A wax casting oracle on New Year's Eve is great fun and an environmentally friendly alternative to classic lead casting.

25. December 2021 - Alexander Schmidt

Wax Casting Oracle With DIY for Wax Casting Kit | Tutorial


New Year’s Eve


The classic New Year’s Eve oracle is lead pouring, but this is now prohibited. This is not bad at all, but there is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternative that is just as much fun: the wax casting oracle!

There are many wonderful traditions at the turn of the year: good intentions, sparklers, popping candies, counting down the countdown together before midnight, and playfully looking into the future with a New Year’s Eve Oracle. In my childhood, this was done while pouring lead – which is now banned.

You see, the thing about lead is this: it’s harmful to the environment, and moreover, when lead is melted down, it produces toxic fumes. That’s why lead casting was banned across the EU back in April 2018. However, you still don’t have to give up this beloved tradition, because there are alternatives such as pewter casting and wax casting, which is definitely the most environmentally friendly option.

New Year’s Eve wax casting oracle works exactly like lead casting, except that you don’t melt down pieces of lead, but wax figures. You can buy these in ready-made sets that come in stores shortly before New Year’s Eve, along with sparklers, confetti, streamers and other decorative stuff. However, you can also make your own New Year’s Eve wax pouring kit.

We give below DIY instructions for a New Year’s Eve wax casting oracle set. Further below, in the interpretation section, you will find suggestions for different ways to interpret the oracle, including playful ideas that involve the whole group.


DIY Wax Casting Oracle – Upcycling Guide


  • Wax remnants
  • tin can or other old can
  • old spoons
  • box of chocolates (plastic), inside from advent calendar with figures
  • wax crayons
  • baggies and decorations for wrapping


  • Pour wax remnants of a candle into an empty tin can.
  • Melt the wax in a water bath at approx. 70°. Stir from time to time. Since wax can start to burn, it is advisable to use a water bath for heating.
  • Carefully fish out the remaining wicks from the liquid wax.
  • Using a spoon, pour the melted wax into the inlay of an empty plastic box of chocolates, or into the inside of an Advent calendar, or pour over.
  • Now let the box of chocolates rest for half an hour until the wax has dried.
  • Remove the dried wax molds from the molds of the box of chocolates.
  • Paint wax molds with wax crayons with lucky motifs for New Year’s Eve!

Tip: the small wax chocolates serve wonderfully as a souvenir and can of course also be personalized.

This is how the wax casting oracle works:

  • Heat the wax figure on a spoon over a candle.
  • Variant 1: Once the wax has melted, immediately pour the wax into the cold water. The wax solidifies into a shape that can be interpreted.
  • Variant 2: Once the wax is melted, immediately dip the spoon into the cold water. The wax contracts into a shape that can be interpreted.

Wax Casting Oracle – Interpretation

Have all melted down their wax figures and poured into new molds, it goes to the interpretation. There are also several possible approaches:

  1. Interpretation of the shadow: Wax figure against a light source or candle hold. Interpret the resulting shadow cast on a free wall.
  2. Interpretation in the light: Wax motif as a figure in itself. Be careful that especially the wax is not broken when interpreting!

Many ready sets are indeed interpretation lists in the packaging, but you can also give free rein to your own imagination.Here are 3 more suggestions on how to make interpreting the results even more fun during wax casting oracle:

  • One does not interpret his own wax figure (the result), but e.g. in each case that of the left neighbor
  • Or the whole group interprets each resulting wax figure in turn. Together you discuss what the strange structure could probably represent or symbolize. Finally, you must agree as a group on an interpretation, if necessary with a vote
  • To do this, you can invent more side rules, for example: Only the person who poured it may not participate.

Have fun with the wax pouring oracle and a happy New Year!!! ?

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