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11. January 2018 - Anika Semmer

Fun Party Game for Celebrations – Crack the Surprise Nut! | Game Rules




Give your guests a surprise nut to crack! This fun party game for celebrations lightens the mood right from the start and gets all the guests involved. Especially if not all guests know each other, it is ideal for getting into conversation with each other and provides original entertainment.

Depending on how spontaneous and creative your guests are, you can prepare surprise nuts before the party or you can challenge the guests and their creativity. How? I’ll explain that in a moment! Ideas for 20 original tasks for this creative party game for celevrations can be found further down in this article!

Crack the Surprise Nut – The Party Game for Celebrations

  • From 4 players
  • Duration: min. 10 minutes

What you need

  • Per guest 4 walnut halves – alternatively surprise egg shells*
  • Per guest 2 paper strips
  • Pens
  • Per guest, 2 10 x 10 cm pieces of aluminium foil
  • A bowl or hat
  • Fantasie


How To Play the Party Game for Celebrations

Each party guest gets 4 walnut halves, paper and a pen. Now you ask each guest to give free rein to their creativity and imagination and write a task, a joke or another interactive idea on each of the 2 paper strips. So that the guests are not immediately overwhelmed, you give them examples and ask them to form teams to get more ideas.

Once the paper strips are labelled, fold them up and put one strip in each nut and fold the halves on top of each other. Now wrap the nut with aluminium foil to keep the halves together and collect all the surprise nuts in a bowl or hat.

This party game for celebrations can provide entertainment all evening, depending on your mood. Either you ask for volunteers to take surprise nuts, open them and complete the tasks or you introduce that whenever a certain word is said – for example the name of the host – the person has to crack a surprise nut.

To lower the inhibition threshold, you can ask the guests to get together in teams and crack nuts together. And, of course, you yourself will be the first to do it. 🙂

Tip: For smaller parties, you can also ask the guests on the invitation to come up with tasks and bring along the necessary equipment. The more creative the tasks and ideas, the more fun all the guests will have 😉

Crack the Surprise Nut - the party game for celebrations where the party gets high

There will be a lot of cheers at this party game for parties!

Suggestions for 20 Fun Tasks

In our suggestions, a shot of alcohol is the penalty for the losers in tasks involving several players. Of course, you don’t have to give an alcoholic “punishment“! You can also simply collect penalty points and write them down on a poster next to the name as a tally sheet for all to see. The winner – or the best 3 – will then get a winner’s prize at a prize-giving ceremony towards the end of the party.

  1. You are a sculptor. Find a person to be your statue and sculpt them in the pose as a famous statue from history. For example, Michelangelo’s David, Auguste Rodin’s Thinker, a Greek Aphrodite, etc.
  2. Swap a piece of clothing with a person of the opposite sex who is older than you.
  3. Find an opponent, sit across from them at a table and duel to see who can go longer without laughing. The loser must exen a shot.
  4. Proclaim that everyone must address you as “Majesty / Queen” this evening. Anyone who fails to do so must drink a punishment shot on the spot.
  5. Find 3 companions – you should be 2 women and 2 men. Now the women sit on the men’s laps, everyone is blindfolded and the men’s task is to feed the women (with whipped cream / apple sauce / pudding / cake / dessert). For this, the women hold a small bowl on their lap, the men get a spoon and off they go. The couple that completes the task better is the winner – the losers may have to drink a shot as a punishment.
  6. Find 3 other people and get 2 toilet paper rolls from the bathroom – you form two pairs. On a start signal, 1 competitor per team stands stock-still and the other starts to wrap the toilet paper roll around him as quickly as possible and turn him into a mummy. The winner is the one whose toilet paper does not tear for longer or who finishes wrapping it first! The losers may have to drink a shot as punishment.
  7. Sing a serenade of your choice
  8. Recount an embarrassing anecdote from your childhood or youth
  9. Dice competition! Find any number of other people, take 6 dice and sit down at a table. Now drop the dice 10 times in a row. After each roll, you have to add up the number of dice as quickly as possible and call it out loud. All players who were too slow have to drink a shot as punishment. 🙂
  10. Find fellow players and play 5 rounds of Truth or Dare
  11. Get some mates and play 5 rounds of Neve have I never
  12. Find a teammate. Tear this piece of paper in half and crumple it into paper balls. Get 2 spoons, 2 bowls and a piece of string from the kitchen. Set up the bowls and lay out the string at a distance of 2-4 metres as a starting line, position yourselves next to each other (standing, sitting, lying down) without stepping over it. Put a paper ball on your spoons, give a start signal and try to hit the bowl 3 times with it. The first person to do this wins.
  13. Pantomime! Pantomime the concept of party king!
  14. Get 3 comrades-in-arms. Each of you gets a large piece of tinfoil. Now ask the watching guests to think of a term and say it out loud. The 4 of you now form this term from your piece of tinfoil. The audience decides who has done the best job. All others may take a penalty shot.
  15. Throw on a song of your choice on YouTube and dance to it like Michael Jackson.
  16. For the rest of the evening, call all men Honey and all women Sugarboy.
  17. Watch out, nasty! Text a declaration of love to a person your friends pick.
  18. Slip into the role of a film hero and impersonate him during the party until someone guesses who you are!
  19. Marry someone spontaneously and tell them 3 things you think are enormously great about them
  20. Snag the host and take a funny selfie with them as a memento

At Abenteuer Freundschaft you’ll find many more party games, ideas for partying together and generally great activities with friends, with your partner or with kids. On your marks, start browsing 😉

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