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2. February 2019 - Anika Semmer

A Year of Dates in a Box – With Free Templates! | Tutorial


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Instead of one nice date, your sweetheart will get a year of dates in a box. In this guide, you’ll find 12 date templates to print out and tips on how to present and wrap your gift beautifully. 

How many times a year do you surprise your sweetheart? I admit – I only think of little surprises for birthdays, occasionally for Valentine’s Day and for the Advent calendar. And not always, when everyday life holds me firmly in its bazooka and my head is overflowing with other thoughts. But I love surprises myself and I really like gifts that take me out of my everyday life and sweeten my time in advance with the joyful anticipation.

How often do you take time for two and experience something special? My answer: far too rarely! Yet (especially in long-term relationships) shared experiences are so important for a fulfilling relationship and remind you of what you love about your sweetheart.

A year of dates in a box, are a great gift that provides surprise, anticipation, joyful tingling and a few butterflies in the stomach every month. Because every first day of a new month, an envelope with a date surprise awaits your sweetheart. The more personal, the better. In this guide you will find my date ideas and a year of dates in a box as a template to print out – but of course you can exchange them with your date ideas as you please.

My templates for the yearr of dates in a Box are vouchers for which I have folded matching envelopes with hearts as closures. At Abenteuer Freundschaft you can also find instructions on how to make these heart envelopes. I’ve put the envelopes with the 12 dates in a handy box that looks great on your sweetheart’s dessert table, for example. On our website you can also find instructions on how to make a pretty rectangular box out of motif paper.

Material list*

A Year of Dates in a Box With Templates

Templates for a year of dates in a box as vouchers

You can download the templates for every month at the material list

You can simply print out the Templates for a year of dates in a Box. To make your gift more personal, you can of course replace dates with your own date ideas.

  1. January: Date while ice skating
  2. February: Date at the cinema
  3. March: Voucher for favourite dish at restaurant or cooked with love
  4. April: Date for brunch
  5. May: Picnic date
  6. June: Date with a boat trip
  7. July: Date to eat ice cream
  8. August: Date to go on a night hike
  9. September: Date at the Oktoberfest, wine festival, or street festival
  10. October: Date to ride a tandem through the autumn forest
  11. November: Date for a cuddly evening
  12. December: Date to bake cookies

For inspiration for 50 more date ideas, check out Abenteuer Freundschaft too.

Designing the Envelopes

The 12 Dates in a Box go into envelopes and then first into a box

Fold the envelopes and stick the monthly labels on them

When designing your date vouchers, make sure they are the right size to fit into envelopes. Now either make the envelopes yourself, or if you don’t have the time you can buy envelopes from a stationery shop or amazon*. As the envelopes are the packaging for the 12 dates, it’s worth using nice envelopes. I folded square envelopes with a heart as a closure.

Stick a month label on each envelope (or write the number of the month on it).

If that’s too plain for you, you can also stick them with wooden hearts like I did or seasonal decorations.

A Year of Dates to Fill the Box With Sweet Surprises

12 Dates in a box with ideas to follow

A year of dates in a box with sweets and surprises

To keep the envelopes handy, the 12 dates come in a box. You can make the box yourself (you can find instructions for this at Abenteuer Freundschaft), or you can stick wrapping paper or motif paper on a shoe box or shipping box of a suitable size.

I decided to buy a nice square box that we can use afterwards.

Finally, cut out the explanation of what your gift is about (see template). This will be the first card in the box.

For the 12 dates you can add sweets, heart confetti and a photo of the two of you.

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There are many more craft ideas and ideas for finding gifts to discover on the Abenteuer Freundschaft Ideas Finder! Every week there are new ideas for gifts and activities for two, with children and with friends on the leisure ideas portal!

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