This is how to plan a house party

4. July 2020 - Anika Semmer

How to Plan a House Party – 20 Things You Have to Know




Shards of glass everywhere, drunks mobbing the neighbours, strangers having sex in your own bed or yawning boredom and no party atmosphere – horror scenario! We’ll tell you how to prevent this from happening and how to plan a house party!

House parties that totally escalate are fun for everyone – except the host! Angry neighbours, trashed rooms and a hellish morning afterwards. Almost worse is a house party where everyone speaks in hushed voices, hardly any alcohol is drunk and the only ones not sitting stiffly on the couch are the little men of the game of ludo. When you plan a house party, you are already setting the course for success!

It is worthwhile to plan a house party with a party checklist so that you can have as much fun as possible – and so that there are no unpleasant surprises the morning after.

What kind of house party are you planning? A fancy theme party, an atmospheric party in the dark, with drinking games or without? At Abenteuer Freundschaft, you’ll find 10 brilliant house party ideas and plenty of inspiration to party together on our ultimate theme partylist.

How to Plan a House Party

When it comes to the question how to plan a house party there's a lot to think about

Deco and party décor are hugely important to the party atmosphere

Why not just throw a party and not stress about a theme and prepare one or two drinking games or party games to break the ice? If you already make sure when planning the house party that there is no boredom right from the start, that the guests have something to laugh about and talk about, then the house party will be a no-brainer.

Having a party game in stock is never wrong, especially if many guests don’t know each other. It’s a fun way to get people talking, and popular cult party games like I’ve never played will arouse curiosity and get people talking. If you know for sure that some guests are into such games, it’s worth hosting a Beer Pong tournament – preferably in the garden or garage.

1. Write a Party Checklist to Tick Off!

There is no way to plan a house party without a party checklist. Got the party theme down? Check. Which date is suitable? Check. What do I still have to do and when? Check. Neighbours informed? Check.
You can make it even easier for yourself by simply printing out Party Checklist or going through it on your smartphone. 🙂

2. You Need a Shopping List!

Now take pen in hand and write down everything you need. As you go through the items.

Keine Produkte gefunden.

3. Where Does Your House Party Take Place?

Logical – at home. So far, so clear. But how many rooms do you have available? Is there a garden, a garage or just a balcony? How many seats can you offer? You should decide how many guests you want to invite.

4. Written Invitations and No Facebook!

Facebook groups can work and can backfire. This is because those who RSVP on Facebook are less likely to commit than with a short binding confirmation and maybe attendees give you grey hairs when planning a house party. It may sound old school, but the most reliable and best way is to send written invitations with an explicit request to accept or decline.

5. How Many Guests Are Coming and Who Is Bringing What?

Get your guests involved. A good house party includes tasty snacks, and there are plenty of friends who are happy to contribute.

6. What Drinks Are Available and How Much Should You Get?

Beer, booze and anti-alcoholic drinks – and a generous amount of everything. What you should avoid at all costs is running out of drinks during the party!!! That’s why it’s advisable to buy more on consignment at the drinks shop – if there’s far too much left over, you can then bring the drinks back.

7. Food, Yes or No?

If you’re planning a big house party, it’s worth offering a buffet. Make sure you have something for vegetarians and vegans too, and mark these dishes as “vegan” and “vegetarian” on a separate piece of paper at the end of the table.

It is worth preparing a midnight meal in advance! The best thing is a big pot of chilli, which you only need to heat up, and baguette to go with it. For smaller parties, pizza rolls or toast Hawaii are great. Or save yourself the work and order pizza at night.

8. What Snacks Do You Need?

Alcohol makes you crave snacks. In short, chips, pretzel sticks, gummy bears – and anything else you want to offer.

9. Plan For Lots of Cups and Plates!

Get cups, shot glasses and plates that you can throw away, and lots of them. At good house parties, cups get lost and left behind all the time. You don’t have to resort to environmentally unfriendly plastic tableware! There are organic plastic cups and palm-leaf twist plates that don’t cost the earth either!

The best way to prevent shards and guarantee that cups and plates never run out.


10. Get the Party Decorations in Time!

Balloons are great for marking the front door so people don’t ring the wrong bell. For a theme party, there are of course plenty of alternatives – e.g. stylish barrier tapes to match the theme, door signs etc.

Of course, you’re not having a children’s birthday party, so you can have it your way with the decorations. Some people think it’s uncool and childish – personally, I think a little bit never hurts and creates a party atmosphere. For example, garlands and lanterns, lanterns and lanterns for the balcony, a few party glasses and fun sets to encourage people to take photos with them.

The more specific your ideas, the more worthwhile it is to order the party decorations early on the Internet, e.g. at amazon*, to save yourself a lot of running around.

11. Light for Party Atmosphere

Bright ceiling spotlights are absolute mood killers. You need dim, cosy lighting. You can’t spread candles and lanterns around enough.

In the main room of the party, it’s worth hanging a disco ball or setting up a light machine. The light should be directed towards the dance floor.

12. Which Rooms Do I Use for What?

There absolutely must be at least one chill out area for comfortable sitting. Ideally, not in the same room where people are supposed to be boisterously dancing. To provide more seating, simply have enough cushions on hand so that people can also sit on the floor.

Clear the dance floor and illuminate it invitingly with the disco lights. The music should be loudest there and encourage people to stay there.

Lock the bedroom before the party starts! That’s where couples go, and what they usually do then, well, doesn’t necessarily have to happen in your bed, right?

13. Where to Put the Smokers?

Either you set up a room as a smoking room – but then it will smell of smoke for at least 2 weeks. Advantage: This way you avoid smokers making noise on the balcony or in the garden – usually the first reason why the police are alerted.

Alternatively, you can set up a smokers’ corner on the balcony or in the garden with ashtrays, lanterns, etc. It is a bit annoying but important to make sure that the noise level does not escalate. Experience has shown that this is almost impossible the later it gets…

14. What Music Do I Play?

Prepare a playlist and think of 2-3 friends before the party starts who will take care of music requests with you, everyone else should keep their hands off. Otherwise, everyone will quickly have their smartphone in their hand and everyone has a different taste in music. Via wifi or Blutooth, you can easily play any song you want via Youtube or Spotify.

Your stereo can’t do that? There are now great Blutooth speakers, which of course can’t be turned up as loud as a system with speakers, but many of them have a lot of power. I actually bought the Blutooth speaker (see link) to take to the park and beach on holiday and I am very happy with it.

15. Drinking and Party Games: Yes!  – Classic Party Games: No!

There are party gurus for whom games of all kinds are a no-go at a party. We, on the other hand, say – it all depends on how many guests you are expecting!

It’s always worth having popular drinking games and party games on hand – it’s not a must and they can liven up the party if it gets off to a lame start. For smaller parties, a few rounds of Activity from 18 or Privacy Quickie won’t kill the mood either, if guests are up for it.

However, full evening strategy games and parlour games are better shoved under the bed where no one will discover them 😉

Inform everyone who might be disturbed by the party (noise level) that you are having a party. We recommend that you put up a notice in the hallway with a short, nice text, a mobile phone number and a request to ring the bell if you have any complaints.

Direct neighbours and tenants who live directly above or below the flat should be visited in person and asked to let you know if they have any reason to complain.

17. Keep Fragile and Valuable Items Out of the Party Area

Anything that you have your heart set on and that could be broken should be put away. It’s best to put them in a lockable room.

18. Lock Rooms Where No One Is Supposed to Go

No one should be in bedrooms or attics. Before the party starts, lock all rooms where no one is supposed to be.

19. Door Policy – Who Is Welcome?

It’s not for nothing that not everyone is welcome in hip clubs (prime example: Berghain). And a loud house party automatically attracts revellers. As a matter of principle, you should not let drunks in. It’s up to you how strict you are about turning away uninvited people, but you should make sure that not every guest opens the door and lets every stranger into the party.

20. Think About the Morning After!

Ask some friends to help you clean up the next day. Your thank you? A round of pizza from the delivery service and when their next party comes around, you’re sure to be a good help in planning the house party and you can also return the favour with the mop…

There are lots of ideas for gifts and special activities to discover with friends, family and partner on our ideas portal for leisure. We appreciate your Like on Facebook and Instagram and your recommendation!

*There are so-called affiliate links in this article. This means that if you buy a product through one of these links, Abenteuer Freundschaft may receive a small commission. Nothing changes for you in the product price.


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