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Game instructions for 7 games with streamers for carnival and children's birthday parties

13. August 2022 - Anika Semmer

7 Games With Streamers That Have What It Takes to Be a Party Hit




Who will win the snake battle and balance to the treasure in the streamers maze? These 7 game ideas for games with streamers are particularly suitable for kids from 4 years of age for children’s birthday parties or children’s carnivals.

Balloons, streamers, confetti, horns, colourful decorations are part of every children’s party. The ingenious thing is that with the party decorations you already have everything you need to play a game and streamers are inexpensive and much more versatile than you think. They can dance through the air, challenge you to a balancing act and stimulate your imagination. In short, streamers are far too good to just hang around as decoration!

The rolled up colourful paper strips are wonderful to play with and are perfect for small party games. Children don’t need any great play equipment to let their imagination run wild and have fun – even children as young as 3 years old will have great fun with streamers and a few ideas of what they can do with them and surprise you with their creativity. Give each child a streamer and let them unroll it and ask, “What can you do with it?” Each child gets to present their idea and the other children get to share it.

Some of these 7 games with streamers can be played as a competition, but the competitive character can be emphasised more or less depending on the age or the kids. There are no long waiting times for any of the games and, depending on their temperament, things can get pretty heated – especially with the snake fight. At our last children’s party, we cleaned up the streamers 4 times and distributed them again because the kids had so much fun with their snake fight. 🙂

Looking for more game ideas for your kids’ party? Here you’ll find 25 balloon games for children, ingenious ideas for the scavenger hunt at home and much more. On Abenteuer Freundschaft, lots of fun and exciting ideas for games and childrens birthday parties are waiting for you!

7 Games With Streamers for Children’s Birthday Parties and Carnivals

"Games with streamers awaken the imagination and are wonderful for movement games"

Wire rope or snake? With imagination, streamers are much more than mere decoration

Streamers come in all sorts of colours and quantities and even spray. These 7 games with streamers we have all played with normal paper streamers. But some of them can also be played with spray-on streamers – which will send most children into a frenzy.

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1. Paper Streamer Maze – A Game With Paper Streamers and partyhorns

  • partyhorns (one per child)
  • streamers
  • Treasure for snacking
  • eyepatch

How It Works

Lay out a maze on the floor with streamers. At the end – at the finish – there is a treasure, for example sweets. Choose a child, blindfold them and lead them to the start of the maze. All the other children may take a horn. They signal to the blind child with their whistle when to stop, when to walk and when to turn.

If the child enters or crosses the streamer line, then it is the next child’s turn and they continue from there. When a child reaches the finish line, he/she may divide the treasure among all the children.

2. Snake Throwing – Whose Snake Hangs First?

  • rope
  • rolled-up streamers

How It Works

Stretch a rope at about the height of the children’s heads. The children should now stand next to each other on both sides of the rope and each get a streamer. Everyone now tries to throw his or her streamer over the rope in such a way that it hangs over it.

Alternative game idea: The children can also try to blow their streamers over the rope so that they get stuck.

3. Snake Blowing – Who Will Blow His Snake Into the Target First?

  • Coloured adhesive tape
  • rolled-up streamers
  • cushions
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How It Works

In the party room, mark a start line and a finish line with coloured tape. Place as many cushions as there are children directly in front of the starting line. Now each child gets a rolled-up streamer and sits on a cushion directly in front of the starting line.

Each child now tries to blow his or her streamer over the finish line first. Special applause is given for streamers that have been blown so far at once that the end reaches over the finish line by itself. Any child who does not make it immediately and whose snake is lying on the ground can blow his or her snake lying on the ground to the finish line.

4. Snake Treasure Hunt – Games With Streamers That Have Already Been Used

  • Many streamers
  • Many colourful ping-pong balls
  • Music and device to play

How It Works

Many balls are hiding under a mountain of streamers. As soon as the music starts playing, all the children go on a treasure hunt and dig through the streamers for ping-pong balls and collect them. When the music stops, the treasure hunt stops immediately. Each child shows his or her treasure of balls, the balls are counted and the child with the most balls wins.

5. Blow Wide – Games With Streamers in Teams

  • streamers
  • Tape for the start line
  • Score board or marbles and two bowls for counting for each team
  • possibly price

How It Works

In this paper streamer game, the children form at least two teams. Two players at a time compete against each other.

A starting line is marked with an adhesive strip, which may not be crossed. Two children from different teams always stand in front of this line. Each child gets a streamer and blows it as far as possible. It is important that the streamers open properly. The streamer that has flown the furthest earns the player’s team a point.

When each child has had 1, 2 or 3 turns (depending on how many children are playing), the score is counted and the team with the most points wins. In case of a tie, you can have a deciding round where each team chooses their three favourite betting patterns and sends them to the starting line until there is a winning team!

6.Streamer Course – Balance Game on Streamers

  • streamers
  • If necessary, obstacles such as cushions, chairs, tables etc.

How It Works

The children, together with an adult, lay out streamers as a continuous line on the floor. The ends of the streamers are glued together by an adult. Whether straight, snake-shaped or in loops, the children decide. As soon as the course is finished, the children balance one after the other as tightrope walkers on the line. Once everyone has reached the finish line, a new course can be set and the challenge varied.

Obstacles can also be integrated into the course. For example, the snake can lead over chairs that have to be climbed on, under tables, etc.

7. Snake Battle – In Which Snake Lie the Most Snakes?

  • streamers
  • at least 2 empty rubbish bins
  • Music and playback device or start signal

How It Works

The snake fight is a super clean-up game for which the children form 2 teams. Each team gets a bin – their snake pit and places it where they want. At a start signal or when the music starts, all the children run and collect the streamers lying around. As soon as a child has a streamer, he or she crumples it into a ball and throws this ball into the bin of his or her team from a distance of at least 1m. If the ball is hit, the crumpled up snake has to stay there.

However, the opposing team may also position themselves around the opposing snake pit and try to intercept the throws before the rolled-up snakes land in the pit. Throwing and throwing oneself into the line of fire of the snake is of course also allowed. When all the snakes are in the pits, the game is over, the music stops and the team with the most snakes curled up in the pit is the winner.

We wish you and the rascals a furious children’s party with great games with streamers!

Looking for more ideas? On Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find new inspiration every week for special games and leisure activities for families, friends and couples and everything that’s fun to do together. It’s worth a look!

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*This article contains affiliate links, i.e. if you order a product through it, we get a small commission.


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