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Disney party for adults - Mickey and Minnie Mouse go to celebrate with the evil fairy Malefiz.

16. February 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Disney Party for Adults - Celebrate With Mickey, Donald and Co.




Whether as Beauty and the Beast, Ariel the Mermaid, Scrooge McDuck or Goofy – everyone experiences fantastic adventures at a Disney party for adults!

A Disney theme party? That’s something for children! Yes, but not only, because after all, adults all over the world also love their Disney canon. While some can’t get enough of Duckburg and its inhabitants, others love the fairytale heroes and characters from Disney’s masterpiece series from Snow White to Vaiana.

A Disney party for adults offers the perfect opportunity to discover the child in you again and immerse yourself in a fantasy world for an evening.

6 Ideas for a Disney Party for Adults

For the best planning of a Disney party for adults, you should consider the following 6 points.

1. Theme and Invitation for the Disney Party for Adults

As the organiser of a Disney party for adults, you should first think about how you envisage it and how exactly you define the theme.

Either you leave it entirely up to your guests to choose a Disney-themed costume or you limit the party theme. For example, you could celebrate under the motto “Welcome to Duckburg”, or “Heroines & Heroes from Disney’s Masterpieces”, “Pixar Worlds”, etc.

It’s best to tell all your guests about this in the invitation, which should also match the theme. You can either be creative yourself and use appropriate pictures from Disney films, cartoons or comics to design the invitation cards, or you can use Disney cards that are available in stores, e.g. on amazon*.

2. Disney Decoration

It is particularly important at any theme party that the location is decorated to match the theme and create the right atmosphere. For a Disney party for adults, this means that everything from the paper napkins to the wall decorations should have something to do with Disney.

If you’re hosting a Disney party, chances are you’re a big Disney fan and you might have a Disney-themed item or two anyway. Or if you’re a mum or dad, you might find something in the children’s room and be able to borrow the big Mickey Mouse clock etc.

In any case, there is always the possibility of ordering beautiful decorations conveniently on the Internet. Here are a few suggestions:

3. Disney Costumes for Women

Arielle or rather Ursula the Sea Witch? Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck or Gundel Gaukeley? Alice, Belle, Snow White or would you prefer Pocahontas? The choice of Disney heroines is huge and whether you want to look beautiful and elegant, cute or adventurously daring – there is an immense selection of Disney costumes to choose from:

4. Disney Costumes for Men

And men also have many options when choosing a Disney costume. Do you go as Uncle Scrooge or the Beagle Boys? As Mickey, Goofy, Donald or Tick, Trick and Track? Or would you rather choose one of the Disney heroes from the masterpiece films like Aladdin, Tarzan or Mulan to play the role of?

Here are a few suggestions for inspiration:

Bestseller Nr. 1
Disney Herren Schlafanzug Donald Duck Herren Nachtwäsche Pyjama Set (M, Schwarz)
Disney Herren Schlafanzug Donald Duck Herren Nachtwäsche Pyjama Set (M, Schwarz)
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Rubie's offizielles Disney-Kostüm Genie aus Aladdin, für Männer
Rubie's offizielles Disney-Kostüm Genie aus Aladdin, für Männer
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Rubie's offizielles Disney-Kostüm für Genie aus Aladdin, für Kinder
Rubie's offizielles Disney-Kostüm für Genie aus Aladdin, für Kinder
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ORION COSTUMES Herren Super Klempner 80er Jahre Videospiel Kostüme
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Men's Moana Maui Tattoo T-Shirt/Trousers with Leaf Skirt Halloween Adult Cosplay Costumes
Men's Moana Maui Tattoo T-Shirt/Trousers with Leaf Skirt Halloween Adult Cosplay Costumes
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46,80 EUR

5. Food and Drinks for an Disney Party for Adults

Food and drink at a theme party should also match the theme. But what on earth do Disney characters actually feed on? The answer is: from everything and nothing in particular and therefore the best way to implement the theme is to do it visually.

Especially baked goods such as biscuits, cakes, but also bread or pizza can easily be put in the form of a Mickey Mouse face or another iconic Disney motif.

6. Music – A Playlist of Party-Worthy Disney Songs

While at a Disney party for children all the music can be from Disney soundtracks, at a Disney party for adults you should mainly choose party music that is easy to dance to and liked by the majority of the guests.

However, this does not mean that the Disney theme has to be left out of the music selection altogether! A Disney song every now and then is sure to cause a few laughs and maybe even spontaneous karaoke at a later hour ?

Here is a small selection of Disney songs suitable for parties:

  • “The Eternal Circle” (Lion King)
  • “Hakuna Matata” (The Lion King)
  • “Under the Sea” (Ariel the Mermaid)
  • “Try a little cosiness” (The Jungle Book)
  • “I’d love to be like you” (The Jungle Book)
  • “Just a little friendship” (Aladdin)
  • “Be a guest here” (Beauty and the Beast)
  • “Cats need an awful lot of music” (Aristocats)
  • “In seconds to a hundred” (Hercules)

Have fun at your Disney party for adults!

Abenteuer Freundschaft also has a ultimate theme parties list!

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*This article contains affiliate links. This means that if a product (e.g. from amazon) is ordered through it, we receive a small commission without changing anything for the buyer in terms of price.

Image source Cover image: © anokarina (CC BY SA-2.0)


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