A DIY gift voucher rose makes a lovely gift for a favourite person

20. April 2019 - Anika Semmer

DIY Gift Voucher as a Beautiful Paper Rose | Tutorial


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A paper rose with a DIY gift voucher is a perfect gift for almost any occasion. A particularly creative gift that the recipient will enjoy for a long time to come is a rose that never fades. 

Have you ever dried a rose or pressed it in a book so that it never fades? Luckily, it’s usually easier to keep the DIY voucher that goes with it, but the only thing that remains of the flower is usually the memory. It looks completely different if you make the DIY gift voucher as leaves of a crepe paper rose. These roses come close to their fragrant counterparts in appearance and also make a great decoration. Win win :-).

If you want to give a DIY gift voucher with the rose, you can simply write it on a label and tie it to the rose with a ribbon. If, like me, you want to give away not just one, but several DIY vouchers, you can design each leaf as a voucher. What the recipient particularly liked: the rose makes a good decoration and the vouchers will not be forgotten!

How to Make a DIY Gift Voucher as a Never Fading Rose

A rose with DIY gift voucher can be given as a gift for almost any occasion

Now all that’s missing is the stem to attach the leaves

Material list*

1. Craft DIY Gift Voucher and Leaves

My rose comes with three vouchers: You can add as much vouchers as you want and glue it on the leaves.

Then draw the rose petals on dark green card, cut them out and glue the vouchers to the long sides with a strip of glue.

If you make your own vouchers, make sure that they fit exactly onto the sheets.

To make a rose with a DIY gift voucher, you need crepe paper

Wrap the crepe paper around the skewer for the edges of the leaves

For the rose blossom you need a piece of crepe paper approx. 7 cm wide and approx. 150 cm long. Stretch the crepe paper on one long side.

Wrap about 3 – 4 cm of the stretched long side around a shish kebab and roll up the edge a little. It is best to leave corners in between, as these will make the crepe look like it is made of individual rose petals.

3. Make a Rose Blossom

To make a DIY gift voucher rose blossom, wind up some masking tape

Wind the masking tape all around

Now wind the crepe paper tape around the flower. To do this, the finished (stretched and rolled) long edge faces upwards and you press the crepe paper tape together at the bottom, coat it with glue at the bottom and wind it up little by little until the flower is formed.

At the end, carefully press and pluck into shape and wrap thin craft wire around the bottom of the sticky end to hold the flower in place.

4. Attach the Rose Blossom to the Stem and Make the Stem With the Leaf Stems for the DIY Gift Vouchers

A DIY gift voucher rose makes a lovely gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or a birthday.

Wrap a generous amount of green crepe paper around the wire

Cut a generous piece of the floral wire and carefully push one end into the centre of the flower until it is stuck. For this to work well, it is important to do this step while the glue has not yet dried and the flower is still adjusting slightly!

Now cut 3 pieces of floral wire about 14 cm long for the stems of the leaves. Cut a strip of crepe paper about 2 cm wide and wrap it in a spiral around the 3 wire stems for the leaves with the DIY vouchers.

Also wrap the stem with a 2 cm wide strip of crepe paper. To do this, coat the crepe sparingly with craft glue and first wrap it around the top of the calyx. Then work your way down the stem in a spiral. Bend the petioles outwards and place them in the desired position by running about 2 – 4 cm parallel to the flower stem and carefully wrapping it with crepe paper.

Now leave the rose to dry for about a day.

5. Attach the Leaves With the DIY Gift Vouchers

The DIY voucher rose consists of a made-up paper flower with vouchers on the leaves.

Stick the leaves onto the stems and bend the wire into the desired shape

Stick one of the leaves with a DIY gift voucher onto each leaf stem. Then carefully glue the leaves in place.

For Which Occasion Is This DIY Voucher Suitable?

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a birthday – if you’re giving flowers to a beloved girl, your mother or a dear friend, you’ll never go wrong. Our favourite gift is the rose, the “queen of flowers”, which was already symbolically assigned to the Greek goddess Aphrodite in ancient times. Today, the rose stands symbolically for grace and pure beauty, for innocence but also for passion, for love and happiness. Many meanings – many occasions to which the rose is wonderfully suited.

It is important for you to know that the colour of the rose also conveys different meanings. When choosing crepe paper, for example, you should give your mother a white rose for Mother’s Day, which stands for farewell, new beginnings, innocence, loyalty, longing and admiration. 🙂

The Rose Colour and Its Meaning

  • Red Rose: Passion, Love, Romance
  • Orange rose: happiness, hope, admiration, fulfilment in relationship,
  • Yellow Rose: friendship, platonic love, relationship problems, reconciliation
  • Pink rose: young love, respect, gratitude, beauty, youth
  • White rose: fidelity, admiration, new beginning, farewell, longing, innocence, purity
  • Blue rose: impossibility, unattainability, loyalty, constancy

These are just the main symbolic meanings of the rose in its different colours.

And now have fun making your rose with DIY gift vouchers! 🙂

Another tutorial on crepe paper roses with bendable leaves can also be found on Abenteuer Freundschaft. There are many more craft ideas to discover, as well as lots of ideas for activities for two, with friends or with the family.

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