New Year's Eve With Friends

Fuses for a Cracking Night
New Year's customs around the world are often used to invoke good luck for the new year, the impressive fireworks display in Sydney is famous worldwide.

New Year's Customs Around the World: A Journey Through New Year’s Celebrations Around the Globe

Around the globe, New Year's Eve is a time filled with traditions and rituals that symbolize happiness, prosperity and good wishes for the coming year. Here we explore the diversity of these New Year's celebrations from around the world.

A New Year's Eve scavenger hunt is an exciting adventure to welcome the New Year.

New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt: An Exciting Adventure to Welcome the New Year

A scavenger hunt is a great way to close out the old year and start the new year full of anticipation and will make for a memorable New Year's Eve!

The 10 best teenager party games

10 Teenager Party Games That Every Teen Will Love

Shining eyes, thrills, laughter, even sometimes screaming and crazy fun: These 10 games for teen parties are guaranteed not to make your eyes roll.

The best simple dice games for adults for game nights and parties

10 Simple Dice Games for Adults Which Are Some of the Best Games of All Times

Looking for a really good, simple dice game? These 10 are among the best, entertaining games.

 Year's Eve Bingo Printable with Free Temp

New Year’s Eve Bingo Printable With the Funniest Phrases

"Hurry up, it's almost twelve!" That's a phrase from deep in the phrase box! This entertaining New Year's Eve game will put you in a good mood when you're rattling off phrases!

How to make paper fortune cookies

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies - Easy Craft for Special Occasions | Tutorial

Funny, unique and super quick to make. Paper fortune cookies are a great last-minute gift for New Year's Eve and other festive occasions. Because a fortune cookie a day, keeps the misfortune away!

The 100 Best Fortune Cookie Sayings

100 Fortune Cookie Sayings That Inspire, Motivate and Cause Laughter

Super last-minute idea for New Year's Eve and parties: Make or bake fortune cookies and fill them with crazy funny, motivating and amazing sayings. Everything you need is here!

7 games with confetti for kids party, carnival and birthday

7 Games With Confetti – Fun Filled Party Games Every Kid Will Love

What is colorful and stands for party fun? Confetti! The game ideas fit perfectly for carnival and children's birthday and are guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

Game instructions for 7 games with streamers for carnival and children's birthday parties

7 Games With Streamers That Have What It Takes to Be a Party Hit

Throwing, blowing, balancing - these game ideas with streamers are great fun and perfect for carnival and children's birthday parties. Who will lift the treasure in the snake maze?

A wax casting oracle on New Year's Eve is great fun and an environmentally friendly alternative to classic lead casting.

Wax Casting Oracle With DIY for Wax Casting Kit | Tutorial

What brings the future? To the end of the year belongs a New Year's Eve oracle, like wax casting! Here's everything from the interpretation to DIY instructions for a wax casting set.

New Year's Eve games for the family that make the turn of the year fun

5 New Year’s Eve Games for Family to Make the Time Fly By Until Midnight

With these 5 simple and original New Year's Eve games, kids will have incredible fun until midnight. Try something new!

This is how to plan a house party

How to Plan a House Party – 20 Things You Have to Know

Have you thought of everything? Proper planning is almost rocking!

Best New Year’s Ideas – Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Friends

Do you want to have a big party with lots of friends at home this New Year’s Eve? If you’re still looking for good ideas for the programme, you’ll find them at Abenteuer Freundschaft, where you’ll find various  New Year’s ideas and  games for adults and more.

With special New Year’s Eve customs and New Year’s Eve games for adults, you can liven up any New Year’s Eve party and turn it into a legendary celebration. General tips for the perfect party and, as a bonus, recipes for the most delicious New Year’s Eve cocktails also help.

Besides, for a theme party, New Year’s Eve is a just about perfect occasion. Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft, we not only have a list of the best theme parties, but also lots of concrete instructions on how to best implement individual party themes.

New Year’s Eve Games for Adults

Everyone knows classic New Year’s Eve traditions such as fireworks and firecrackers, and oracle games played on the night before New Year’s Eve to find out the future for the New Year are also part of it.

In various articles, we present some of these prophetic New Year’s Eve games for adults, ranging from the classic pouring of lead to laying tarot cards or telling the scales of the future. Whether you believe in it or not, it is definitely fun to interpret your own oracle or that of others and to imagine the events of the coming year together with friends.

However, at a New Year’s Eve party, party games and drinking games in general are also ideal to lighten the mood, and you can find out how to turn them into perfect New Year’s Eve games for adults with a few small changes and variations in articles on Abenteuer Freundschaft.

The Abenteuer Freundschaft Leisure Ideas Finder

The Abenteuer Freundschaft idea pool has long since included not only New Year’s Eve games for adults or New Year’s ideas for a New Year’s Eve theme party, but a wide range of tips for activities with friends, the partner and family, and gifts.

With a multi-part search mask, the Leisure Ideas Finder, since 2019 you can find the right idea according to occasion, season and mood.

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