How to make paper fortune cookies

24. December 2022 - Anika Semmer

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies - Easy Craft for Special Occasions | Tutorial




The happiness you are looking for is in another cookie! This time a paper one. The most important thing about a fortune cookies is not the cookie but the message. The best thing is that you can also make individual paper fortune cookies last minute and without baking. This is how it works. 

Paper fortune cookies are super easy to make yourself and a nice little DIY gift not only for New Year’s Eve but for any festive occasion. All you need is a glass to go around, glue and to know how to make the typical fortune cookie shape. You can find the instructions for making paper fortune cookies here.

And then, of course, you need the most important thing of all: an individual message hidden inside that will make people smile and laugh and is so good that it can be attached to the fridge door with a magnet. In this article you will find my Best Of with the funniest 20 sayings. You can find even more wisdom and oracle sayings here with the best 100 fortune cookie sayings.

Fortune Cookies for Different Occasions

In the past, they were mainly known from Asian restaurants: after the meal, everyone received a biscuit containing a piece of wisdom from the Far East or a saying that pointed to the future. Nowadays, fortune cookies are as much a part of New Year’s Eve as pouring lead and Dinner for One. How ingenious it is that you don’t have to resort to bought biscuits, which honestly don’t taste very good, but can bake them yourself – or make your own paper fortune cookies.

Paper fortune cookies are a super nice way to wrap up personal messages. Whether for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day or just to make a dear friend happy or as a creative voucher packaging. I wonder if anyone has ever hidden a marriage proposal in a fortune cookie? An absolutely creative favourite is to tell your loved one that he or she is going to be a daddy. 🙂

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Material List

  • Glass, cup (from 9 cm diameter) or compass
  • ideal: 120mg motif paper, alternatively wrapping paper
  • Printer & paper for the fortune cookie sayings
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or tape

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies

"Tutorial on how to make paper fortune cookies"

Tutorial on how to make paper fortune cookies

  1. Outline a glass or cup with a minimum diameter of 9 cm on the back of your chosen paper and cut out the circles.
  2. Place one half of the circle on top of the other and fix it with a glue dot in the middle to create a half moon. Do not fold this half circle so that it does not get a crease and push in the strip of paper with the fortune cookie saying once folded.
  3. Turn the half circle and place a finger in the middle and fold it over.
  4. Now glue the two ends together with tape or glue stick.
  5. If you like, you can embellish the fortune cookies with pens, hole punches, punches, etc. to suit the occasion.

The 20 Best Sayings for Fortune Cookies

All that’s missing now is the most important thing: the right saying?

“As long as your problem zones are only your hips and not your heart, everything is fine!”

Funny and motivating sayings go with every occasion. Forward-looking sayings and words of wisdom go best with New Year’s Eve and round birthdays. And when have I successfully chosen the best wedding sayings? “You’re not really successful until your mother-in-law says so!” Yes, that’s right… “Everything is difficult before it becomes easy”….

  1. Come to the dark side, we have biscuits!
  2. Self is the man – unless he has a wife.
  3. When everyone thinks of themselves, everyone is thought of.
  4. Thank you, you got me out of the cookie.
  5. He who comes first last, comes last first!
  6. A little crazy is very close to wonderful.
  7. Only when all else fails are you too fat for the swing.
  8. If you’ve been waiting for a sign: here it is!
  9. If you want to be beautiful, you have to laugh.
  10. Goodbye winter fat – hello spring roll!
  11. Money alone does not make you unhappy.
  12. Where there is a will, there should be no couch.
  13. If a screw is loose, life has some play.
  14. The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap.
  15. You’re just the right age. You just have to figure out what for.
  16. My goodness, what have you done?
  17. You better learn to comb your bad luck into a nice hairdo.
  18. Help! I’m being held captive in a fortune cookie bakery!
  19. The fortune you seek is in another cookie.
  20. Be a seagull. Screw it!

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