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28. January 2018 - Anika Semmer

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes - Most Beautiful Toast to Love




Say it differently than with a classic: I love you! Really good happy Valentine’s Day quotes are perfect for showing your sweetheart what he means to you with the right words.

Cheesy happy Valentine’s Day quotes are a dime a dozen. But even eloquent poets and profound thinkers have often been faced with the question of how to make a declaration of love to their sweetheart beyond kitsch. Romantic, humorous and thought-provoking – the greatest happy Valentine’s Day quotes and sayings are just that.

In America, it’s a tradition to send flowers and Valentine’s Day cards with a special happy Valentine’s Day quote to your crush and special loved ones. We have noticed that in everyday life we often forget to show love to the people who are most important to us in a different way.

For example, with a small surprise, chocolates, flowers, a romantic outing or candlelight dinner, a personal souvenir and an unusual Valentine’s Day card – whether handmade or lovingly selected. And Valentine’s Day, as the day of lovers, is the perfect occasion for this.
You don’t have to be a romantic to tell your sweetheart once a year in great words what he means to you! 🙂

The Most Beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes and Sayings

Happy Valentine's Day quotes from poets and thinkers

Straight to the point!

Said with Poet’s Words…

To enjoy the full measure of joy, you must have someone to share it with. And that is you my darling. I love you!

Mark Twain

Once love has sprouted, it sprouts roots that never stop growing.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Experience teaches us that love does not consist in looking at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

He rose loves its bush. I love you as the sun loves its glow. I love you because you are my breath of life. I love you because to love you is my being.

Friedrich Rückert

Happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared.

Albert Schweitzer

Love is the wonderful feeling of reaching for the stars without having to stand on tiptoe.

Klara Löwenstein

This is the greatest,
what man has been given,
that it is in his power,
to love without limits.

Theodor Storm

The measure of love is love without measure.

Francis de Sales

Anything that shakes the soul is happiness.

Arthur Schnitzler

Where truth and fantasy meet,
there is the highest human feeling.
We call it love.

Friedrich Schiller

Love alone understands the secret
of giving to others and becoming rich in the process.

Clemens Brentano

If you have love, it doesn’t matter,
if you build cathedrals
or peeling potatoes in the kitchen.

Dante Alighieri

Everything conquers love.


You ask me child, what is love? A star in a heap of dung.

Heinrich Heine

Some man does not find his heart until he loses his head.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Once the gods, weary of this world, fled up into the firmament, taking with them what they possessed on earth, they forgot love here.

Friedrich Halm

O tender longing, sweet hope, first love’s golden time! The eye sees heaven open, the heart revels in bliss. O that it would remain eternally green, the beautiful time of young love!

Friedrich Schiller

Without you, my love, what would the festivals be?
Without you, sweetheart, what would the dance be?
If you were not my darling,
I would not dance,
If you always remain, life is a celebration.
Without you, dearest, what would the feasts be?
Without you, sweet, what would the dance be?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes by Anonymous Authors


To the world you are anyone. But to someone, you are the world! And that someone is me.

Love is an island in the ocean of life. I am stranded on it and hope not to be rescued!

I just wanted to tell you that I think it is very beautiful that we are living at the same time.

I love you not only because you are who you are, but also because I am who I am when I am with you!

Every time I think I can’t love you more, you prove me wrong.

If you were a movie, I’d want to see you from the front every day. If you were a drink, I would always carry a bottle of you with me. If you were something to eat, I’d never get sick of you. I just can’t get enough of you.

If you are my darling, I am yours. If you are the slingshot, I am the stones. If you are the arrow, I am the heart. If you are gone, I am the pain.

Love is just a word until someone enters your life and gives meaning to the word.

When I set out to lay the puzzle called life, I had no idea that you were just the piece I needed to make the result perfect.

I would hug you too if you were a cactus and I were a balloon.

Witty Valentine’s Day Sayings


I think the two of us would be the perfect mess!

You’re not just the hammer, you’re the whole toolbox!

The roses sting, the violets stink. Fuck the flowers, we’re going for a drink!

Valentine’s Day is already stupid. So without you.

Excuse me, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.

Me in my bed. You in your bed. Someone of us is in the wrong place.

I like you a little more than I originally planned…

My phone works on heartbeat energy. Ever since I’ve known you, it’s never failed!

Valentine’s Day or not – for me there is only you every day!

Fuck Valentine’s Day. I love you everyday!

I don’t completely dislike you!

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