A dinosaur theme party is a nice theme for a children's birthday party

31. August 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Dinosaur Theme Party – 7 Lava-Hot Tipps How to Throw It




Dinosaurs are a perennial favourite with children and a perfect theme for a children’s birthday party. This is how to throw a dinosaur theme party that will make dinosaur fans happy.

What is this, a brontosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops or pterodactyl? Such questions, which cause most adults to frown and look wide-eyed, can be answered by many children right off the bat!

For decades, there have been children in every generation who love dinosaurs, and of course series and films like The Dinos, The Flintstones, In a Land Before Our Time, the Jurassic Park film series or the latest edition of Godzilla contribute to this.

Dinosaur Theme Party  – 7 Lava-Hot Tips

Because dinos are a great theme, and because you can buy all kinds of child-friendly dino-themed products, from hats, cups, plates and garlands to children’s plasters, they also make a great theme for a great children’s birthday party. We have put together some tips here for maximum fun at the dinosaur theme party.

1. Dinosaur Theme Party Invitation

An original and appropriately designed invitation card immediately creates anticipation in children and gets them in the mood for the party theme.

There are plenty of dinosaur-themed cards available to buy*, but it’s even nicer if they’re homemade. If your own child / birthday child is old enough, you as a parent can also make the cards together with the child.

To do this, simply draw dinos on coloured cardboard (e.g. in green) with a faint pencil and cut them out. You can find more detailed instructions for an invitation in the form of a cardboard dinosaur ice cream from which a little dinosaur “hatches” here.

Here are some invitation cards on amazon:

Keine Produkte gefunden.

2. Decoration and Location

In addition to the invitation cards, you can of course make most of the decorations yourself (with your child or alone). Besides dinosaurs themselves, typical primeval motifs such as lava-spitting volcanoes, fern- and palm-like plants and rainforest landscapes are great.

However, I recommend buying at least some of the decorations, such as cups, plates, napkins and straws printed or decorated with dinosaurs.

Here are a few examples of dino decorations on amazon:

3. Dinosaur Costumes for Kids

You can also make a dinosaur costume yourself, as this tutorial by blogger mama Kreativ proves.

If you don’t have the time, you can also buy dinosaur costumes for children at a costume shop or on amazon.

4. Food and Drink

When it comes to food, the most important thing at a children’s birthday party is the birthday cake. At a dinosaur theme party, it can be in the shape of a dinosaur or volcano, or decorated with dinos.

An easy way to make a dino cake is to bake a box-shaped cake, cut it diagonally downwards at each end and use coloured icing, Smarties, nuts, almonds, sultanas or other ingredients to create a dinosaur face on one side and a tail on the other.

You can also use almond halves as armour plates on the dinosaur’s back, like a stegosaurus.

Dino-shaped biscuits are also easy to make with appropriate cutters.

Another visually appropriate dish for a dinosaur party is a dinosaur head cut from a pepper, which is then stuffed with mince and cheese and baked out.

5. Dinosaur Theme Party Games

Every children’s birthday party should include fun games. At a dinosaur theme party, these should of course fit the theme.

Feeling Dinosaurs

A number of plastic dinosaurs are packed into a box and shown to the children beforehand. Either the children know the correct names of the dinos or they give them names beforehand.

Now, one by one, each child reaches into the box and tries to feel and correctly guess a dino. For each correctly identified dino, the child gets a point. This game can also be played in teams.

Tracking the Dinosaur

To prepare for the game, cut out a large number of dino taps from coloured cardboard and lay them out as a trail in the house or garden before the game. You can also add more clues to this dinosaur scavenger hunt, depending on how old the children are.

At the end, a treasure nest with a dinosaur egg (chocolate egg / surprise egg) awaits each child.

Dinosaur Race

For this game, you need 2 dinosaur figures of about the same size and weight, 2 pieces of string of the same length and a stick or a toilet roll to act as a spool of thread.

2 children at a time now compete against each other. The children sit at one end of the track and hold their spool in their hands, which is connected to their dinosaur at the other end of the track with the string. On the go, they wind up the string as fast as they can, pulling the dinosaur towards them.

6. Time to Relax – Painting Pictures or Watching Dinosaur Films for Children

When the kids have had a good romp, or even after dinner, it’s time for a more sedate programme item.

One possibility is to let the children paint dinos in primeval landscapes with watercolours or wax crayons. It’s best to have a few picture books, GEO magazines or illustrated books on the subject of dinos ready for the kids to find inspiration in.

Alternatively, children can watch an age-appropriate dinosaur film.

Dinosaur films from 0 years

  • Flintstones – The Flintstones Family
  • The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
  • Urmel from the ice
  • Urmel in full swing

Dinosaur films from 6 years

  • In a Land Before Our Time (+ sequels)
  • Dino Kids
  • Dinosaurs 3D – In the realm of the giants

Dinosaur films from 12 years

  • Jurassic Park
  • Forgotten world – Jurassic Park 2
  • Jurassic Park 3
  • Jurassic World

7. Giveaways

The best thing for children is to take home a souvenir after a great children’s birthday party.

For a dino party, either small dino doors, dino stickers or wine gums in the shape of a dinosaur are suitable.

Looking for more ideas for children’s parties? Check out our tips for a witch party for kids, a spooky party for kids and a cowboy party for kids. Our website regularly features kids’ birthday ideas, gift inspiration and activities to discover with kids, partner and friends. Never miss more ideas from Abenteuer Freundschaft by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

Image source Cover image: Dinosaur Party by Tim Sackton (CC BY -SA 2.0)

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