The 10 best teenager party games

26. August 2023 - Anika Semmer

10 Teenager Party Games That Every Teen Will Love




Whether 13 or 16, for a birthday, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, creating a party for and with a teenager can be one of the toughest exams of your lifetime. Absolutely indispensable are really good party games that are fun and contribute a big part to a memorable party. This is our top 10 best teenager party games, guaranteed not to make your eyes roll.

Gone are the good times when children were excited about every game at their party. And games for kids don’t work anymore anyway, they are boring and embarrassing. Nevertheless, the party should of course be the best party ever and the teen is not averse to program and games (deep inside). Because parties where everyone just stares at their smartphone and no one really knows what to do together, no one wants. Group games provide conversation, laughter, get the party going and pure fun, but the important thing is that they are really games that the teens want to play. They just have to be the coolest party games out there, because they have to compete against TikTok and their friends’ exciting news and win out against these attention magnets. Challenge accepted!

Among these 10 party games are also some of the best party games ever that tweens and adults still play at parties: the first 5 teenager party games are exciting especially for younger teens, the last 5 party games for older teens and tweens . They have a high participation and fun factor and how well a game goes also depends on the group dynamics, the resourcefulness of the players and the desire to test the limits. They all have what it takes to provide moments that no party guest will forget.

10 Best Teenager Party Games

What do you remember from your teenage years? The first kiss? That incredibly exciting party where this and that happened while spinning the bottle? For me, the most exciting and unforgettable memories include some experiences that happened at party games. Because they helped us teenagers enormously to get to know each other better, or to get to know each other at all, and was incredibly exciting, what you learned or did, or experienced. As a 13- and 14-year-old, I really liked entertaining, fun competitive games with clear rules. My favorite games as an older teenager were participatory games that relied on the ingenuity of the other players and, of course, games where you could get closer to your crush or test your own limits and those of others.

The teenage years encompass the time from 13 to 19, during which an immense amount happens in development. A 13-year-old will hardly get excited about the same games as a 19-year-old. That’s why I’m focusing on teenager party games from 13 to 16 in this best list. Because at this age, teens are often still accepting tips and help for organization and party design, and these are usually the toughest teen years. All 10 party games are interactive and about joining in, testing boundaries (that you can set yourself), tingling excitement, and of course, letting guys and gals get closer.

1. Coin Bocce – A Simple Competitive Game

  • from 2 players
  • Game Material: per teammate a coin or marble, pens to mark, a master coin, 1 bowl, 1 prize

All players get a coin and mark it. It is important that each player chooses a different marker so that the coins can be assigned without doubt One player tosses the master coin. This is the master, the players try to throw their coins as close as they can. If the master is hit, it changes its position and is thus repositioned. After all players have tossed their coins, a round is over and the winner is determined together. The winner is the player whose coin is closest to the master. The winning coin goes into the bowl and the loser whose coin was farthest away is determined and gets to flip the master again.

After 10 (or 15 or 20 rounds) the winning coins are sorted in the bowl and the one who has won the most rounds is the overall winner and gets a prize. If two or more players have won the same number of rounds, there is a final winner’s round that decides who is the overall winner.

Tip: The teenager party game gets harder when the coins have to be flicked.

2. Murder in the Dark – Thrilling Crime Game for Teen Parties

  • from 5-15 players
  • Game Material: Labeled slips of paper with professions, opaque bag

Preparation: Label as many slips of paper as paryt guests are expected with different professions and one with detective and another with murderer. Fold all the slips of paper and put them in an opaque bag.

All players stay in a room with at least one door, in which one can move freely. Now everyone draws a piece of paper from the bag and slips into their role without revealing who they are.

The game leader now explains how the game works the first time. The person who is a detective, as soon as the explanation is finished, leaves the room and closes the door behind him and waits for the emergency call. Then music is turned on and the lights are turned off, everyone dances. Each player has a different profession and among all of them is a murderer. As soon as the lights are off, the murderer kills one of the other players in a previously agreed manner: for example, by poking his finger in the back or tapping three times on the shoulder. The murdered person cries out and falls to the floor.

This is the signal for the detective to enter the room and find the murderer. For this, the detective may ask each player 3 times about his alibi. All the children may freely invent what they tell according to their role. It is important that their alibi matches all three times. Only the murderer must lie at least once about his alibi and tell a different story or change a crucial detail.

The detective must listen carefully and unmask the murderer. Who was it, what is the false alibi and what betrayed him?

Here you’ll find yet another nice game variation for Murder in the Dark, where clues reveal the killer.

3. The Joke Challenge – Bet You Laugh?

  • from 4 players
  • Game Material: none

Jokes are important for this party game. Who has the best joke in store? Before the game starts, pairs are formed and they make bets on what they will play for. The bets are announced aloud and one after the other 2 opponents sit down opposite each other so that they can look each other in the eye. One after the other, the players tell each other the funniest jokes, stories or nonsense they have in store. Making faces or suddenly doing anything funny is also allowed. Because in this party game for teenagers there is only one rule: you must not laugh! Because whoever laughs is eliminated. And laughing also means smirking, smiling, smiling with the eyes and everything that can be assigned to laughter. Whoever laughs first loses the duel and is eliminated. The winner gets a point and looks for a new opponent. The game continues in this way until one player reaches 5 points. And that is not easy at all, because in this party game the laughing muscles are immensely challenged!

4. Balloon Blowing – One of the Most Entertaining Teenager Party Games in Pairs

  • from 6 players
  • Game Material: Balloons in different colors, if necessary prizes

The teenagers divide into pairs. Each pair gets a balloon. At a signal, everyone throws their balloons up in the air and each pair tries to keep their balloon in the air as long as possible by blowing. The pair whose balloon is last still in the air wins.

It is also allowed to blow away the balloon of opposing pairs!

5. Mafia – One of the Most Thrilling Teenager Party Games

Mafia is one of the most ingenious party games for groups of up to 20 players. There are always 2 groups playing against each other: the Mafia and the innocent, blameless citizens. The highlight: At the beginning, everyone only knows which group they belong to, but not who is a friend and who is an enemy!

Preparation: Make 6 cards that you mark black and 14 cards that you mark red or use the purchase game The Werewolves of the Bleak Forest, it is the same game only as a purchase variant.

Each round of the Mafia game consists of three phases: Sunrise, Day and Night. At sunrise all citizens are still asleep, only the mafiosi are awake, open their eyes and recognize themselves as much as possible without the citizens noticing anything. Now the day dawns and all players open their eyes and discuss who is definitely a mafiosi and will be executed. By majority vote, one player is determined and executed, that is, he is eliminated from the game without revealing whether he was really a Mafiosi or just a citizen. Now the night falls and the Mafia murders. Each Mafioso writes the name of a fellow player on a piece of paper. If all Mafiosi write the same name on their piece of paper, this citizen is murdered and is eliminated from the game. Now a new round begins with phase 1 – the sunrise. The exciting teenager party game is over when either there are no more names on slips of paper, i.e. no Mafiosi are alive, or all citizens are dead and the Mafia makes itself known.

On our blog you can find a detailed game guide of the Mafia game with lots of tips for beginners and for game variants.

6. Truth or Dare? – The Cult Classic Teenager Party Game

  • from 3 players
  • Game Material: Bottle

Funny, crazy, embarrassing, daring: in short, exciting! Truth or Dare is rightly one of the most popular teenager party games, because it thrives on imagination, ingenuity, wit and the thrill of testing limits and learning secrets.

To play Truth or Dare, you all sit in a circle and place a bottle horizontally in your center. The first player turns the bottle until it points to a person and this person may now choose either truth or duty. The person spinning the bottle may now either ask a question that must be answered truthfully or ask a task that must be done dutifully. Once this is done, the person who was chosen may spin the bottle again.

The fun of this party game stands and falls with ingenious questions and tasks! For inspiration, check out 101 Spin the Bottle Questions for 12+ and 101 Spin the Bottle Tasks for 12+ on our blog.

7. Card Kissing – Skill Game With Kisses

  • from 4 players
  • Game Material: Card Game

All players sit down in a circle. The starting player takes a card and sucks it with his lips. Now he turns his head and passes the card to his neighbor with a kiss without using his hands. This continues in turn. If the card falls down, both players are eliminated. Either you leave it at that, or the “penalty” is now that the two players have to kiss each other properly before they are eliminated. The winner is the pair that is left last.

8. Who Am I? Funny Guessing Game for Teen Parties

  • from 4 players
  • Game materials: pieces of paper and pens, scotch tape

At the beginning, everyone writes the name of a person on a piece of paper and fixes it with adhesive tape on the forehead of his left neighbor. All players from the person himself can now read who he is. The aim of the game is to guess who you are as quickly as possible, i.e. with few questions (first). To do this, one may only ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. The first player starts and may ask questions until a question is answered with a no. Then it is the turn of the left neighbor. Then it is the left neighbor’s turn. The game is over as soon as a player has guessed who he is. Alternatively, you can play until everyone has guessed who they are – because Who am I? is less about winning and more about the fun of guessing.

Check out our blog here for 11 awesome variants and lots of tips for Who Am I? as well as a fun variant of Who Am I? for horror fans.

9. Either-or? – The Funny Teenager Party Game

  • from 4 players
  • Game Material: none

The either-or game is great for breaking the ice and heating up the party mood. Because in this question game, a questioner asks a fellow player an either-or question to which the latter must answer truthfully and without hesitation. Now the questioner is allowed to ask another player a question. Thereby one learns enough for interesting conversations, there is guaranteed the one or other amazing answer and a lot of laughter. The fun stands and falls as so often with question games with the questions.

On our blog, you’ll find 100 questions for the either/or game that you can use and ideas for game variations!

10. Charades – Funny Party Game for Older Teens

  • from 2 players
  • Game Material: Slips of paper and pens

Preparation: Label pieces of paper with words and phrases.

First, form at least two teams of equal size. As soon as there are more than 4 players in a team, you should form more teams, because it is more fun that way.

Charades is about pantomiming words and phrases that are guessed by the team. During the performance, the mime is not allowed to talk, make noises, give the clues or use objects or point to anything.

The starting player draws a piece of paper and pantomimes what is written on it. Everyone tries to guess what it represents. If a player of his team guesses the term, the team gets two points, if a player of an opposing team guesses it, this team gets 1 point. The teams play in turn either until one team has collected 20 points or until all slips of paper have been used up. The team with the most points wins.

On our blog, you can find 7 more fun charades variations to play here.

Looking for more special teenager party games? Not only for the feast of ghosts, the sweet shivers of these Halloween games for teens can provide laughter, goosebumps and good mood. For very special parties, it’s worth choosing a theme and also planning the program including games accordingly. On our blog you will find inspiration for the best 10 theme parties for teenagers and many more ideas for activities with kids, friends and the partner for many occasions and at any time of the year.

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