Special Valentine's Day gifts for men that bring special experiences

1. February 2018 - Anika Semmer

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men That Make Him Feel Like a King


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There are Valentine’s Day gifts for men that will make even tough macho melt like butter in the sun. A special gift from his beloved makes every man weak!

Is your sweetheart a romantic? Or is he a thoroughly practical type? Is he more excited about a material gift or is a special adventure that the two of you share the right gift? If you’re looking for ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day, check out  10 ideas on what to do. From wacky love messages menus to adrenaline-fuelled love battles.

Finding really unusual Valentine’s Day gifts for men is harder than you might think – whether you’re freshly dating or have shared many years together. We say: with a simple recipe, it’s much easier than you think!

Our recipe: Take two spoons of originality, two spoons of togetherness, a big dash of personal and finally add 1-5 spoons each of time and money, depending on your taste. Mix it all up and bring it to the boil for the hot finale!

For the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and depending on how much time and creativity you put into the gift, there are plenty of unique surprises to make even the most unromantic practitioner gush. Get inspired by our Top 10 Most Ingenious Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men. 🙂

10 Ideas for Special Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Special Valentine's Day gifts for men that fuel love

Short trip to the snow as a surprise

1. Personalised Everyday Item

What does he take in his hand every day or what accompanies him every day? From a breakfast board with a personal, funny engraving to his favourite series or a typical quirk to a personalised wallet and/or whiskey or sommelier set for the aperitif before the weekend: It’s simply brilliant what you can engrave, burn and print today!

Here’s a selection of personally engravable ideas at amazon*:

2. The Companion With a Statement

When a man gives a woman a piece of jewellery, she knows: he is really serious. Isn’t it the same the other way round? Every man who wears a ring, bracelets or even a necklace is certainly happy to receive a piece of jewellery from his sweetheart.

Preferably a piece of jewellery that doesn’t bother him at work and that he can wear practically every day. A ring is the most romantic in terms of symbolism (make sure he doesn’t interpret it as a marriage proposal if you’re not planning one) but there are also beautiful leather bracelets or steel bracelets – some you can even have engraved on the inside and make the jewellery even more personal!

3. Romantic Short Trip for Two

Hot tip for longer relationships: surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway! The important thing is not the price, but that the change of scenery takes you out of your everyday life and that you spend intensive time together and that the experience suits you.

As a student, I took my boyfriend on a weekend trip to Lake Templin with a tent – and what can I say? It was much cheaper than the weekend trip to London he gave me a year ago, but no less beautiful! There are lots of offers for every type of person. Discover a new city together or let yourself be pampered on a cuddle holiday, enjoy real luxury with a jacuzzi in the room and a 5-course menu, spend an adventurous night in a tree tent, igloo or wine barrel or simply book a nice hotel room somewhere and enjoy the togetherness in the countryside. A short holiday like this is a real love injection for any relationship. If you want to let him decide, there are also gift boxes or vouchers, e.g. from mydays.

4. Fancy Experience Dinner

Combine a delicious menu with an unusual experience and you get a very special dinner.  Especially in bigger cities (but also in the countryside it’s worth looking) there are restaurants that offer wacky dinners. Have you ever tried a candlelight dinner under water or lying down? A magic dinner with magic tricks, a cabaret dinner, a musical dinner or a dinner in the dark?

If, like me, you love to raise expectations, don’t tell him what kind of dinner awaits him, make promising hints. He’ll be even more surprised when he doesn’t go to his favourite Italian restaurant but gets a great experience in addition to the feast!

5. Romantic or Erotic Game

Love is the oldest game in the world. And it’s literally about what makes us happy. Sounds pathetic, but it’s true 😉 Not every man likes to play board or parlour games, but when it comes to love… well, that’s something else!

If your lover also likes romantic games like the Couple Question Game (free) or a game that helps you get to know each other better: Jackpot!

Couples games

6. Declaration of Love as Art Print

Valentine’s Day includes at least one: I love you. Great words, great feeling and that which makes two I’s into a we. A declaration of love that is not only spoken but immortalised as an art print or poster is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for men and should definitely come from the heart.

Even more original is a poster with your love story in short form – in a great font, as a profile or comic. You’ll have to plan a little more time for this, but what won’t a woman do for Mr.Right. 🙂

7. A Night of Luxury

Indulgence, wellness, pampering, pure luxury. And for a whole night. Surprise your sweetheart with an overnight stay in a luxury hotel with a whirlpool, extravagant suite and enjoy luxury at its best. It can even be in the same city where you live.

Admittedly, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your wallet. Luxury costs money. But for bargain hunters, there are always great offers on the relevant hotel comparison portals such as trivago or expedia that make this luxury affordable even for ordinary mortals and not just for the top ten thousand.

8. Fancy Experience for Two

Give him a canoe trip, surprise him with an exciting live escape game or a fun raft trip on a houseboat for the weekend. Be brave and inventive and give him a travel treat with an experience he’s always wanted to try. From the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping, a ride in a Lamborghini or a race at the go-kart track.

Experiencing special adventures as a couple is one of the most beautiful things in a relationship. And we do it far too rarely in the stress of everyday life. Simply taking time to experience something really special as a couple – that’s one of the most precious and beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts you can give your partner.

The important thing is that you both enjoy it, but it should be something he would choose if he had the choice.

9. Romantic Treasure Hunt

Solve riddles, puzzle, search for clues and lift the treasure: send your sweetheart on a treasure hunt and prepare a scavenger hunt for him. Millions of men love nothing more than geocaching – a kind of modern treasure hunt with GPS – and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to dig up some treasure!

So that the preparation doesn’t take so much time, you can find tips for planning and ingenious hiding places, scavenger hunt clues and a scavenger hunt checklist for advanced treasure hunters.

Of course, you can also be your treasure as the final surprise and give him the scavenger hunt as the main gift, or you can set the scene for your Valentine’s Day gift with a personal message in a bottle as the crowning finale.

10. Gift Box With 12 Dates

A quick DIY Valentine’s Day gift for men that looks great and comes from the heart.

Fill a jar with 12 date vouchers – one for each month of the year. And your sweetheart can fish out the first date on Valentine’s Day right away. To add to the excitement, put your date vouchers in small envelopes or roll them up and tie them with little bows.

It’s best to label each envelope or paper roll with the number of the month so you can think of special dates in advance to match the season. Again, nothing has to be expensive, it’s much more important to come up with original ideas that will take you out of your everyday routine!

Ideas for 12 dates

  • Moonlight walk with hot mulled wine
  • All You Can Eat Brunch at a great cafe
  • Midnight Picnic
  • Candlelight dinner on the lakeside
  • Boat cruise at sunset
  • Cuddling up at an open-air cinema or drive-in
  • Sunrise with romantic breakfast
  • Dinner at a rooftop bar
  • Date in a romantic overgrown park
  • Wellness date in a thermal bath
  • Date while ice skating
  • Campfire in the snow with grilled marshmallows

For this Valentine’s Day gift for men, you’ll need a screw-top jar, spray paint, coloured notes, baker’s twine and a pen.

For more romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for men, check out our overview pages for romantic things to do and the best activities for two. And if you like our page, we’d love your Like on Facebook and Instagram 😉

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