Make your own chocolate crossies with a simple choco crossies recipe

8. February 2020 - Anika Semmer

Choco Crossies Recipe - How to Make the Delicious Treat | Recipe


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Cornflakes, roasted almonds, chocolate – with this simple Choco Crossies recipe, you can make your own chocolate crossies, plus sustainable and pretty packaging, in 10 minutes of work time.

If you love chocolate, you love chocolate crossies. Next to flowers and a bottle of good wine, chocolate in the form of chocolates or bars is probably the most common gift – and almost everyone has chocolate at home. Me too, of course! To nibble on and give away as a homemade flash gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or as a present.

Homemade chocolate crossies are one of the quickest homemade gifts in a jar. They only take about 30 minutes to make – but you need to add about 4 hours for the sweet treats to set (depending on the temperature, they can set more quickly).

In addition to the Choco Crossies recipe, you’ll find my tips for sustainable packaging in a jar in these instructions, including my self-designed template for a printable label. Or you can wrap the chocolate crossies in a rectangular gift box, in a round gift box or in a cute present bag (my favourite for Easter).

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Crossies as a Gift

Making your own chocolate crossies with this chocolate crossie recipe is easy and quick

The crossies stay crispy in the jar for at least 1 month

Working time: 20 minutes | Resting time: Approx. 2 hours | Shaping the jar: 10 minutes

My chocolate crossies are almost exactly the same taste as the original Nestle – that was the challenge I set myself. They are also Fair Trade and sustainably packaged, (which I think makes them a thousand times better than the Nestle original). I simply used an empty cucumber jar (450 ml) for this, which Icustomised with wrapping paper, stickers and label in no time.

Tip: Use relief stickers to match the occasion! If you have more time and want to try your hand at handlettering, it’s best to design your label on self-adhesive letter labels, which you can simply cut out in the appropriate shape and stick on.

Choco Crossies Recipe for 1 Well-Filled Jar

Choco crossie recipe to make your own chocolate crossies

Ingredients and Choco Crossies recipe for the crunchy treat

  • 100 g milk chocolate
  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 10 g butter
  • 60 g almond flakes
  • Pith 1 vanilla pod
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • Vanilla sugar
  • 60 g cornflakes
  • 450 ml glass

Chop the chocolate and melt it slowly in a bain-marie. While waiting, melt the butter in a pan and toast the flaked almonds with the sugar and vanilla pulp until golden brown. Weigh out the cornflakes and crush them. Fold in the almonds. Add the melted chocolate and mix well.

Chocolate Crossies drop as heaps onto baking paper

Using teaspoons, heap the chocolate crossies onto baking paper

Line the baking paper and form small heaps with two teaspoons. Leave the chocolate crossies to set overnight, for example – they need at least 2 hours depending on the temperature.

Tip: If you need to do it really quickly, just put them in the fridge to harden!

Design Glass and Label

Materials to design the canning jar

Lid, label, sticker – you’re done with a pretty jar to give away


Keine Produkte gefunden.


Place the lid of the canning jar on the inside of the wrapping paper of your choice and circle the lid. Cut out the circle with a pair of jagged contour scissors about 1.5 cm apart. Glue the paper to the lid – this is best done with a hot glue gun.

Design and cut out the labe and stick it on the glass. Stick hearts (or other matching motif stickers) all around the glass. I also wrapped white raffia around the top of the jar and fixed it with the hot glue gun.

Have fun making your own chocolate crossies and wrapping them up beautifully!

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