7 games with confetti for kids party, carnival and birthday

10. September 2022 - Anika Semmer

7 Games With Confetti – Fun Filled Party Games Every Kid Will Love


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Who will be confetti champion? Being creative, romping and moving, balancing and concentrating – these games with confetti will make the kids’ eyes light up. Turn your children’s party into a colourful celebration!

Confetti is lying in front of me and I think to myself: you can certainly do a lot more with it than just decorate. Confetti is colourful and is not only a popular party decoration but also stimulates the imagination and is great for crafting and playing! Young children from 3 years old are happy with very simple games with confetti – give each child a bag of confetti, turn on some music and let the children throw confetti in the air and dance under the confetti rain. You can also set up a ladder, climb it and let the confetti rain down on the children. Will the children manage to catch the confetti?

Older children enjoy games with confetti with simple rules, where everyone plays for themselves or teams compete in a playful competition. For children aged 5 and over, it’s worth setting up a course – I’ve never yet seen the kids lose the fun of climbing, cheering each other on, conquering new obstacles and running off again and again with their confetti cup.

Whether and to what extent you implement the competitive character of some of these colourful 7 games with confetti, you can decide for yourself in a way that best suits your rascals!

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7 Games with Confetti for Carnival and Children’s Birthdays

Not all confetti is the same! There is confetti with a motif, single-coloured confetti, mixed confetti and various confetti cannons. And of course you can also make the confetti yourself for these confetti games (with the kids). Punching, punching, tearing paper into shreds – you can also turn making confetti yourself into a game. However, especially younger children (3-4 years) do not have much stamina yet and you should prepare or buy enough confetti and not rely on the kids producing enough.

After the game, confetti – whether motifs or colourful dots – is a great craft! You can let the children draw printed or pre-painted motifs with the transparent glue stick, on which they then sprinkle confetti and press it down. Or you can glue on old glass to make beautiful colourful dotted vases.

1. Confetti Masters – Balance Games with Confetti

  • Paper cup
  • Confetti

How It Works

Fill one paper cup per child with the same amount of confetti. The children now place the paper cups on their heads and try to balance them for as long as possible. If the cup falls down and the confetti falls out, the child is eliminated. The winner and confetti champion is the child who is left at the end.

You can also vary the confetti game and make it more challenging by giving instructions. For example: walk 3 steps to the right, turn around once, lift one leg, etc.

Ideas for Fun Tasks

  • takes 5 steps to the left / right
  • walk 4 steps backwards
  •  go to another player and shake hands
  • lifts one leg
  • Touch your nose with your index finger
  • Turn once in a circle

2. Confetti Bangers – A Game With Confetti and Balloons

  • Balloons
  • Confetti

How It Works

Fill balloons with some confetti. Now each child gets a balloon and on a start signal the children start blowing up their balloons at the same time until they burst and there is a colourful confetti rain!

3. Confetti Course for Children From 4 Years

  • Cushions, chairs, small obstacles
  • If necessary, streamers
  • Confetti
  • Scarf or a turban
  • Shell
  • Coloured adhesive tape
  • Prices

How It Works

Set up a small course, for example with cushions, chairs and small obstacles. Mark the start and finish with a strip of coloured tape. If it’s across the flat, you can use streamers to mark the route of the course.

Now fill a bowl with confetti and tie a turban around the head of the first child with a cloth. This way the bowl rests better on the head. Now the children balance the course one after the other and try to reach the finish without spilling the confetti! Everyone can try as long as they like. All those who make it get a small prize.

4. Confetti Catcher – Who Catches the Most Confetti?

  • Confetti
  • 1 Confetti Shooter
  • Drinking cup
  • Small prizes for the winners

How It Works

Each child gets a plastic cup. All the children find a place closely around an adult. The adult shoots confetti into the air with a confetti shooter and the children try to catch as much confetti as possible in their cups. As soon as the last confetti has sailed to the ground, you count up how many confetti each child has. If the catches are large, it is best to empty the confetti onto a table and compare which pile is larger. The child who caught the most confetti wins and gets a small prize.

5. Confetti Rainbow – Crafting and Playing with Confetti

  • Confetti
  • 1 Confetti Shooter
  • Shells
  • Music
  • Large sheet of paper, glue stick

How It Works

At least two children team up and form a team. Each team gets two bowls. An adult starts the music and shoots confetti into the air. Each colour team now has time to collect confetti until the music stops. In one bowl, each colour team collects confetti in their colour. In the other bowl, the team can collect all other confetti to make it harder for the competition.

When the song is finished, sort the bowls with the coloured confetti according to the amount of snippets in one colour. Now glue a rainbow together, with the colours depending on how much confetti there is. Glue the least confetti as the tightest bow, etc. Finally, spread glue as a frame around the rainbow and let all the children scatter their colourful collected confetti on it.

6. Blow Confetti – Competitive Games with Confetti

  • Confetti
  • Coloured adhesive tape
  • flat floor
  • 2 bowls of confetti in one colour each

How It Works

Stick a 1m wide strip of tape opposite each other on the floor 3-6m apart. The children form two teams and are each given a bowl of plain confetti to scatter on their tape line. On a start signal, the children try to blow their confetti over their opponent’s line. The opposing team tries to prevent this and blow their confetti over the other team’s line. The children are allowed to move freely in the room until they reach the opposing team’s line.

The team that has blown all the confetti in the opponent’s colour over the line first is the winner!

7. Piñata – The Game Where It Rains Confetti and Sweets

  • Piñata and stick
  • Sweets
  • Confetti
  • eyepatch

How It Works

Fill the piñata with confetti and sweets and hang it from the ceiling or a branch. It is important that the children can reach the piñata with their arms outstretched. If there is a birthday child, he or she may begin. The child is blindfolded and given a stick. They try to hit the piñata as many times as possible and make the confetti and sweets rain down. After three attempts, it is the next child’s turn. The moment the confetti and sweets fall out of the piñata, all the children are allowed to pounce on them and pick them up. Finally, the sweets are divided fairly.

The piñata is one of the confetti games that comes from another part of the world: Latin America! In Latin America, the smashing of the colourful round piñata with spikes had religious significance. The piñata embodied evil, and when it was smashed, blessings poured out in the form of sweets and fruit.

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We wish you a colourful and exuberant children’s party with our beautiful games with confetti!

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