The best simple dice games for adults for game nights and parties

22. April 2023 - Anika Semmer

10 Simple Dice Games for Adults Which Are Some of the Best Games of All Times




Some of the best dice games are quickly explained, super simple and bring so much fun that you want to play them again and again. Whether it’s for a party, game night or a cosy family get-together, these 10 simple dice games for adults are guaranteed to be worthwhile.

Bluff, predict, be quick and don’t get totally confused, my favourite dice games for adults are absolutely different and yet have one thing in common: they are addictive! These dice games are all entertaining, quickly explained and are perfect as party games and for game nights. Some are also brilliant as pub games.

10 Simple Dice Games for Adults – The Best Classics and New Dice Games

First come 5 simple dice game classics for adults for which you don’t have to buy anything extra. you only need dice, a dice cup now and then, pen and paper and all other accessories like game chips can be improvised, so to speak.

I have played the other 5 new dice games for adults countless times and they are absolute top games. All of them are available at a reasonable price, for example on amazon*.

5 Simple Dice Game Classics for Which You Only Need Luck

"New, simple dice games for adults are a super icebreaker at small parties"

New, simple dice games for adults are a super icebreaker at small partiesLuck, tactics, confusion - there are very different games of dice for adults.

These 5 dice games gain their great appeal from playing with risk, luck and bluffing. All 5 dice games for adults are entertaining and exciting.

1. Dice Game 10,000 – Who Reaches 10,000 the Fastest?

  • Game type: Game of chance with dice
  • Players: from 2 players
  • Game material: 5 dice and dice cup
  • Goal: Be the first player to roll 10,000 points

One after the other, 5 dice are rolled. Each player may roll the dice as many times as he wants, as long as he can put aside at least a 1 or a 5. In this way he collects more points. If the player wins by rolling a 1 or 5 with all 5 dice, he may continue with all 5.

However, if he doesn’t roll a 1 or 5, he has a flaw and all the points he has collected or put aside are deducted as minus points and it’s the next player’s turn!

Each player can always stop rolling the dice, as long as he has not rolled a fault, the points rolled and put aside are credited to him as plus points.


Attention! The 3’s only count if at least one 1 or 5 is rolled!

  • 5: 50 points
  • 1: 100 points
  • 3 x 2 = 200 points
  • 3 x 3 = 300 points
  • 3 x 4 = 400 points
  • 3 x 5 = 500 points
  • 3 x 6 = 600 points
  • 3 x 1 = 1,000 points
  • Little Street (1,2,3,4 or 2,3,4,5 or 3,4,5,6) = 500
  • Large Street (1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6) = 1,000

There are additional rules and variations that you can read about in this detailed game guide to the dice game 10,000!

2. Yahtzee – The Cult Classic of Simple Dice Games for Adults

"A different way to play Yahtzee - Yahtzee variants with tasks and additional rules"

Yahtzee variations as a drinking game, oracle and with tasks

  • Game type: Dice Poker
  • Players: from 2 players
  • Game material: 5 dice and dice cup, 1 Yahtzee game block and pens or pen and paper
  • Game Objective: Score the highest total amount of points and win.

Each player receives a Yahtzee game block and a pen and enters their points there. In turn, 5 dice are rolled up to 3 times and the player may put suitable dice aside and decide freely whether and how many dice to roll again. Dice that have been put aside may not be rolled again on the third roll; once they have been put aside, they remain selected. The final roll is entered as the result in a free space on the game sheet. If there is no free space that matches, you have to cross one out. Finally, everyone counts their total points and the player with the highest score wins.

Combinations on the Playing Block:

  • One – Sum of the numbers of the ones
  • Two– Sum of the numbers of the dice of the twos
  • Threes – Sum of the numbers of the threes
  • Fours – Sum of the numbers of the fours
  • Fives – Sum of the numbers of the fives
  • Sixes – Sum of the numbers of the sixes
  • Three of a kind – Add at least three identical numbers + more numbers
  • Four of a Kind – Add at least four of the same number + another number
  • Full House – Two of the same numbers and three of the same other numbers: 25 points
  • Little Street – Four consecutive numbers: 30 points
  • Great Street – Five consecutive numbers: 40 points
  • Yahtzee – 5 identical numbers: 50 points
  • Chance – Any combination: buzzer of all numbers

Reaching a set number of points earns bonus points with some purchase games. Even more fun and exciting as a dice game for adults at parties are these Yahtzee variations.


3. The Mexican Dice Game – The Ingenious Bluffing Dice Game for Adults

"The mexican dice game is one of the most entertaining and popular dice games and is often played at parties, also as a drinking game."

Mexican dice game is played with two dice

  • Game type: Bluff game
  • Players: from 3 players
  • Game material: 2 dice, 1 dice cup, 1 base such as a beer mat, penalty points e.g. matches, beer mats, game chips etc.
  • Game Objective: Bluff for all it’s worth and don’t fall for bluffs

All players sit in a circle and take turns rolling two dice on a beer mat. Only the person rolling the dice looks briefly under the cup to see the number of dice rolled. Now he says a value and carefully passes the cup from the dice cup to the next player so that the dice do not topple over. He can bluff and lie as much as he likes! Each player must surpass the value of the previous player and be higher.

If the next player believes him, he shakes the dice cup. If not, he raises the cup and it becomes clear whether the number given is correct. If he lies, the convicted player gets a penalty point; if he is falsely accused, the penalty point goes to the player who revealed it. He starts again and, as the starting player, does not have to exceed any previous value. The 21 is the highest possible value!

  • Ascending values: 31-32-41-42-43-51-52-53-54-61-62-63-64-65- double 1, double 2, double 3, double 4, double 5, double 5, double 6, 21

You can find more detailed rules, game variants and additional rules as well as exciting information about the probabilities in the game instructions for the Mexican dice game.

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4. Super 6 – Simple Gambling With Dice

  • Game type: Gambling, party game
  • Players: from 2 players
  • Game material: 1 dice per player, 6 cups, numbers and scotch tape or power strips, poker chips
  • Game objective: Be the first to get rid of your tokens and win.

Place 6 cups numbered 1-6 in the centre of the table and distribute 20 poker chips with identical numbers of points to each player. Now roll the dice in a clockwise direction. As soon as a player rolls a 6, he places a poker chip of his choice in the cup with the 6. These poker chips remain in the cup for the entire game round.

If a player rolls a 1 to 5, he may throw a poker chip of his choice into the respective cup labelled with the number of the die roll, provided the cup is empty. If there is already a poker chip of a previous player in the cup, he must take it and keep it. As soon as a player has got rid of all his poker chips, a round is over and he has won. Second place goes to the player with the fewest points in chips, etc.

Tip: This dice game for adults can be played wonderfully as a party game or drinking game and think of tasks and punishment sips for the losers.

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5. Dice Hunt – Fast-Paced Dice Game for Multiple Players

  • Game type: Dice game where speed and luck matter
  • Players: at least 6, better more
  • Game material: 2 dice, for variant 1: one pawn per person per round if necessary
  • Game objective: Roll a 6 as quickly as possible and be the last one left (variant 1) or hand over as few deposits as possible (variant 2).

Variant 1 – The Classic

The players sit in a circle with two players facing each other. The first two players sitting opposite each other each get a die and start rolling the dice at the same time on “go”. As soon as one of them rolls a 6, he passes the dice to his neighbour on the left and he starts to roll.

The dice move at different speeds in this dice game for adults until one player’s dice land together. This player is eliminated and a new knockout round begins. This continues until one player is left and wins.

Variant 2 – Ideal for Parties

The party variant of the dice hunt works in exactly the same way as the classic variant 1. However, the player to whom the dice arrive together is not eliminated, but he or she has to hand over a pledge. This can be something that he or she is wearing, for example. There is no winner here – but lots of fun.

5 New Worthwhile Dice Games for Adults

These dice games are available for little money, have been played by me countless times and are fun. They are ideal as entertaining, simple dice games for adults on a trip, for game nights and in between!

1. Qwantum – The Dice Rush, Which Is an Alternative to Yahtzee

Würfelspiel Qwantum - Eintragen eines Wurfs

Das gewählte Ergebnis eines Wurfs trägt jeder Spieler für sich ein

  • Game type: Dice game, game of chance
  • Players: 2-4
  • Game objective: Score the most points with dice luck and strategic assessment of the probabilities.

Qwantum is played with 7 dice whose eyes have different colours and a game block on which the score is entered. The aim of each throw is to gradually fill the 4 rows of numbers on the block from left to right. You always have 2 throws to do this. In the end, only the eyes of one colour and those of the white dice count. As in Yahtzee, misses are also recorded and the player with the highest total score wins.

Players who enjoy playing Yahtzee will love this adult dice game as an alternative!

NSV - 4077 - QWANTUM - International - Würfelspiel
NSV - 4077 - QWANTUM - International - Würfelspiel
Autumn novelty 2018; Playing Time: 15 Min; Age: frome 8 Years, Players: 2-4; Author : Anna Opolzer, Stefan Kloß und Reinhard Staupe
14,64 EUR Amazon Prime

2. Kribbeln – Exciting, Simple Dice Game for Gamblers

  • Game type: Gambling, dice poker
  • Players: 2-5
  • Game Objective: Complete tasks and score the most points.

In Kribbeln, you have to complete tasks with dice and thereby collect points. The game consists of dice with the usual eyes 1-6, but the faces are coloured in different colours and a scoring block. Thus, each row of numbers from 1-6 appears once in one colour on one dice. On the scoring block there are 6 tasks divided into three colour blocks, which the players try to complete as best they can from top to bottom in a maximum of three attempts. The player with the highest total score wins.

There are 6 different task slips in this dice game for adults, which ensures variety.


3. Confusion – Confusingly Fun Dice Game for Adults

Spiel Confusion - Spielmaterial

Für’s Ravensburger-Spiel Confusion braucht man nicht viel

  • Game type: Dice game, party game
  • Players: 2-5
  • Game Objective: Think fast, keep a clear head and win first with 9 points.

Confusion thrives on confusion and crazy funny moments, because everyone is often wrong. You play the dice game with 3 special dice and 3 cards per player. The dice each have 2 coloured areas in red, yellow and blue, which are opposite each other. There are also the colour dice, the word dice and the action dice as well as point chips. The 3 dice are rolled in turn and depending on the result, the players must immediately perform a certain action. Each player who carries out the action correctly gets one point, those who carry out the wrong action, no action or the correct action late must hand in a chip. The first player to collect 9 points wins.


4. Wizard – Predictions, Magic and Luck in Roll and Write

  • Game type: Roll and Write, dice variant of the cult card game
  • Players: 2-5 players
  • Game objective: Predict how many dice of a colour will fall and win with the most points.

Wizard is a dice game for strategists, but you also need a lot of luck to win. The game consists of special dice, scoring pad and wizard cards. In turn, each player predicts how many dice of a colour will fall and marks the prediction on their hand. The prediction determines who is the starting player and who may roll the dice up to three times. After each roll, the players score and escape with the fools. The player with the most points wins.

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7,89 EUR Amazon Prime

5. Istanbul, the Dice Game for Adults – Vying for Money and Goods

  • Game type: Dice variant of the award-winning Kennerspiel (2014)
  • Players: 2-4 players
  • Game Objective: Become the master of the trade guild and be the first to collect a predefined number of rubies.

The board game Istanbul won the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” award and the dice game variant is a very successful, simpler and faster stand-alone game. The players compete for money and goods at the bazaar in Istanbul as merchants who know all the tricks of the trade. Used wisely, you improve your skills and buy more coveted rubies.

The dice game is great for game evenings, is surprisingly quick to explain and set up and quick to play. For little money, you get a special dice game with high replay appeal.

Pegasus Spiele 55118G - Istanbul - Das Würfelspiel
Pegasus Spiele 55118G - Istanbul - Das Würfelspiel
Wetteifern um Rubine als charmantes Würfelspiel für Familien; Idealer Einstieg in die Istanbul-Reihe
19,99 EUR Amazon Prime

Fancy some more dice games for adults? Adventure Friendship has lots of worthwhile insider board game tips, as well as tips for activities with friends, families and partners.

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