Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women

2. February 2018 - Anika Semmer

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women That Make Her Feel Like a Queen


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What woman doesn’t enjoy a little attention from her sweetheart? Bet your man will score with one of these 10 ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for women!

If a man wants to win over the heart of his sweet work colleague or inspire the woman of his dreams, it’s worth keeping Valentine’s Day on your radar: it’s not called the Day of Lovers for nothing.

In Germany about 60% think Valentine’s Day is a commercial invention and yet a study by Parship found that 78% of women are happy to receive a Valentine’s Day gift. Even more interesting would be how many women are disappointed when their sweetheart doesn’t even show up at their door with a single red rose… The more romantically inclined the woman, the more important a Valentine’s Day reminder in the smartphone… 😀

Because the fact is: you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets and spend half your annual salary on a bombastic gift for beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for women. Small attentions like flowers and a personal love letter or card (for the lazy ones) show her your appreciation and love!

Valentine’s Day is simply a good occasion to show her that, because my experience is: especially in longer partnerships, men forget to give their sweetheart something and surprise her every now and then. And small attentions and surprises can be the tinder that keeps love blazing.

It’s the message that counts! Our top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for women are a mix of classic and special attentions and experiences and all show that you’ve put some thought into them. Find more romantic gift ideas, unusual romantic trips and Valentine’s Day ideas at Abenteuer Freundschaft. Or just browse our overview pages for romantic experiences and the best activities for two. 😉

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women That Make Your Queen Happy

One of the best Valentine's Day gifts for women is a love letter

A love letter – the most romantic of all Valentine’s Day gifts for women

Small attention or a bombastic surprise? First here are the small attentions and then the ideas for bigger Valentine’s Day gifts for women.

1. Let the Flowers Speak

Red roses for Valentine’s Day are the absolute classic. Because every flower has a meaning and in the language of flowers, the red rose is symbolic of true love. Very few men know this, which is exactly what you can use to score points with many women through surprisingly romantic knowledge. If you want to surprise your sweetheart with a funny idea, you can also buy a flower vase for the car with flower and surprise her with it.

Important to know: the different flowers have meanings and also their colour! Most florists know this well.

Tips for Flowers With Romantic Meaning

  • Rose: red rose – love & passion, pink rose – beauty & youth, white rose – fidelity & innocence.
  • Carnation: red carnation – blazing passion, white – eternal fidelity.
  • Tulip: affection & love – the darker the stronger the feelings
  • Lily: white lily – true love
  • Orchid: beauty & admiration
  • Fresia: bewitchingly sweet & tenderness
  • Forget-me-not: love & faithfulness
  • Ranunculus: magical attraction & attractiveness
  • Strelitzia: You are unique!
  • Lilac: freshly blossomed love


2. Surprise Her With Big Words

Have you ever written a love letter? Or picked out a really appropriate saying, bought a nice card and sent it off without a return address?

Sure, a love letter or a Valentine’s Day card with a selected saying is an absolute classic. But especially today, when people don’t even write emails anymore but type a quick Whatsapp, SMS or Facebook message, “Old School” is something special again.

Plus: the surprise comes with it. There is probably no woman who is not happy about a love letter from the bottom of her heart! And not only at the beginning of a relationship – especially if you have been in a partnership for a while and the love is solidified, but just not quite as exciting anymore, an honest and passionate love letter can bring a breath of fresh air into a relationship.

Tip: Combine your love letter or card with a sweet temptation or a seductive perfume. It’s a small gift that still says a lot – you can also buy chocolates to go with it from big florists like fleurop.

3. Sexy Lingerie – A Man Can Have Some of That

Women love to look beautiful. For themselves and their partner! With exquisite lingerie, men can do almost nothing wrong and give themselves a present at the same time. It is important that men buy the right size and something that suits their taste. If the lady of your heart is a size S and you come along in XXL, then the reaction will be rather unfavourable. And too provocative is not every woman’s cup of tea.

My tip: Give a touch of luxury that is special and wears well! For example, I recommend Victoria’s Secret or intimissimi.

4. The Main Thing Is Personal – Small Gifts

There are countless pretty and practical items to personalise. In other words, you can engrave or print the gift with an inscription or picture of your choice, or have it lasered or punched in. In my opinion, items that she holds, sees or uses every day are particularly suitable for this – because this way you give her something that reminds her of you every day.

Lots of ideas for personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for women

Do you wear jewellery yourself? There are beautiful partner necklaces and bracelets that you can have engraved or that you both wear as a sign of your love. Rings are symbolic of you-know-what – so to avoid the risk of her misinterpreting a ring as a marriage proposal, you should be careful with this piece of jewellery 😉

5. Jewellery With a Statement

Apart from partner jewellery, you can of course simply give your sweetheart a pretty piece of jewellery – in the eyes of many women, jewellery as a love gift conveys the message: I’m serious about you.

6. Enjoy and Relax as a Couple

Relax, unwind and enjoy time together as a couple. A whole day of wellness (& beauty) together is a great Valentine’s Day gift for women. At mydays, for example, there are special offers for luxurious spa oases, thermal landscapes where you can even stay overnight (e.g. at Tropical Island near Berlin) or for floating.

Or you can give them something they’ll always enjoy and surprise them with a partner massage course or hot stones for home.

7. Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Sometimes breakfast is worth a thousand words. Surprise your loved one with a breakfast in bed with all the trimmings. The important thing is that you prepare it with love and think of special little things.

Buy her favourite fruit (preferably something you can forage for like fresh strawberries), freshly squeezed orange juice, crispy croissants, maybe even a crepe with fresh fruit, maple syrup and yoghurt. Add rolls, smoked salmon and sparkling wine. Serve everything on a practical bedside table – including a flower. Bet that will melt any woman’s heart?

8. Creative Couple Photo Session

Get creative or pay a professional for the most beautiful couple photos you’ll ever have. A photo session for special couple photos is a creative Valentine’s Day gift for women with plenty of scope for your own ideas.

You can play it safe by booking a professional photo shoot in a studio or at a fancy location. Beforehand, think about which place symbolises your love or which place she particularly loves. And of course you can also surprise her with an erotic photo shoot…

Are you really creative? Then take the photos yourself! With a new smartphone and a Polaroid handheld printer, you can become a photographer yourself with a selfie stick.

9. Romantic Cuddle Weekend

Spend a whole weekend together in a hotel somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Great dining, with a whirlpool in the room or pool and sauna in the basement and simply enjoying togetherness again. You can organise such a cuddle weekend yourself or use offers from mydays or other comparison portals.
If you’re looking for really unusual overnight accommodation, you’ll definitely find it at mydays. There are overnight stays in treetops, romantic igloos or hobbit flats and more.

10. Love Lock with Engraving

Give her a love lock engraved with your initials or pet names in her favourite colour. On Valentine’s Day, decide together on a place – preferably a bridge – to put the love lock and lock it. Then throw the key into the water together – or over your shoulder, so that the love lock will never be opened again.

To make this moment even more romantic, bring your favourite drink to toast and enjoy this romantic moment in your relationship together.
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*This post contains so-called affiliate links: if you order products through them, we get a small commission without changing the price.


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