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8. October 2022 - Alexander Schmidt

Vampire Party for Kids – 7 Tips for a Spooky Celebration




Scary cool and scary beautiful – that’s what many kids think of vampires and that’s why they want a vampire party for their birthday, carnival or Halloween. Here we have 7 tips for you on how to create a great spooky vampire party for kids! 

Kids love to be creeped out and they love to dress up. Especially the nocturnal bloodsuckers have it in for many kids and that’s more than understandable: vampires have style after all! They live in castles, wear black capes and can also transform into bats and fly through the night. It’s clear that quite a few children dream of slipping into their role for a day. (And so do adults…)

7 Tips for a Vampire Party for Kids


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A vampire party for kids is especially popular for Halloween because of the spooky theme, but some kids also want it as a kid’s birthday party.

A great advantage of the theme vampires is that it stimulates the imagination and that there are numerous design options for this, which have already been tested and reliably ensure a successful children’s party. From spooky toys to age-appropriate vampire decorations, to vampire games for kids and snacks for little vampires….

However, there are a few things to consider when throwing a vampire party for kids. First of all, depending on the age of the children, care should be taken to ensure that the eerie party is not too scary, so that none of the children get nightmares afterwards. In this regard, you can take a little inspiration from children’s books and movies that are about vampires and give a child-friendly image of vampires.


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A classic in this respect is the book series “The Little Vampire “* by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, which is also internationally known and served as a model for television series, films and several radio plays. Further recommendations are the novel series “The Vampire Sisters” by Franziska Grehm (also filmed), the animated series and comics about the vegetarian duck vampire “Count Duckula” and the film series “Hotel Transylvania”.

Bestseller Nr. 1
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The Little Vampire Moves In: Volume 2
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The Little Vampire: Volume 1
The Little Vampire: Volume 1
Sommer-Bodenburg, Angela (Author)
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Bestseller Nr. 3
Der kleine Vampir
Der kleine Vampir
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For children of kindergarten age there is a nice picture book: “One Two Three Vampire” by Nadja Budde:

Eins zwei drei Vampir
Eins zwei drei Vampir
Nadia Budde (Author)
13,00 EUR Amazon Prime

For slightly older children and teenagers, the classic movie “Dance of the Vampires” is recommended, and for teens, the famous “Twilight” series (books and movies).

1. Preparation and Checklist

"Fictional works like "The Little Vampire" are a great source of inspiration for a vampire party for kids"

TV series 'The Little Vampire' (DE 1993) © Polyphon

Preparation is essential for a good theme party. With a party checklist you make the planning much easier.

The most important questions you should ask yourself when planning a vampire party for kids are:

  1. How many kids will be coming?
  2. How many adults will be there to supervise?
  3. Where will the party take place? Is there a location that fits the theme?
  4. What will there be to eat and drink? Matching the vampire theme?
  5. What vampire decorations are available or need to be purchased?
  6. Which music fits the vampire theme but is age-appropriate at the same time?
  7. Are special program items such as games planned?

While the first two questions are of course important for every children’s party, the other questions are also about how you can best implement the vampire theme in a child-friendly way.

Let the following ideas inspire you 😉

2. Spooky Fun in the Party Crypt – Location and Decoration

"Matching vampire decorations will create the right atmosphere at a vampire party for kids."

The right vampire decoration will create the right atmosphere.

Where should the party take place? Inside or outside or partly, partly? And what can you do to make the location as vampire spooky as possible?

Where vampires live – every child knows that! In castles, in cemeteries, in crypts and dungeons. If you are lucky enough to have a party cellar, you can now cheer loudly and immediately start painting a sign for the front door. With bats, cobwebs, fangs dripping blood and the old-fashioned squiggly lettering “Family vault of the vampires of Schleckenstein” (or something like that).

But of course, this will look just as good on the door to the living room or wherever your vampire party for kids is. Any room can be transformed into an eerie old masonry with the appropriate decorations and the children’s imagination. Those who own a garden or celebrate outside on a meadow can also declare an area a cemetery where the vampires dwell and decorate it with one or more cardboard tombstones, for example.

Vampire decorations of all kinds are available just en masse in stores: artificial cobwebs, spiders and bats made of plastic, table napkins and paper plates with bat motif and much more.

Also posters of vampire series and vampire movies for children, such as those mentioned above are eye-catchers that provide atmosphere.

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5 original DarXity Blutkerzen - innen rot, außen schwarz…
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3. “Dear Countess…” – The invitation to the vampire party for children

Send out the invitation to the vampire party for children as early as possible, because the other parents also need preparation time to get their children suitable costumes or, if necessary, also prepare food and choose suitable gifts.

Ideally, the invitation should not only name the motto, but also embody it in style. If you have a creative streak, you can let off steam here: whether drawn or painted by hand or created on the computer with software: Invitation cards with self-designed vampire motifs look great and motivate the little guests (or their parents) to make an effort to implement the motto in style.

Here at Abenteuer Freundschaft, you can also find instructions on how to make a bat invitation card.

The text of the invitation should also embody the theme. For example, you could write the children as a count or countess. As inspiration may also serve our invitation texts for Halloween.

4. Clothes Make Vampires – Vampire Costumes for Children

"Already with the invitation to a vampire party for kids you can inspire the guests."

Welcome to my vampire party for kids!

At every theme party, good disguises are the be-all and end-all and for children, dressing up means even more than for adults, transforming into someone else. They slip into a role and are in another world.

If your child has wished for the vampire party for kids, he or she will one hundred percent also want a really great vampire costume. Especially since he or she, as the host, should also set a good example.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to dress up as a vampire: the most essential feature are the pointed fangs.


For this purpose, there are also vampire teeth suitable for children to buy in stores. However, the disadvantage is that it is quite difficult to talk, eat or drink with them.

A possible alternative is to make up the canines with children’s make-up. This will probably be smudged when you eat, but you can quickly paint it back on afterwards.

If you have a knack for it, it could also be one of the (announced) program points of your vampire party for children to make up all the children who want to be vampires: with pale complexion, blood-red lips and just the iconic canines.

As for the clothes themselves, a flowing cape is the unmistakable classic among vampiric garments, regardless of gender. Otherwise, suits and flowing skirts or dresses are typically associated with vampires*, with black and crimson colors often dominating.

But of course, there are no limits to the imagination and in books, movies and television have long been seen vampires in all styles of history. Ultimately, it depends here on the wishes of the children (as long as they can be realistically implemented).

Of course, there are also ready-made vampire costumes for children in stores, for example, at amazon:

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papapanda Vampir Umhang Stehkragen für Kinder Schwarz Rot 1m
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5. Red Juice and Fried Bat Wings – Vampire Snacks and Drinks.

"Vampire donuts are a super snack idea for a vampire party for kids"

Vampire donuts - An ideal snack for a vampire party for kids

The fact that vampires maintain their own special diet, namely feeding on the blood of the living, is almost a defining characteristic. How lucky that most kids love ketchup! Add to that “bone” fries and you’ve lent some of the party’s theme to a childhood favorite.

But red juices like strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb or currant juice also make good “blood substitutes” and are very popular with kids – whether straight or as a spritzer.

As for the food, red Jell-O always goes down well. And for further inspiration, you can find numerous recipes for vampiric creepy snacks on the web, e.g. for Vampire Burgers, Saltstick Gravestones or Vampire Donuts.

6. Games With Bite – Vampire Games for Kids Parties

What would a kid’s birthday party, or a kid’s party in general, be without games? Hide and seek, tag, sack race, pot banging or catch the hat – such classics always go down well.

But if it’s already a vampire party for kids, why not play games matching the theme?

We’ve already published a post at Abenteuer Freundschaft on this very topic:

Here you can find our top 5 vampire games for kids! (TODO: WRITE!)

7. The Glorious Sounds of the Night – Music for Your Vampire Party for Kids

Nothing sets the mood and atmosphere quite like music. Especially for a spooky theme like vampires, the background sound can add that special creepy factor. At a vampire party for kids, however, you should be careful that it doesn’t backfire. After all, the kids should have fun and not be afraid.

It is therefore important to consider the age group of the children and to make the selection accordingly. Especially good are songs that fit thematically, but still provide a good mood and even invite you to sing along, such as these Halloween songs for kids:


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Or this groovy “Vampire Wedding Song”:


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Good luck planning and have fun hosting your vampire party for kids!!!

But while you’re here at Abenteuer Freundschaft, stay a little while longer to browse through our many ideas – it’s worth it, I promise! 😉

You’ll find many more party ideas for young and old, but much more than that. Our website is all about enriching your life with special and unforgettable moments spent together with the people you care about most.

Take a look at our activities with friends, for couples or for families. And if you like what you find and don’t want to miss any of our ideas in the future, just follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

*This article contains so-called affiliate links. That means, if you order a product through it, we might get a small commission for it, without it being even a cent more expensive for you!


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