Spooky ideas for a ghost party for children

19. October 2019 - Alexander Schmidt

Ghost Party Ideas, That'll Ensure a Fun Halloween and Birthday




You are planning a ghost party for a child’s birthday or as a highlight for Halloween? Here you will find ideas from the invitation to creepy decorations and matching food to ghost games..

Soon it’s that time again: Halloween the festival of ghosts and ghouls is just for children a lot of fun and not only because of the sweets in prospect. Children just love ghosts and scary stories. It’s obvious: they are magical, mysterious and fairytale-like, at the same time of course super scary and that just makes them all the more exciting.

For this reason, some children even wish to have a ghost birthday party and thus many a parent finds themselves in the position of being allowed to organize a ghost party not only at Halloween. But what makes such a party? We have in the following ideas and tips that make planning a ghost party much easier.

What Do I Need for a Ghost Party for Kids?

Let’s start with a little checklist so that nothing is forgotten:

  1. Spooky invitation
  2. Spooky disguise for your own children (+ possibly more, in case one of the little guest ghosts forgot his)
  3. Ghosts decoration
  4. Spooky food and drinks
  5. Ghost and spooky games

Spooky Invitation to Your Ghost Party

The most beautiful invitations are homemade. Why not get inspired by our DIY tutorials for Halloween invitation cards. Among them is even a spooky card that serves perfectly as a template for ghost party invitations.

Ghost Disguise

Dress up as a ghost? Easy enough: cut 2 holes in an old bed sheet, pull it over your head, done!

On the one hand, yes, you can do it that way. On the other hand, you can get a little more creative and create your own personal ghost costume. Here are a few ideas:

  • White bed sheets, eh klar
  • White tulle, for example from old curtains, looks then slightly transparent
  • Metal ring with old keys
  • Old garden lantern
  • Face makeup for children (v.A. white, but with additional accents in black, red or green you can achieve good effects!)
  • Chain made of cardboard with ball made of styrofoam for a real castle ghost
  • Eye patch and Hu for a pirate ghost like in Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Black dress for dead damsel of castle
  • Etc.

If you don’t have time or simply want to save yourself the work of tailoring, crafting or assembling a costume yourself, you can also find good ghost costumes for kids in costume stores or simply on amazon:

Bestseller Nr. 1
LITTLE GHOST (jumpsuit headpiece) Childrens
LITTLE GHOST (jumpsuit headpiece) Childrens
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KarnevalsTeufel Kinder - Kapuzenponcho Geist Cape Ghost Buh Umhang mit Kapuze Verkleidung für viele Gelegenheiten Gespenst Überwurf (104/116)
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Licus Kinder Halloween Geist Umhang Gespenst Weiß für Cosplay Karneval Fasching 95-110
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15,99 EUR Amazon Prime

Decoration for the Ghost Party

Deco for a ghost party

Small ghost figures are good decoration and toy at the same time

Many details of the decoration of a ghost party can be easily made by yourself or reuse everyday items such as bed sheets or toys of the child. However, to make it look really good, it is recommended to buy a few cool decoration things. In general, many Halloween decorative items are also excellent.

  • Ghost figures and inflatable ghosts
  • Hang white sheets and cloths over items
  • Plastic skeletons (there are also some that glow in the dark)
  • Plastic spiders and decorative cobwebs
  • Carved Halloween pumpkins
  • Bare branches
  • Old books and old furniture (not the super valuable ones, of course ;-))
  • Pictures of old castles or palaces

By the way, at amazon you can also find lots of ghost decorations:


Snacks and Drinks at the Ghost Party

Cookies for the ghost party

Some ghosts can be tasty too…

Admittedly, we don’t know if ghosts eat at all, or even what. However, children are guaranteed to bring hunger, thirst and appetite to the party. To fit the theme, it’s a good idea to prepare at least a few dishes and sweets that are really spooky.
A few suggestions:

  • Cookies in the shape of ghosts
  • Birthday cake with spider web pattern made of icing
  • Pizza with mozzarella ghosts
  • Vienna sausages as “cut fingers” etc.

For more inspiration, by the way, check out these cookbooks:


Spooky Games

Ghost Lantern at a Ghost party

Demonstration with crafted ghost

A good children’s birthday or party can’t do without good games. On Abenteuer Freundschaft, we also featured our top 5 spooky games for kids. For more appropriate ghost and spooky games, check out our Halloween games for kids, as well as our Witch party games.

And now have fun with a good and spooky ghost party! 😉

By the way, you can also find tips for a witch party or general Halloween party for kids. And even without an occasion, you can browse all year round on Abenteuer Freundschaft for great leisure ideas for activities with friends, with your partner or the whole family.

You like our ideas and don’t want to miss any more from now on? Wonderful! Then just follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter! 😉

*This article contains referral links: That means, if you order products through it, we get a small commission for it. This way you can support us without the price of the product becoming more expensive because of it.


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