolate fondue!

As we all know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, in this case in the form of delicious liquid chocolate! 😉

Royal Piccolo Gift Set for your Queen

Put the crown on romance…

Pampering set for a romantic hour for two

What do you need to really pamper your partner? To get you started, this set includes 1 bottle of Riesling Secco, a wellness candle, a massage brush, 2 towels (white and red) and 2 Lindt hearts. The only thing missing is your imagination…

Picnic basket for a romantic surprise picnic

Since it’s usually still frosty cold on Valentine’s Day, at least in this country – just spread out the picnic blanket in the living room. Picnics are still romantic!

Deluxe bath set for pampering

The full package of luxury and relaxation: rose-scented bath salts, rose ball bath bombs, fine rose soap, massage oil and a scented massage candle.

Personalised Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Your love story as a comic

A fun and romantic comic book mural you can create yourself!

Fill-in Book That’s Why I Love You

A book with your memories, most beautiful moments and at the same time a special love letter: this fill-in book for ready-made crafts helps you to create a special declaration of love.

Engraved whisky glasses for couples

Perfect for ladies and gentlemen with style and a penchant for fine grain distillates.

Dogtag jewellery pendant with personal engraving

An extremely stylish pendant for your partner: a photo engraved in stainless steel looks like a hologram, depending on the viewing angle it looks a little different.

Cushion heart with your names

A cushion with a romantic message. In the centre of the heart are your names, framed by words expressing your love.

Your personal couple constellation

It’s already written in the stars…

Passport for lovers

This passport is full of goals that bring romance into everyday life. A romantic to-do list to snap off together.

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts

1 roll of kiss tokens

Best presented with the note: Please do not redeem them all at once! (Or just that?!?)

Funny set: bottle opener for him & wine bottle stopper for her.

The bottle opener says Mr. Mostly Right, the stopper says Mrs. Always Right. Enough said, right?

Gift box with love beer

9 different types of beer with romantically witty labels like I’m already dreaming of letting you drive me crazy.

Bathrobe for the Superman

A real hero already at breakfast!

Chocolate High Heels

Edible footwear for the sweet tooth of the world!

Egg cup set: Tough guy or wimp?

Tough or soft? A real guy can do both.

The Chili Lovebox

Chilli paste, chilli seeds, pure spiciness – the message to your partner is clear

The beer glass for romantics

Beer glass with funny & romantic message for passionate beer fans

Erotic gifts for Valentine’s Day

Heat up & relax with Hot Stones

Extremely relaxing massage – Perfect for pampering

Fragrant massage candle

For double hot hours with wax that turns into fragrant massage oil when it melts.

Body chocolate for body painting

You can let off steam with this – artistically, culinary and erotically!

Sex bell

Finally: the bell for urgent emergencies!

Erotic play in the bathtub

15 wet and happy love tasks in the bathtub…

A heart full of 100 erotic tasks

You won’t run out of ideas in bed too quickly!

Pre-game dice

Finally a dice game where every roll wins!

Strip or Tease – Erotic Board Game for Adults

Time to Play, Baby!

Intoxication of the Senses – The Erotic Game for Couples

An exciting game for couples that involves all 5 senses…

Couple vibrator

Get into ecstasy together

Hot Affair – An affair with your own partner

Eroticism, fantasy and passion with role play, action cards and naughty tasks.

Romantic Experience Gifts

Candle Light Dinner

You can’t go wrong with a candlelight dinner.
a classic of romantic seduction – and rightly so.

Short trip deluxe – romantic short holiday

Spend a whole weekend together relaxing, being pampered and enjoying time together – that’s what a short trip is all about.

Cuddle weekend

Leave everyday life at home and enjoy the weekend together.

Romance in an igloo

Building an igloo together or even spending a cosy night in it is certainly one of the most romantic experiences!

Give your loved one a perfect day

What could be more romantic than making someone’s biggest dream come true? With this gift box for a perfect day for two, your sweetheart is free to choose.

Enjoy with all your senses – Romantic indulgence holidays

A short trip to the countryside or a city with overnight stays and meals in pleasure hotels.

Cooking class together

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Discover even more gifts for your partner and ideas for romantic things to do! On Abenteuer Freundschaft are lots of twosome activities waiting for you!

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