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28. September 2018 - Anika Semmer

Halloween Invitation Text - 5 Frightfully Good Creative Templates




Witches, vampires, gloomy characters, are you ready for a hell of a Halloween party? The best Halloween party invitation text should be a pyre of words, a witch’s cauldron of promise and the prelude to a creative Halloween party! Get inspired with this five free templates.

Stylish invitations and a creative Halloween invitation text to the Halloween party stir up the anticipation and are the black wings of imagination, which help to bring even guests who don’t like theme partys so much to throw themselves into gloomy shell after all. The Halloween invitation text must whet the guests’ appetite, get them in the mood and prepare them for what awaits them. It’s worth throwing yourself into the mix when designing the invitation card (or picking it out) and phrasing it in the appropriate language!

Halloween is perfect for a theme party. Great costumes, gigantic atmosphere by candles and dim lights and a mass of creative ideas for the entertainment program make the night of horror perhaps the best and most atmospheric event of the year. Everyone who loves the horror genre – Count Dracula, Frankenstein, vampires and witches can now draw from the full. To make sure nothing goes wrong, Abenteuer Freundschaft Halloween party ideas ensure that your party has what it takes to become a legend.

A Hell of a Halloween Party Invitation Text

These Halloween invitation text templates are primarily aimed at teenagers and adults. For Halloween party invitation texts for children, we recommend limiting yourself to the necessary details and put creativity into the design of the invitation cards – preferably together with your own child.

1. Invitation Of a Serial Killer to Halloween Party

I’ve been watching you for a long time. Yes, I know you and the sight of you makes me want to fall back into old patterns of behavior. I won’t be able to control myself much longer. The doctors have called me sick, the newspapers have branded me a “madman.” All fools! I am an artist. An artist does not choose his material, but the material chooses him. It is not my fault that I write my works in blood and compose my music from screams. My muse has her own will!

Like all great artists, I am so far ahead of my time that I am unrecognized. Still! But I know: you, you understand me. And you understand the role you must play to complete the work of art. You have the right… willingness to sacrifice.
Therefore, on October 31, find yourself with me in the [ADDRESS] and get ready for a night when all the colors of darkness will shine. Dress yourself splendidly, fair lamb! Your silence will be music to my ears.

Signed, Dr. Jason Hannibal Bateman

2. Count Dracula Invites

Esteemed ladies and gentlemen,

Pale shines the moon, sending its pale rays down to the tomb. Its beautiful pale light made me think of celebrating the climax of the year with the most illustrious creatures of darkness. The night of nights is approaching! The creepiest, most terrible, most abominable and most beautiful night, to which the mortals gave the unspeakably prosaic and anglicized name Halloween. On this night you, my dear [NAME] from the deepest black, undead soul are invited to honor the glorious evil with an evil glorious feast in the castle [NAME to LOCATION e.g. castle Wagner to Frankfurt], from [TIME] o’clock.

In joyful expectation, respectfully, yours truly, trembling bloodless with anticipation,

Count Dracula

3. Scary Story From the Future as an Halloween Invitation Text

The history of the castle [of NAME] has been linked with terrible events since the Middle Ages. Many a curse weighs on the wet and cold walls. This is the story that happened on October 31st [CURRENT YEAR NUMBER].

Count [NAME] invited his closest confidants to a diabolical masked ball on that ominous night. They appeared in fearsome robes and the breath of damnation clung to them from afar. The night was filled with demonic laughter and music that seemed to come straight from hell. People drank unspeakable elixirs of depravity, some of which had an oppressive red color. At midnight, in an infernal St. Vitus dance, the maw to hell opened and ennobled [NAME] as prince among princes. It is said that from that day on, the devil entered [NAME] and only those who were present were spared from his pestilential breath and the smell of sulfur. It is said that the devilish feast began at [TIME]. The brave can still visit the walls at this address.

4. Horror Movie Title as Invitation Text

I know what you didn’t do last Halloween! You were afraid of the bogeyman, you weren’t with me but with Freddy Krueger and you have to pay for that this year. Otherwise you’ll get a terrible Scream! and you’ll end up completely braindead. So flutter on down like birds and come to the Overlook Hotel [ADDRESS] on [DATE] at [TIME] for the Dance of the Dead Souls. Entertainment is also provided with Pennywise giving a clown performance and a man with the pseudonym SAW has prepared some games, the Psycho. Those who have a baby like Rosemary should turn on the Silence of the Lambs on the Children’s Channel, because the Exorcist is unfortunately prevented and drops out as a babysitter.

I have a feeling there’s a good omen at this party. It could be a [REGION] chainsaw massacre.


5. Gloomy Prophecy

The cards don’t lie. The hanged man points the way to death and the devil. The moon shines brightly, but darkness reigns in the souls of men on the night of October 31. The graves will open, the dead will voice their lamentations and gather to dance in the [ADDRESS] at [NAME] starting at [TIME]. Your destiny is no longer in your hands. Your destiny, future, being and appearances will be decided on the night of nights.

PS: Please bring cake. 😀

Halloween oracles, Halloween games or horror-movie-drinking-games: there are plenty of Halloween ideas and also general home party ideas to discover at Abenteuer Freundschaft!

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Image source cover photo: Halloween by Marco Verch at CC BY 2.0

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