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3. February 2017 - Anika Semmer

20 Romantic Gifts for Men That He Will Love


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You’re looking for a gift that shows your love and really pleases your Superman? But what are good romantic gifts for men? More likely not a plush heart or bed of red rose petals…. These 20 special little things and unusual experiences will really make HIS heart beat faster!

So far, so easy. Whether softie, macho or romantic – the perfect romantic gift suits him and you as a couple and, like Cupid with his arrow, hits the bull’s eye. There are two types of gifts, both of which can be just right for HIM: a) a very special, personal little something as a gift and b) a voucher for a joint, unforgettable experience, with which you surprise him.

Make your loved one an extraordinary romantic surprise with your gift, because joyful surprises provide that special tingle in a partnership. These are 20 romantic gifts for men that will catapult him or even both of you into 7th heaven 😉.

On adventure, you can discover many more creative ideas for romantic things to do and gifts here!

Tips To Find the Perfect Romantic Gift

No one knows them like you do. You can simply ask yourself a few questions that will help you find the perfect romantic gift for your loved one:

  • What are his interests and hobbies?
  • What is he particularly into?
  • What is totally typical for him?
  • What drinks and foods does he like the most? Romance has a lot to do with sensual pleasures…
  • What do you both like to do together?
  • What have you never done together before and would it be a real first?
  • What have you always wanted to try?
  • When was the last time you made the most of your time together?
  • When was the last time you had a romantic evening together – at home, in a restaurant or on a short trip?

Which of these romantic gifts for men is your absolute favourite?

20 Amazing Romantic Gifts for Men*

Special Romantic Gifts for Every Type

Personalised sommelier set with engraving

For lovers of fine wines and the perfect tool for romantic evenings: a professional sommelier set with a personal dedication.

Keine Produkte gefunden.


For whiskey connoisseurs and beer lovers

Real whiskey connoisseurs drink their whiskey from special glasses – the tumbler is perfect for whiskey on the rocks. The individual engraving makes the gift personal. And yes, many men find a personalised beer glass or whiskey glass set very romantic!

Leonardo Bierkrug mit Gravur des Namens und Geburtsjahr - Motiv: Bierkenner 0,5 l
Leonardo Bierkrug mit Gravur des Namens und Geburtsjahr - Motiv: Bierkenner 0,5 l
Farbe: Transparent; color_map: Transparent; Größe: 9 cm x 15 cm (Ø/H) Inhalt: 500ml; Inhalt: Spülmaschinengeeignet
16,99 EUR

Special photo, stylish behind fine glass

A picture of your choice with or without text in fine glass

Keychain with love coordinates

When did you become a couple and where did you kiss for the first time? A romantic reminder that HE can always carry with him. Men are quite receptive to romance… often especially when it is combined with something useful 😉

Magical puzzle game with a romantic message

Manual dexterity, logic and spatial thinking are considered masculine virtues (at least in their eyes…) and men love tricky challenges where they can put them to the test! All the nicer when success is then rewarded with a romantic message. Also ideal for hiding another small gift or a voucher inside.

Romantic messages for every day

A heart full of surprise messages for every day of the year. Show him you love him 365 times a year.

Historia Liebes-Geschenk: Love-Heart - Herzbox - der Liebesbeweis mit Überraschung (Jeder Tag - Neue Botschaft) zum Valentinstag
Historia Liebes-Geschenk: Love-Heart - Herzbox - der Liebesbeweis mit Überraschung (Jeder Tag - Neue Botschaft) zum Valentinstag
Herzbox mit 365 Liebeslosen; 52 rote Lose als liebevolle Gutscheine, 313 weiße Lose mit romantischen Liebesbotschaften
9,90 EUR

I love you – the surprise!

Show him that you love him in an original and romantic way and hide your love messages imaginatively.

Romantic games to get to know & rediscover

A very well rated game to get to know each other (better) for newly in love, but also for long-term couples.

The Heartbeat board game for lovers & couples

Keine Produkte gefunden.

Drive him crazy – Erotic partner games

Is there a more intimate moment than the tension and sizzle before things get down to business? This simple partner game brings fun, surprise and eroticism together and promises many romantic and sensual hours…

Couple game with extra

Another game with erotic tasks for sizzling moments for two…

Body painting as a sensual partner game

Together forever – your own sculpture

Romantic couple print of your intertwined hands

Keine Produkte gefunden.

Partner jewellery – We belong together

Statement jewellery for men and couples who love to wear jewellery.

Kim Johanson Pärchen Halsketten für verliebte aus Edelstahl mit Schlüssel und Gravur inkl. Schmuckbeutel
Kim Johanson Pärchen Halsketten für verliebte aus Edelstahl mit Schlüssel und Gravur inkl. Schmuckbeutel
Hochwertige Pärchen Halsketten aus Edelstahl; Inkl. Gravur: "THANK YOU FOR BEING BESIDE ME"
18,99 EUR

Partner Bracelets with Laser Engraving His Queen and Her King

COAI Geschenkideen His Queen und Her King Schrift EIN Paar Partner Ambänder aus Edelstahl
COAI Geschenkideen His Queen und Her King Schrift EIN Paar Partner Ambänder aus Edelstahl
Maße: Damenarmband: Schrift "His Queen", Rosegold, Für Größe des Handgelenks von 18 cm
23,00 EUR Amazon Prime

Romantic Gifts for Men to Experience

Romantic spin in the car of your dreams

He dreams of hot tyres and Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini? Or a very special classic car makes his heart beat faster? Then surprise him with a spin in his dream car! Adrenaline and enthusiasm are great fuel for romance!

Crime Dinner – Solve a crime together over dinner

The perfect dinner

Deluxe 4-course candlelight dinner menu that leaves nothing to be desired.

Give him a perfect day for two

What could be more romantic than making his dream come true? With this gift box for a perfect day, he can choose from 70 experiences together – from a bungee jump to a joyride in a Ferrari.

Enjoy with all your senses – spa holidays

A short trip to the countryside or a city of your choice with accommodation and buffet included.

Urlaubsbox „Wohlfühltage“
Urlaubsbox „Wohlfühltage“
✔️ Kurzurlaub für 2 Personen mit 2 Übernachtungen im Doppel­zimmer; ✔️ Inkl. Frühstücksbuffets
219,90 EUR Amazon Prime

Look at these experience gifts for men! Or should it be romantic vouchers for himAbenteuer Freundschaft is a treasure trove for special activities for two and special gifts.

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*This article contains so-called affiliate links. This means that if you order products through it, we receive a small commission, but without changing anything in terms of price.


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