How to make travel voucher for a trip on a wooden board

1. May 2021 - Anika Semmer

How to Make a Travel Voucher With the Branding Iron | Tutorial


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Creative, original, environmentally friendly and definitely something new! With the branding iron, you can create a surprisingly simple travel voucher. This is how to make a travel voucher with fire!

Everyone knows engraved breakfast boards – they gave me the idea to create my voucher for an excursion on wood. As soon as I had the idea, I wanted to implement it immediately: With the branding iron on a plywood board made of nice poplar wood in DIN A4 (you can get it in any DIY store for about 2 euros!).

At first, that sounds like a big deal and a lot of time-consuming. In fact, I was surprised how easy and feasible my project was. In terms of time, it makes practically no difference whether you create a voucher with paint and pens on A4 paper or with a branding iron on a wooden board. Since this voucher for an excursion was the gift for Alex, who loves surprises, trips into the unknown and everything playful (puzzles, rallies, quizzes, etc.), I designed the voucher accordingly.

The globe shows that it can go practically anywhere – surprise and anticipation, hello! The rolled-up letter, which I attached to my voucher for an excursion with sealing wax, then says exactly what the voucher includes (and what dear Alex has to pack so that he doesn’t end up without a toothbrush and swimming trunks ?).

Tip for time-savers: If you like the motif, you can simply Google a globe and print it out, put carbon paper on it and trace it onto your wooden board. Then just trace the lines with the branding iron and use black charcoal for the used look.

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How to Make a Travel Voucher With a Branding Iron

How to make a travel voucher for a trip with a branding iron on a wooden board

On wood instead of paper – original travel voucher to hang

My first voucher on wood was definitely not my last! In itself, painting with a branding iron is not much more difficult than with a brush or pencil. However, I have found that practice makes perfect.

In order to burn in a nice straight line without thick burn marks, you have to draw a straight line evenly with constant pressure, and I only managed that after a little practice the first time.

However, it is a lot of fun to work with! 🙂

1. Transferring the Motif Onto the Plywood

Pre-painted globe as an outline for the motif of the travel voucher for a trip to the countryside

Transfer or draw the background and outlines of the globe

Pre-paint the globe (you can find many motifs on Google). I painted the grey-black structure in the background with charcoal, which I smudged.

You don’t need to be a talented drawer to draw the lines of the globe clearly. Slide a sheet of carbon paper under the printed template and trace the important lines with a sharp pencil. Of course, you can also just draw them freehand like I did. 🙂

Note: It is normal that different amounts of colour are transferred when ironing!

2. How to Make the Travel Voucher With the Branding Iron

This is how to make a travel voucher with a branding iron

Using the branding iron, burn in the outlines in a line as fluidly as possible

My branding iron comes with an assortment of different attachments. First insert a tip for painting and tighten it, then wait about five minutes before starting to burn in. Then I tried to trace the contours of the globe as evenly as possible without setting it off and to burn in a frame.

Branding iron with stamp attachment for designing the voucher for a trip

With another attachment it is easy to burn in nice patterns

Now I have swapped the attachments and used a stamp attachment to burn in a decorative frame.

3. Attach the Scroll and Finish Designing the Voucher

The text for the travel voucher for an outing is decoratively attached to the wooden board with a seal and sealing wax

Heat the sealing wax, drip onto the seal and attach the text scroll

The text for the voucher for a trip is spread over the wooden board and a paper roll. On the board I wrote voucher with acrylic paint on the right and “for a trip into the blue” in the frames on the left and above.

In addition, I drafted a text on the computer that included all the important details and the congratulations. I printed out the text, cut it to size, burnt the paper on the outside and rolled it up. Then I knotted a red satin ribbon around the small scroll and fixed the satin ribbon with sealing wax and a seal.

Finally, I glued on pretty wooden leaves as decorative elements with the hot glue gun.

Have fun creating a voucher for a trip! 🙂

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