Tutorial for a DIY string art heart as a creative monetary gift for wedding, Mother's Day or love gift

6. May 2023 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a String Art Heart as a Pretty Gift of Money | Tutorial


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A string art heart is an ingenious way to wrap a gift of money in an original way and to set the scene. You can create a work of art with just a few inexpensive materials and a few tricks.

Homemade gifts are not only a nice way to show appreciation for weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and Mother’s Day. Especially when giving money, the question quickly arises: “How do I wrap my gift of money in an original way? The good thing is that you don’t need to be an artist to make a money gift a real eye-catcher, and even inexperienced hobbyists can create a beautiful string art heart with these instructions.

I made the nail string art heart as a gift for a wedding, so that a manageable sum could be cleverly displayed in it. I decorated the DIY string art for the wedding with leaves, flowers and butterflies so that it is a beautiful decorative element for the home when the shams are taken out.

You can customise a string art gift to suit the recipient(s) by choosing the colour of the yarn, the wooden board and the decorative elements. And of course especially by the choice of the motif! Instead of a heart, simple motifs, initials or letters, symbols such as the infinity sign or short words are also possible. I engraved a personal dedication on the back of the tree slice with the branding iron as a memento.

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List of Materials*

How to Make a String Art Heart

"With this tutorial, anyone can make a beautiful string art heart as a gift of money itself."

To make the nail string art heart you need only a few materials

You will find a wide range of nails at the DIY store. Make sure you use brass nails with a large head, they look great. For thread, you can use shiny metallic thread, thin craft wire or thread in the colour of your choice. I personally think that thin thread looks nicer than thick thread or wool – but that’s a matter of taste. The thinner the thread, the longer it will take to wind and tension enough thread to make the thread look perfect. It is important that you keep the thread taut the whole time you are winding!

1. Hammer in the Outline of the Nail and String Art Heart

"First you hammer the nails of the nail and string art heart into the wood"

You can simply correct slanted nails at the end with pliers

On a DIN A 4 sheet of paper, draw half a heart in the desired size, fold it in the middle and cut out the heart template.

Place the template in the middle of the tree slice and hammer nails evenly into the wood at 1 cm intervals all around. Make sure that the nails are straight and stick out at the same height. This can also be corrected with pliers at the end.

2. Wrap the String Art Heart

"To get a beautiful heart shape, first wrap the thread around each nail once"

To begin, wrap the thread once around the heart around each nail

To get a nice heart shape, first wrap the gold thread all around the heart. Start at the top of the first nail of one half of the heart, knot the thread there and wrap the thread around the next nail, going on and on until you have gone around once.

Then you can stretch the thread criss-cross over the entire heart until you are happy with the pattern.

Wrap the thread around a nail and knot it.

"To make the DIY string art heart, wrap thread crisscross around the nails"

The thinner the thread, the more thread you need to wind for a nice result

3. Push Banknotes Into the String Art Heart

Roll up the banknotes and fix the rolls with a small piece of invisible tape. Push them through between the nails of the string art heart – the rolls must be so thick that they do not move when you shake them slightly. You can easily adjust them with the tape.

4. Arrange and Glue on Decorative Elements

"Suitable decorative elements are flowers, leaves and motifs suitable for the occasion"

Dried or artificial flowers look very beautiful on the string art heart

Finally, to match the wedding colours (black and white), I glued white paper flowers, leaves and a pretty butterfly onto the string art heart with the hot glue gun.

Real flowers look just as beautiful.

Dedication, Initials and Declarations of Love

My DIY string art heart was the packaging for a wedding gift. I burnt a dedication onto the back of the tree slice with the branding iron as a reminder.

If the fade picture heart is a love gift, it will look great if you stick on your initials as wooden letters before you wrap the thread. Do you have a symbol or do you call each other pet names? Then you’ve probably already got some great ideas for decorating the DIY string art heart :-). Instead of money, you can just as easily put a declaration of love or a rolled-up voucher behind the heart.


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